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It seems clear that learn Android programming will be the first skill sought in the apps sector after the data sector, and we tell you in our article on the state of the profession of Android Developer. So if you do not yet master this operating system or need to learn because you are focused on other programming languages, this is your time.

Currently it is very easy to learn Android programming because there are hundreds of courses and guides completely free or very low to start you in the development of applications for this OS. However from there to become an expert there is a stretch, so we want to give you all the possible information about the lives of Android developers.

Why learn Android programming?

The answer to this question has been answered over and over again. That Android is the undisputed king of applications (although we should not underestimate iOS). To devote to creating Android applications, can be profitable if that credential. Also true for Android games developer, too.

To date, there are more than 700,000 applications uploaded to the Google Play store. Not to mention the ones that will not be uploaded to the store. For example, as we know 42% of developers have between one and three applications uploaded to stores. And some even more than three. Only develop applications and games for Android, either alone or together with other programming languages.

Another clue as to why much market is ahead for this 2017 and proof that learn Android programming is a good idea, is the rapid adoption of new versions of the Android operating system. Marshmallow has only been on the market for half a year and has already achieved a small share, while Nougat continues to grow to become the most widely used version this year.

More information about Android:

Together with iOS, both dominate the mobile market globally. The Java programming language is the one chosen by Google to create Android apps.

More and more mobile devices that work with the Android operating system: from smartphones, tablets, and wearables to smart watches or SmartTV’s

In addition to Java, XML metalanguage is also used to design interfaces through Parsing.

To create Android applications we will need the Android SDK, which includes libraries and tools of our own.

How to learn to program Android?

In addition, the truth is that to the large number of books and manuals, audiovisual tutorials on platforms like Youtube. There are also other ways too. A revealing article on AndroidPit has discovered that there are apps to learn how to program Android. Let’s look at some:

Programming Tutorials: Not only for Android, but it teaches us the most basic to get started knowing the language of Java. We will see tutorials in pdf, video, etc. We can find it on Google Play.

Learn Java: In this case the application is in English. This is intended for self-taught Android programmers. Use the tutorial formula followed by a quiz or brief exam. Although this application is intended for Java, there are others dedicated to other programming languages. You can download it for Andorid.

AIDE-IDE for Android Java C ++: This is an integrated development environment, available for Android devices where you can directly start developing and writing code. It facilitates writing with a special keyboard, with access to the most common characters in programming.

And others that you can consult in this article.

Tools for creating Android apps

Android Studio is one of the biggest development tools on Android. Let’s see how this tool works in broad strokes and how to install it to start creating our first Android app project.

SDK programming in android

The first thing to do is to download the Android Studio package that we can find on the Google developers page. This package includes everything you a priori need to start creating an app:

  • Eclipse and the ADT plugin
  • The Android SDK (Software kit development)
  • The latest Android platform
  • Android Platform Tools
  • Emulators in their most recent versions

We will only have to install it on our computer to start working on it, familiarize ourselves with the environment and so on. In the blog of raywenderlich give us more clues on Android Studio and create your first project with vogella.

Alternatives to Android programming

We may already seen about some of the article like “10 Android apps developers will love ” that you may have read before. Although there are other alternatives in this selection you can find tools to spare to start your career as an Android developer.

Free Basic Android Course Information

We discovered a new Free Basic Android Course focused on learn Android programming for smart phones with Google’s mobile operating system.

It is aimed at beginners interested to starting the development of applications for this system under the Eclipse environment.

This free course of Android is recommended for people with minimum programming knowledge who wish to advance in the programming of smartphones.

And this training will allow you to develop a simple application so you can learn step by step the main functions of this new programming environment.

Once finished, you can launch yourself to the programming of mobile applications in Android to improve gradually.

Developing Android Apps by Google

Developing Android Apps is the advanced learn Android programming course. That blends theory and practice to help you create great apps. In this course, different topics of programming and design of web applications with instructors step-by-step to build an Android app, and follows the best guides of mobile and Android development.

edX Programs

Another great option to learn Android programming with edx, Fouden by jointly Harvard University & MIT in 2012. Now one of the large resources to meet with world class expert from 90 global partners. edx now governed by many colleges & universities around the globe. They provide a course on “Introduction to Mobile Application Development using Android” in free.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Android platform and the Android Studio IDE
  • Android components, Activities and their lifecycle, Intents
  • UI Design: Widgets and Layouts, UI Events, Event Listeners
  • 2D graphics: Canvas/Drawing using a view
  • Multimedia: Audio playback and MediaPlayer
  • Network support: AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection


Provide access to the world’s best learning with top universities and organization too. They offer “Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems” course collaboration with University of Maryland, College Park. Instructor: Dr. Adam Porter, Professor, Computer Science

The New Boston

I found Android tutorial at thenewboston, a valuable tool, as a beginner you can learn fast. Well, It depends on you.Either you are starting from zero or you want to learn the language in more details. All in all if you want the basic as you noted, its good enough and it’s free! Go watch them without getting bored and with time you can gain information about the language from other references. You can also use that tutorials from thenewboston as a suppliment of your study.

Other free Android courses

In Online Training we can find other courses that may be interesting:

You can also find many other free courses in the continuous list of free courses, which already offer from udemy, tutsplus & more.

How can I outsource Android app development?

Would you like to make apps without learning? Many of small to large entrepreneur do that for their organization need to maintain their resource, stuff managing, getting real time update. One can also offer to those who build apps for client. Many of apps developers do it rightly and it might be the nice solution to turn your ideas into a new force of your business.

If you are going to outsource, make sure you first have the material you need to receive realistic and adjusted proposals. This is:

Mockups (sketches) of your application, even in black and white, or even made by you freehand on paper. They serve to understand the architecture of the application.

Go to specialized platforms for mobile development outsourcing.

If you are still in an idea phase, I recommend going to ‘hackathon’ events to polish it and have at least one prototype before investing in development.

And you? Tell us your experience in the comments. Are you going to launch yourself to create applications for Android?

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