What Are Forex Robots and Do They Really Work ?

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Forex trading is a profitable venture but it is also a trade that requires dedication and investment. You need to take time studying the market trends to be able to make any cash out of trading FX. There are diverse trading systems and styles that come to play. This means that you have to widen your scope of understanding to increase your chances of earning. While there are different levels of proficiency and sophistication in trading, there are two types of traders. As a trader, you can choose to either trade manually or use automation. In either case, you can make profit or losses. Manual traders believe that they have what it takes to study the market and make investments using their own judgment. On the other hand, traders who rely on automation are less involved in the market analysis. They simply rely on systems and trading tools to complete transactions. Forex trading robots are among the automation tools used in trading.

What Exactly are Forex Robot?

An FX trading robot is a computer program that studies various market signals to help the trader decide whether to buy or sell certain currencies at a given time. Forex trading programs vary since they are manufactured by different people and are designed to operate on different principles. Unlike manual trading, forex robot traders can manage transactions 24 hours a day. Most trading programs are fully packed with notification systems and are supported by desktop and mobile devices.

This sounds awesome and the temptation to use a forex robot is apparent to all traders. No need to go through graphs or keep on checking the market. All you have to do is set your program in place and wait for the profits. Before you jump on to the caravan, let’s answer the most important question: Do they really work?

How Does a Forex Robot Operate?

Before we know whether FX robots work or not we must understand how they operate. What is the secret formula used by the program to give you a guarantee that you will earn money when you use it?

Unfortunately, most traders want to use FX robots just to make quick money without work. Those who make money using forex robots take their time in choosing the program, analyzing the trading coins, and selecting the best time to trade. Just like humans, forex robots study trends in the market. They are able to scan some trends in the charts that humans may fail to notice. It is also important to note that the robots are implanted with other parameters. They determine when it is time to trade and when it is not a good time to trade. If you use the best trading robots, you will find that they are able to give trade suggestions even when the markets are unstable. They analyze the market and pick signals that humans are unable to detect. However, when the trends stabilize, most forex robots predict towards trending directions.

One thing that is clear is that robots tend to make profits more than human traders. They make some cash out of most trades even though at times it may only be a small amount. However, when an unanticipated strong range comes by, it can wipe out all the small profits made by the robot. The robots that are known and promoted mostly within the market tend to make huge profits during positive trends. However, they may still lose the money in a choppy market.

How Effective Are Forex Robots

All forex robot developers promise that you will make profits. However, that is not the case in reality. When trading with an FX robot, you have chances of making profits and losses. It should also be noted that some Forex robots are just scams designed to steal users money. Some federal governments do not recognize Forex robots as legal trading means. With that said, there are people who have made a lot of money trading with such systems. Similarly, there are plenty of people who have made losses trading with FX robots. When you choose to use a Forex robot, you should be ready for both sides of the coin. There are profits and losses just like in every trade.

The answer to whether robots are effective or not depends on various factors. Most Forex trading robots are designed to follow certain parameters and patterns. Those that are designed to maximize trade during positive trends are effective in that area. Those that are designed to make small profits during unstable times are also effective in that area. In a nutshell, a forex robot is just as effective as the designer wants it to be. The trading method used by the designer will dominate your trading. Some robots have been designed by prolific traders who rarely make losses. Such robots may be very effective in capturing profits. However, they may still have shortcomings. Unlike humans, a forex robot does not have the creativity to make choices based on instinct. Robots rely 100% on the data presented and are not aware of any external factors affecting the market. This makes them very effective as market analysis tools and very ineffective as trading systems.

Another risk involved with FX robots is the possibility of third party intrusion. Robots can be attacked by viruses and manipulate the trade. Some malicious robot developers use such tools to target innocent traders and wipe out their money.

The fact is that most forex trading robots just capitalize on people’s desire to have money. If you choose to use a robot in trading, do some background checks. While some people are able to scam reviews, you will definitely come across some genuine facts about a trading tool. Try to understand how the system works and whether it has worked for some people before. It is important to ask all the necessary questions before you start investing your money in a trading robot. It is also important to look for both positive and negative reviews. A trading robot that only boasts of positive reviews is questionable. Genuine users usually elaborate on the positives and negatives of the program, for details tips to choosing forex trading robot you can learn from FX Daily Report.

Facts About Forex Trading Robots

While it is not easy to tell whether a certain trading robot is genuine or not, there are some basic facts that every trader can benefit from. Some facts you need to keep in mind include:

  • There are genuine and fake trading robots. There are genuine companies that help traders gain some profit using trading robots while at the same time there are some scammers that claim to help traders. Therefore, it is your duty to find a genuine trading robot before you choose to use one.
  • It is also a fact that forex trading robots can make both profits and losses. Do not be fooled by any system that claims to be 100 percent foolproof. You should be prepared to make profits as you are prepared to make losses. In fact, most genuine robot companies help you understand the risks involved.
  • It is a fact that robots are more efficient in analyzing trading charts and data than humans. Robots are more accurate in reading the market trends and can be very helpful in making trading decisions, however, they are also subject to error. They are unable to make instinctive choices.
  • *Trading robots are subject to human interference. They can be manipulated by any third party and lead to a tremendous loss of money.


Eventually, you want to know whether you should invest your money in trading robots or not. Unfortunately, this is not a black and white answer. The choice to use a forex robot is purely personal. There are those who use robots and make profits while at the same time many people have lost money. One thing we have established is that trading robots are real and they work. They can be used to trade forex in an automated manner. We have also established that with a forex robot you will gain more often than you lose. With that said, it is also important to look at the other side of the coin. Trading robots can be used by scammers to con unsuspecting individuals. They are also subject to attacks and may lead to devastating losses.

In a nutshell, only invest in a trading system after thorough research. You need to look for a genuine system and invest your time in studying how it works. Try understanding the platform in a detailed manner before you start trading. You should also be vigilant while investing. Do not put all your money in one trading system. Try to invest sparingly as you gauge the performance of the system. With proper use, forex robots can be very beneficial to you.

Lastly, there is no law that states it has to be manual or automated. There are positive aspects to pick from both sides. If you feel that a forex robot will do a better job at market analysis than yourself, try using such tools just for the purpose of analysis. Do not let the trading robot make the decision for you but let it help you understand the trends. Using a trading robot together with your creativity and sound judgment, you will be able to succeed in forex than relying on the robot alone.

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