High-Tech Best Car Gadgets Awesomely Useful while You Driving

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All the best car gadgets inventions made for the car are meant to make the travel more enjoyable and lessen the distraction that can be caused by let’s say using the phone while driving. This includes a transmitter that can automatically connect your call to your car speaker or earbud. Also, cameras that can record everything that happens on the road, which can go a long way to work as evidence should an accident, happen.

Here are some of these awesome best car gadgets inventions.

M-BETTER Universal Smartphones Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle

best car gadgets

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The easy functionality of this holder is just incredible. In addition to the one year warranty given by the manufacturer, you are assured of aging resistant, long lifespan and high-quality product. To start with, this holder is easy to operate. You simply press the button at the back of the unit to take out the mobile phone and the arms at both sides to clamp it again. Also, it can hold the phone in all angles to give you a better viewing. This 360 degrees rotation is especially helpful when using the phone for directions.

Another awesome feature of this holder is that it is compatible with most of the smartphones for best car gadgets. It is actually suitable for smartphones or electronic device of width size ranging from 1.9 to 3.7 inches. As a matter of fact, it is compatible with iPhone 7 7 plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, Samsung galaxy S6, LG and HTC devices.

This handle offers a convenient single-handed operation despite the fact that it covers the air vent. Again assembling the whole thing for the first time users might tend to be a little bit challenging. However, this does not mean it’s hard to assemble. On the contrary, it is very easy so put your handle into place and enjoy the nice experience.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

high-tech best car gadgets

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iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder, which is more of a modification of previous versions, offers high standard features best car gadgets. First, it comes with a new telescopic arm which is capable of extending up to two extra inches to give you a better view of your device. In addition to that car, mount holder has an easy to operate a system which locks and realizes your device with a push of a finger.
It is also worth noting that the safety of your device is safeguarded while using this car mount holder. This is due to the fact that it has a super sticky gel which keeps intact held to the surface. In fact, it comes with a new iOttie sticky Gel Dashboard pad which is more flexible and provides a smooth surface to curved and textured surface at the same time. This relieves one the worry of the device falling off in cases of the bumpy road or an accident so to speak.
This mount is good but one has to be cautious since there have been complaining about the gel leaving a spot on the dashboard.

Hands-free Car Charger, Bluetooth FM Transmitter and Music adapter

best car gadgets

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This is yet another awesome best car gadgets which has versatile functionality. First of all, it has dual USB car charger. One is 1A which is suitable for charging cameras, mall phones and reading USB data. The 3A charger can be used for the big screens phones.
It also comes with Bluetooth V4.0 compatible with most of the android and iOS devices. This feature lets you transfer calls, music and FM radio from phone to car speakers. The Bluetooth connection has coverage of up to 5 meters.
It is used for car voltage function. This is used to display the voltage of the car battery. As a matter of fact, it should read 12-24 volts or something close to that. A figure that is way too much or less than that should signal a problem with the battery.
This device has a built it microphone. This feature is made more effective by the fact that it easily switches from music playing to the hands-free mode when receiving calls.
This device will also keep you entertained through its music playing functionality. You can listen to music while you still charging. It supports USB disk, WMA, TF card, Bluetooth music and mp3 format. To make it easy to use, answer, reject, recall and hand up are all in a single keypad.

Its default radio channel is FM 87.5 though it can support other channels in the frequency range of between 87.5 to 108 MHz this signal is sometimes prone to interference. This makes it not very suitable for long trips.

1998 – 2009 FORD TAURUS 4 Button Remote Keyless Entry Key Fob

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1998 – 2009 FORD TAURUS 4 Button Remote Keyless Entry Key Fob is a new replacement key fob remote for Lincoln mercury vehicles. It is worth noting that, each and every remote is tested to make sure it is in a perfect working condition. Actually, this is done before they are sent out to the market. Once you purchase this remote, you are expected to personally program the same. As a matter of fact, a link to the supplier website is provided for every order. The remote requires one working key to program and you are good to go. The good thing is the remote comes complete, with batteries and electronics, inclusive of tech support.
One thing that should clear is that your car should be compatible with this remote. As in your car must be equipped with keyless entry. Some of the compatible part numbers are 8S-4Z-15K-601A, 8S4Z15K601A, CWTWB1U212. Caution should be taken by ensuring that a remote is fully working immediately after purchase. This follows after some claims that some remote fail to function. Notify the manufacturer early enough makes it possible to have an easy and quick replacement.

Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder

Best car Gadgets

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One of best car gadgets with high-quality camera which works by mounting the windscreen and thereby stays concealed to the from outside the car. It has a wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. This enables the camera to work well even in low light environments by automatically adjusting the exposure of the camera hence creating balanced images.
It has 170 degrees 6 layers lens which enable it to have, and capture, a very wide area of the road. It also has a loop recording feature which when enabled, record videos in loops of 3,5and 10 minutes files. The oldest file is automatically overwritten by the newest once the memory card is full. It can support a memory card of up to 128 GB.
It has a 1920*1080 full HD video resolution. This camera has audio recording and multi-language support. It also has Accident Auto detection feature which locks data to memory. However, it is advisable to connect your camera to external power since the internal battery can only run for about 3 minutes. It mainly used to save files in emergency cases. Also, it is advisable to format your SD card using Rexing Dash Cam; otherwise it will result in error.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

high tech Best car Gadgets

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This is a tracker device which will provide you with all round tracking solutions of best car gadgets. It will keep track of your valuable assets and loved ones. This could be spouses, children, and elderly people. It is very light, 2 Ounces, and measures 3 inches in length. This together with the fact that it is very compact ensures that you can insert it in discreet places like backpack or belt. It even comes with a belt Holster.

With the availability of GL-HM waterproof magnetic case, you can easily attach it sensitive places like the underside of a car. The best thing about this tracker is you can keep track of fast moving people or object since it provides location updated after every 5 minutes. The best part is the geofencing feature. Basically one sets geographical boundaries in a certain location using Spy Tech website. This way you get notified when the asset or person in question moves out of the geographical region.

STI_GL300 has an inbuilt accelerometer which detects motion which turns it on and off depending on whether the tracker is in motion. Therefore you can rest assured that the power run cannot out at a time which can cause inconvenience. The battery can run for more than two weeks. However, one should be sure that they are ready to face the results, especially when dealing with spouses. The use of this tracker has resulted in divorces especially when the bitter truth, of cheating, eventually comes out.

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

Best car Gadgets

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If you are looking for discreet and highly functional Ear-bud, Focus power F10 is the one to go for. One, it is very comfortable when wearing. You don’t experience those sore that result as a result of poor quality ear bud. It is light a fact that makes it to securely fit on either the left or the light ear. Actually, you can easily forget it is in your ear. It is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones. Better still it can connect to these devices while it is 33 feet away. In fact, it can connect 2 mobile phones at the same time.

It has an embedded LI-ion battery which has the ability to support 5-6 hours of audio playtime, thanks to its 55Mah battery capacity. One fascinating and incredible feature is that, while charging you just connect the charger to the car charger or computer port and then the best car gadgets connects to the charger using a strong magnet.

All these best car gadgets are just incredible. In any case, the experience you get when using them is just satisfying and rejuvenating. You, however, have to make sure you purchase them from trusted dealer to avoid counterfeits. As for me, the dashboard camera recorder and the FM and music transmitter is a must have. Go for one that suits you better.

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