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Whether you are unsatisfied with BlueHost and you are now searching for a better best BlueHost alternatives, the market has many options to offer. Actually, BlueHost is a great player in the world of shared website hosting and many WordPress users have already recommended it. Some years ago, people used it to start blogs but today a number of things have changed.

BlueHost does not provide the same quality it offered some years ago. BlueHost is not as qualitative, fast, sustainable and reliable as other web hosting services within the same price range. Even more, their uptime is not consistent, their customer service is slow, and they do not offer any unique features. When signing for a deal with them, you should not expect SSD hosting or built-in let’s encrypt.

Best BlueHost Alternatives You May Choose!


SiteGround Hosting, an independent website hosting company based in Bulgaria, started its business in the year 2004. Since then, it has been offering high quality, properly crafted hosting solutions to its customers. Their hosting solutions spectrum ranges from shared Linux hosting, which is both affordable and versatile, to Cloud and Dedicated server solutions suitable for the large and growing websites.

Within the last few years, SiteGround has consistently ranked among the top BlueHost alternatives suitable for all types of users. The service provider reasonably prices WordPress hosting plans and the hosting can go blow-for-blow with other large providers when it comes to the functionality. They present their WordPress plans realistically and they rarely make any promises of traffic or unlimited storage. For instance, their cheapest plan – StartUp – is recommendable for sites expecting around 10,000 visits each month. The plan provides 10GB of space.

The key features

  • Friendly and faster support service
  • Strict security layers
  • Cutting edge infrastructure such as HTTP/2, SuperCacher and SSD’s
  • Built-in Let’s encrypt SSL and
  • Outstanding page load time and uptime

Use SiteGround when in need of stable service that can perfectly handle your website’s unique needs – from the infancy to maturity stage. SiteGround’s pricing is reasonable, their service support is excellent and you will enjoy faster loading speeds.


If you are looking for a robust, but cheap and simple cloud computing platform that will host your website or applications, you might need to consider the DigitalOcean. Within the last few years, DigitalOcean has managed to standout as one of the best BlueHost alternatives, thanks to the simplicity, reliable and robust infrastructure in addition to the cheap prices. With the service, you can use their new features such as private networking, floating IP address, SSD hard drives and team accounts to build, automate and even manage your cloud server infrastructure. DigitalOcean provisions ever cloud server in less than 55 seconds. Their cheapest hosting plan stands at $5 per month.

The main features

  • DigitalOcean’s mission statement revolves around simplicity. That is noticeable on their primary features.
  • DigitalOcean provisions cloud servers in 55 seconds.
  • The 99.99% uptime also makes it a reliable resource.
  • The higher level of data protection and security has attracted many customers
  • It also features an easier to navigate control panel

DigitalOcean is cloud-hosting company based in New York City. They believe in creating simple but accessible platforms for their clients. Their number of clients has been growing at an exponential rate since the year 2011.


FlyWheel delivers solid performance, fast speeds and the support you need to keep your website operating smoothly. Even more, it makes it easier to create a website from scratch through the one-click staging features and free demo sites. Flywheel has its base on solid network infrastructure that is already optimized for scale, speed and security.

All their plans are rich in features and they are ready to transfer your website without charging you any extra amount. Moreover, they provide automatic WordPress updates, auto backups, CDN integration, built-in caching and SSL support. The 30-day money-back guarantee should assure you of quality services.

The key features

  • It is built on strong network infrastructure, which undergoes regular maintenance
  • The services are reliable and consistent
  • They provide free demo sites
  • Users benefit from custom configurations, built-in catching and managed hosting
  • FlyWheel’s dedicated team provide customer support through email, phone and support tickets.

FlyWheel deliver solid performance and the support you need to keep your website operating smoothly. Furthermore, it makes building of websites from scratch easier through one-click staging and free demo sites features.

WP Engine

WP Engine is working to achieve perfect record time. While that is seemingly impossible, their uptime is close to 99.9%. That is partly due to the No Overselling Policy, which has ensured that they have sufficient server space to allow provision of services to the customer base.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee applies to every plan, including the most expensive. Their real-time detection technology alerts them in case of a downtime and works fast to provide solutions. Also, their customised software repairs errors automatically to prevent downtime cases.

The key features

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Expert Support Staff
  • EverCache Technology that facilitate faster web page loading
  • The service team fixes hacked websites at no extra cost
  • WP Engine allows automatic update of WordPress
  • Free 60-day trial
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Many experts have already recommended WP Engine for WordPress hosting. WP Engine focuses only on WordPress websites hosting and even though their services are not cheap, you will get expert support and performance. Moreover, they offer any maintenance task associated with WordPress websites. You do not have to do the updating.

The bottom line

For many years, recommended only BlueHost – you can easily understand why. BlueHost is among the largest website-hosting providers globally and has existed for over ten years. Despite past controversies, Bluehost has maintained its good reputation among the first-time users. However, its rating has been dropping rapidly. You can always look for alternatives. The four Best BlueHost alternatives are among the top webhosting service providers.

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