Is A Gold IRA A Good Investment Idea For You?

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A gold investment boasts a safe choice since inflation generally doesn’t affect the physical commodity, nor does the market. Usually, when there’s a downward spiral in the stock market, gold purchases increase since the value rises.

Fortunately, since 1998, the same protection was granted when IRAs gained permission to be backed by precious metals, including gold. The recent uncertainty in the economy marks a rise in the popularity of these investments, with retirees/investors having a goal to diversify their portfolios for stability in their holdings. But is gold a risky move, or is it right for you?

Is A Gold IRA A Good Investment For You?

If you decide that you want to invest in a gold IRA, you need to reach out to a firm specializing in self-directed IRAs like Lear Capital – find Lear Capital ratings for your benefit with this link. The consultants, along with your tax advisor, can guide you through the pros and cons of adding the physical commodity to your portfolio and help you determine if it’s the right option for your specific retirement situation.

Precious metals like gold deem a “classic” investment alternative to options like the standard paper assets, common in traditional IRAs and 401k plans issued by most United States Employers. Most investors choosing gold IRAs do so to diversify their holdings and attempt to mitigate against the traditional equities (likely) risk when the market takes a downward spiral, a prevalent issue over the last couple of decades.

Whenever the dollar takes a dive in value, all the paper assets on the market usually take a significant loss as well. Gold, on the other hand, typically does the opposite in these instances, rising in value in uncertain times. That’s why investors view gold as a “hedge” against financial turmoil. Some factors about gold to consider as an investor or retiree:

  • Taxation:  A gold IRA in terms of taxation can be either traditional or Roth. Roth deducts taxes at the time of the investment instead of upon withdrawal. That saves the client ultimately in funds if the income bracket goes up before withdrawing begins.

Neither small nor large-scale clients carry a preference in either case. Investors tend to base their decision for type on their original principal investment.

  • Dealer: It’s essential to find the ideal dealer or broker plus a custodian when initiating a self-directed IRA account. The self-directed account permits physical commodities where standard IRAs do not.

While custodians oversee the physical precious metal, the owner of the assets will retain control, which is why these have the label “self-directed.” Go to

Once established with a firm of your choosing, perhaps Lear Capital, a broker will purchase the metal for you and then deliver it to the custodian.

  • Extra Fees: These are specialized services meaning you’ll see more costs associated, including storage, since these need to be held in an IRS-approved depository.

There are also seller’s fees depending on the type of gold bullion purchased, services based on the institution, and the risk of loss you face if you sell too early. Open here for tips meant to help gold IRA investors.

  • You have the potential for losing a substantial amount on your investment when you choose to liquidate the assets since buyers are generally third-party dealers who avoid fair-market value for the precious metal.

The investments carry this downside with the possibility for high broker and custodian charges which ultimately inflate the yearly and overall lifetime costs. That doesn’t make the investment a bad one, however.

These factors will help investors determine if a self-directed IRA backed by a precious metal is right for you. Of course, you need to speak with a specialized deal like Lear Capital and your tax advisor to get as much information as possible about your particular investment portfolio and how this opportunity will fit in with that plan.

A gold IRA is not necessarily the right option for every retiree/investor, but it does offer diversification where it’s warranted.

Final Thought

An investor who already has a relatively significant savings portfolio might not be so concerned about costs associated with these specialized services, nor will they have too great a fear of loss since most will hold onto the commodity for some time.

Lesser holdings in a portfolio might warrant some concern making the precious metal IRA perhaps not the best choice or maybe an option that this investor would want to include in a smaller than usual percentage.

The suggestion is to ensure you have a diversified plan at any rate. Having all your ducks in one pond can mean a significant loss, whereas having a few hanging out on the grass will “hedge” any chance for troubled waters.

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