Endless Space 2 Vs Stellaris: Which Is The Better?

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Stellaris and Endless Space are equally good game options. But, both of them cannot be in the same position when it comes to ranking. Stellaris or Endless Space 2? One of the game must be better than the other.

If you want to choose one among the two, then this post is for you. I will give you information on each of them, and give my opinion by suggesting the one which is superior over the other. Your choice may be different based on your taste and preference. But, our differing opinions do not mean any of us is wrong, and the other is right. We are all right in our opinions because they are all based on facts.

Come with me in this exciting and informative ride. Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris? Stellaris is way better over Endless Space. Stellaris has high DLC making the gaming experience one of a kind. The game is more advanced due to having more DLC.

In comparing stellaris vs endless space 2, I will look at both the differences and similarities. It is upon you as a reader to make your final judgement and choice.

Differences Between Stellaris and Endless Space 2


Stellaris is a game without turns, and you can accelerate the game into your favorite time speed. The game offers you a lot of DLC content. You get a lot of other offers when playing this game. You are the owner to determine if you want to play them at the default speed or accelerated speed.

The stellaris game allows you even to pause the game. If you face a challenge of considering what you want, you can break the game. When you are decided on the action you need, you can click continue. Pausing option helps determine your next move without losing your time.  Endless Space 2 is a game with turns. The player is free to play at his pace without losing time.


Traditionally, in any game, you expect to have a feeling you playing towards a specific purpose. However, stellaris game gives a different since- you don’t feel like you are working towards a particular result as a player. The game provides a feeling of working for a continuous empire. You play for following before you win.

On the other hand, in Endless Space 2, the player has so many opportunities for scores that contribute to the final victory. However, this does not in any way mean the game is short. It can take you hours before to get your ultimate goal.

Therefore, unlike its name, Endless Space 2, the games do not feel endless. You play the game with a positive impression you will finish the game. This is different from stellaris. Stellaris makes the player have an illusion of playing a never-ending game- endless.


Starbases in stellaris game allow its users to install defence platforms on the planets. The player can upgrade the defence platforms too using the available tools. There is so much you can get when playing Stellaris by using the starbases.

In the Endless Space 2 game, it is a different ball game altogether. Here, you are only able to build spaceships since in the game you find space stations. The space station Endless Space 2 is elaborate with many bays.


Stellaris offers the players limited opportunity to build structures. The game has few habitable tiles. However, you can create unlimited surface points and grow their population as you wish. You have to be strategic in your gaming moves to get it right. Planning works well in this game. You cannot decide as you move on with the game. You will get it all wrong.

On the other hand, Endless Space 2 offers you unlimited opportunity to build structures. Here, even when you have not prepared in advance, you can still get it right.


Stellaris has a few storylines. If you are looking for a game you will have better interactions, then stellaris should not be your choice. Yes, Stellaris has a few story interactions, but not as much as would wish if you are a fan of great conversations.

Endless Space 2, is the real game with a wide range of engaging interactions. The game is flexible; you can get real conversations for the game results.


Apart from the above distinguishing differences between the two games, the games have strong similarities too. The similarities make it difficult to identify which game set is superior over the other.

Both stellaris and Endless Space 2 are space 4X games that allow the players research on new advanced mechanisms as they play in. Both games allow the players to explore the galaxy, venture in different territories as the game presents them. Each time, the player is expected to advance in technology and have an equipped army. The tactics to improve each time one is presented with a challenge makes the player attain victory.

Both games are characterized by the occurrence of random events. Apart from the similarity in the general outlook of the two games, the two have commonalities in how the events occur.  Each event presents a new challenge which the player is expected to handle to proceed.

For new players, they may say the games are similar since they give the players similar experiences. However, when your player the two games, and come back to review, you realize the two games are way too different. Comparing endless space 2 or stellaris from your real experience from both games, will give reliable conclusion.

Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are two different games, played differently. That is, I have given you several differences, but only two similarities. It is easier to point out the differences than to state the similarities.


Endless Space 2 or Stellaris? From the above review, Stellaris wins. It is a game you can choose anytime you want to have a good gaming experience.

However, if you have a different opinion, you can go for Endless Space games. You will definitely enjoy either of the games. Essentially, there is Endless Space 1 and 2. When comparing between endless space 1 vs 2- I will advise you to go for Endless Space 2. Endless Space 2 is an advancement of 1.

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