How To Cancel DirectTV Online Service In Right Way?

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How do I cancel directv? That is a common question customers have when they want to get their TV services terminated. Here, I will give important tips on how to go about this process. You cannot cancel DirectTV online- always remember that.  Have you been asking, ‘can I cancel directv online?’ The answer is no. It’s impossible. You must go through the whole long process. There is no shortcut.

When you want your account canceled ensure you don’t accept other options. Direct TV representatives pursued their customers to choose temporary suspension. If this is what you have set your mind on don’t take any other offer.

So, how do you cancel directv? Come with me;

1. Gather your direct TV account information. Gather as much information about your account as you can. All the data is essential- the PIN, account number, terms of the contract and expiry date of the account.

2.    Ready yourself to make a call. Do you want to how to cancel directv online?You must know that DirectTV account cancellation cannot be done online. You make a call to request for your account to be terminated. You contact customer care during the working hours. When making the call, you must ensure you have all the account information with you.

3.    Call when you have time. Don’t be in a rush to call customer care when you are in a hurry. Ensure all is in ensuring you don’t terminate your call prematurely. Charge the battery of your phone to secure your phone stays through the call period without going off. The best way to have a successful appeal is to schedule the calling time prior. You will have considered all factors and ensured all the in place for the request.

4.    Get in touch with a live person. Like it all happens with many customer care services, many are times you receive automated replies. You should be patient to move through the many automatic inputs up to where you get the option for changing your DirectTV account. Engage a live person when you get one. Always remember it is impossible to cancel your account through automatic responses. That’s why I will keep on emphasizing; you must schedule to call when you have enough time.

How to cancel DirectTV Account?

Making a call is not a guarantee your account will be disconnected. Getting directv disconnect service is not a walk in the park. You must familiarize yourself with the right language to use when engaging the customer care representatives. Remember these are people, and how you approach them matters. Also, know that their primary mission to get and keep as many customers as possible. It will not be their joy to help you discontinue getting services from them. Therefore, calling them will not be a walk in the park. You must be prepared to face some resistance. If you approach them with respect and with well-articulated requests, it will be easy for them to serve you. You will disconnect the call- a happy customer. You will even be looking forward to using their services in the future. It will be the joy of the customer service provider to have served you.

How do you make the whole process easier?

The secret is in excellent and respectful communication.

You can use the following phrases for successful disconnection;

  • I stopped using your TV services. The main thing here is to notify the representatives

that you are no longer interested in their services since you are using services from another provider, and you are comfortable. When the representative hears that you stopped using their service, you will have no room to urge you to change your position. He will help you through with a little resistance.

  • I am moving out, and I won’t be able to access your services in the new location. To

successfully use this phrase, be particular about where you are relocating to. Just mention you are moving out of the country. DirectTv assistants will have little opportunity to urge you to choose their mover deal. If you are moving within the region, they will get leeway to pursued you to continue using their services.

  • I want my account canceled because I am no longer in a position to pay for TV

services. When you mention, these chances are high the assistant on the other end will be willing to offer you alternative options of saving a penny without discontinuing the TV subscription. You must be ready to defend your stand. Mention firmly you want you to account canceled. The assistant will have no option but to oblige to your request. If he is not a position to help you with the process, he will link you up with somebody who can help you.

Above are just a few hints that can help you to spend little time explaining your reason to have your account canceled. By using any of those phrases, the assistants will be convinced that they have no choice but to oblige to your request. Always be prudent in using those phrases- don’t use all of them at a go. Just choose the one that suits you, and firmly defend it.


There is a cancellation penalty you must pay. Direct TV disconnect penalty varies so you need to find out how much it will cost you to have your service disconnected.

Finally, when you have successfully request for account cancellation, ensure you package the all the equipment you were issued with, and send it back. Your account will be canceled fully upon AT&T receiving their hardware. It’s that simple although it may take time, to have your account canceled.

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