The Best Xbox One Games Right Now For This Year

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Microsoft launched Xbox One Games about six years ago. There are many top Xbox one games which we will look at here. The list is dynamic as it keeps changing often based on what the audience like at every specific season. Therefore, this list will be different in the coming days with new game titles overtaking others.

If you love games, you must always be looking for what’s new in the world of sports. You would also be interested in reading about the best Xbox one games you may have watched, or you haven’t known before. The general overview of each game in this post is all you need to choose the game you would watch next time. You may even find yourself watching a game you have seen before because you have got a different dimension from what you know.


Microsoft through Xbox One has proved her commitment to ensuring their faithful customers get what they are looking for in the world of gaming. It doesn’t matter your interest; you will always find a game you can watch at all times. The games’ categories are diverse, and each age group can find games fit their age. Keep reading for general knowledge about what some of the titles are all about. This information is essential for you to, as will help to have a starting point especially when you are new in the games’ world. You will know many cool Xbox one games you can look out for.

Notably, the best games Xbox one has are so popular that you can’t imagine it has been in existence for less than a decade. It has a vast collection of games to choose from. Deciding which game to play at any particular time is not only tiring and frustrating at times. You may not be able to pick a single game title from the extensive list provided. To make you more relaxed, we have compiled the following checklist to help you have an easy time picking a game of your choice.

All the game titles here are based on players’ feedback so we guarantee you won’t get bored by watching any of them-they are the best Xbox one’s games you will come across now.

 Each game has lots of positive reviews, and many players don’t mind playing repeatedly.

To spend less time looking for a game, decide before-hand which game categories interests you most. Various game categories offer different experiences. If you want a game that will cause an adrenaline rush, then go for the horror games. You will enjoy it. Some games will require you to exercise your brain. Here you are required to concentrate totally, and make informed decisions about the next move. These games are quite involving, and they offer a constructive way of spending your leisure time.

The following a list of best x box one games


The central cartoon theme of this game is drawn from ancient times. The game involves run and gun game. The game incorporates music, creative art, and animation. It’s a great game if you are fun of cartoon games.  You cannot get bored when playing this game since it’s both fun and requires you to be actively involved since it requires a lot of scrolling.


This game title is in the category of horror games, and suitable for adults who are a fan of horror classics. You can play the game if you want to experience a terrifying fun moment. The game is unpredictable which adds to the thrill of the game.

Those who know the game, and are hooked always wish the game was longer.

  • HITMAN 2

The game is among top Xbox games. It has been refined over the years to make it more involving, although it’s not as punishing as before. Hitman 2 is about an assassin and its available as a package. You don’t acquire an episode at a time. You get the complete game package.

  • MORTAL KOMBAT 11-9/10

For the lovers of war games, this is one of the best choices for you. The game is quite entertaining, as it allows you to watch great warriors fight against each other. The game is in levels, so as you advance, you realize the war gets even more exciting.


The game is about adventure. It entails ships in open seas invaded with pirates. To make the game more enjoyable, you need to play it with your friends- it’s a multiplayer game. You will enjoy the unpredictable encounters as you discover many sea secrets that the game offers.


If you are a fan of car racing, then this is the game you need to look for. The game gives the players an exciting driving experience which cannot be found anywhere else. The set contains a tasty variety of cars and a good map. Everything about this game is stunning

When given an opportunity choose one of the best games for Xbox ones, Forza Horizon 4 will take the lead. The game offers all four different seasons which provides the players a chance to adjusts their vehicle control accordingly.


This is a mind-blogging game and multiplayer. The game requires four players at a time who are supposed to prepare a meal. To successfully finish, you must good at working as a team, and you should have sharp skills of navigating through complicating cooking scenarios presented to you. You must ensure you don’t face kitchen hazards during the process. A very entertaining game you must look out for.


Best Xbox one games have tutorials that help you learn the details of the game, for best performance. Before playing a new game, you can go through the tutorials to grasp the critical tricks of the game. As a player, you must be aware that you may like a game title, but you have little knowledge of how to play it. That’s why tutorials are essential

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