What Is 4K? All You Need To Know About 4K TV Technology

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There have been significant advancements in the TV world in the recent past. The TV developers are using the technological advancement wave to create new excellent dimensions in the TV world leading to efficiency and growth in the whole field. Today you hear so much about 4K TV, Ultra HD- terms that were least known in the past. So, what is Ultra HD? What is 4K TV? Keep reading to the end to understand these common terms, and much more.

In this post, I will give you all the information you need to know about 4K TV. You will tell what is a 4k TV by reading through this post. Simply put- it’s a TV you must have for the best TV experience ever.

4K TV is most advanced in its resolution as compared to counterpart-full HD TV.  4K Ultra HD boosts of a high resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels. This resolution is four times ahead of full HD TV. In simple terms, with a 4K TV, you are guaranteed of viewing clear images with a better definition. You can enjoy more details in every picture and have an experience of the texture too.

Notably, 4K and Ultra HD are used interchangeably. You will hear 4K, and Ultra HD being commonly used. As a new person in the world of TVs, you will wonder what each stands for. Are they one and the same thing? Or is there a difference between these terms? What is 4k resolution? What is 4k Ultra HD?

Many users are not aware of the difference between the two. Technically speaking, there is only a slight difference between UHD and 4K that we will look at in a short while.

So, what is the distinctive difference between 4K and UHD? What resolution is 4k? What is UHD TV? 4K refers to the resolution found in a digital camera. On the other hand, UHD refers to the resolution you get on the TVs you buy. The two resolutions are intertwined and trying for a user to grasp the real difference.

Benefits of 4K

What does 4k TV mean, and what benefits does it offer? 4K resolution enables the users to get clearer images that are almost like the real object when observed in real life.

To experience the full benefits of 4K resolution, you need to view the images through large screens. A 55-inch TV screen is the least you can be able to see the effect of 4K. Otherwise, go for even a larger screen if your budget allows, and you would like to experience images with 4K resolution effect.

Importantly, you can upgrade your current HD TV to a 4K. If you retain the same screen you were using for HD, then you will see the difference in the clarity of the pictures. You will now get clearer and detailed images.

What do you need to be able to use 4K TV?

With the above benefits, you must be convinced that 4K TV is the sure deal of what you have been looking for. But, how do you go about it? What do you need to actualize your dream?  You need a 4K TV set. Also, you can stream 4K content from relevant platforms. The experience will be the same as long as you stream 4K content only.

To mention, Netflix and Amazon have been very supportive of 4K TV by offering devices that are compatible with 4K. This was not the case in the earlier years when 4K TV was introduced. But, today you can conveniently stream the 4K from any 4K streaming service provider. You only need a good internet connection.

Also, you can still use your existing HD TV. Once you upgrade to 4K, it can serve you well. Get an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and you are good to go. Once you have this, then you need to source for 4K. The content is readily available on Netflix and Amazon. The library is diverse, so you have a wide range of videos to choose from.

How to use 4K TV

To have the experience in viewing your 4K TV, you are required to sit very close to the screen than you would sit when viewing a lower definition TV.

Sitting closer to the screen, enables you to get the real impact of clear and sharper images. You are likely to get all the finer details in the pictures inclusive of the image texture. However, if you still prefer to sit at a distance from your screen, it’s even okay. You will also notice the different effect of viewing a 4K TV. So the bottom line, are you choosing a suitable sitting position that you are comfortable with.

Final Word

The technology is evolving every day, and the TV world is not being left behind. Having looked at 4K as the epitome of the TV advancement, – 8K has just checked in the market. There is a complete TV set for the 8K resolution TV experience. The screens are even larger, and expensive. The pricing is not coming down any soon. Hence most people are still in the mode of wait and see. For now, you can buy a 4K TV, and enjoy your viewing unless you have a particular interest in 8K. Acquiring 8K TV will mean you need to dig deeper into your pocket and get a bigger space to place your TV set. With the above-detailed review, 4K TV will serve just fine. Buy yourself one today.

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