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The Wonderful World of Slides and Slide Scanning

What are Film Slides? When personal cameras were first introduced, they all used some type of film. This film was usually presented as strips of negatives that needed to be developed and printed to be seen. Eventually someone figured out how to take individual images from those negative strips and bind them into a little […]

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Best Household Robots For Home & Smart Life

Robots are an important part of the modern life. They are replacing humans serving humans for the common domestic chores. Therefore, if you are passionate about spic-and-span home and you would like to keep it in the right shape, vacuum cleaners should be your first friends. Robots can clean your home, your swimming pool, your […]

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How Does A Lawn Mower Work Exactly

Some decades ago, people used their animals such as donkeys and sheep to trim lawns in their compounds. Today, they are using powerful robots, tractors and hovercrafts to keep them neat and tidy throughout the year. All the machines used in mowing lawns have one thing in common; they all feature a rotating blade that […]

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6 Great Apps for Smooth Vacation Planning You Should Try

Planning a vacation? Here’s a great article that will guide you to plan your vacation smoothly. Use your phone for good and make use of the apps to make vacation planning a smooth affair. From planning where to go to traveling, to accommodation to having everything organized at one place these apps will definitely help […]

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