Futuristic Egg-Shaped Tiny House Ecocapsule Can Set Up Anywhere To Live Inside

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It’s everyone’s dream to have a good home. It’s a basic thing to have in this life, a roof over your head. What if the home is much more advanced to just suit all your perceived needs? A more flexible home that is mobile and you can move and live wherever and whenever you want. Exciting it is to come across the well thought home structure called Ecocapsule smart home. This comfortable home is just a new way of living with all that you are likely to need to live a completely luxurious life. It makes life more flexible and interesting.

Well, try it because it has these favorable features to enhance comfortably reasonable living.

High Quality

The manufacturers of Ecocapsule largely put most thought into the specific and suitable materials and features for the small size home. Having put modern technology into consideration, the small home is equipped with a network capability in which you are able to access internet in a 3G/4G environment enabled areas. This is very crucial to the modern world of communication, actually keeps communication going. Imagine a home, initially endowed with network; you do not have to the stress to install that is just great.

A smart home is fitted with heated floors, bathroom with shower, and a little kitchen. It exudes a real experience of good home living.  It’s fully designed for extended off-grid living for up to a year. The shower water can be heated by the solar energy and thus very convenient for those in colder environments like Canada.

For the manufactures, safety is a priority, and the home is given an 100% warranty depending on the country or region. They have their own maintenance experts representing them in these regions to provide quality services where and whenever needed.


The items are made into smaller units that can very well fit into containers. Imagine two ecocapsule smart homes can fit into a 40′ High-Cube container shipped to overseas and other destinations.

The smart home has four provisional small wheels, to provide further easier transportation. This enables it to be moved easily from destination to destinations by just attaching on trucks or vehicles. It is also of low weight to enable transportation easier.  Additionally, it’s provided with the  two hooks on the roof side, thus a crane, forklift, or even helicopter could pick it up for a more remote or specific destinations of choice. This feature also makes it flexible in a sense that you can live your life wherever you want, and without affecting your normal routine life. It just keeps you going for the better. This is therefore ideal for those who love travelling to visit or live in new places. 

Eco-friendly technology

The smart home is unique in that it doesn’t harm the environment. It uses the natural energy sources. Fitted with wind turbines, solar panels, and rainwater-gathering structure, the smart home has almost no dangerous emissions to bring the globe to panic. It uses the green energy that is not harmful to the global ozone.

The smart home is suitable to survive the drought prone areas since you can be capable of gathering water from other areas like oceans, lakes and rivers and stores for use. In simpler terms, it is self-sufficient in nature.

Power-enabled and Efficient

 Eco pods container homes has solar panels capable of harnessing the solar power. It also has the suitable batteries that stores the charge from the solar captured. This can significantly help in the provision of power for home consumption. The power can be used to watch TVs, light at night and even charge mobile phones. Additionally it has the wind turbines that also provides alternative power. It’s a completely secure energy to serve the crucial home needs.

Complete Living Freedom

Ecocapsule is also provided with Ecocapsule’s furniture made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish materials. The furniture includes a desk, cabinets, and racks, a folding bed with a mattress (6.5ft x 4.7ft / 2m x 1.45m just unfolded) and kitchen cabinets for cooking activities. This is just a complete home system for a better home living. Ecocapsule is just is a living off a new paradigm. Modernized to fit the modern living conditions, the smart home also has a water less, composting and separating toilet. Buy an all-inclusive smart home now. 


The first-generation of the ecocapsule price estimate $95,000. For you to secure a the smart home, the manufacturers ask for a reservation fee of only 5%, which is non-refundable for the first-generation, but second-generation Ecocapsule deposits are refunded upon request at any time.

Although the price is very high considering the costs involved in production of this smart home, the company is pulling strings to ensure that the product fetches at affordable prices as soon as possible, and they have made it a priority and a promise. The struggle to make Ecocapsule smart home affordable is an idea put into consideration. Therefore, the prices may soon be relatively low and quite affordable. It will be based on satisfying for the value of your money, and this comfortable housing.

Intelligent technology

The ego capsule has an egg shape that assists in minimizing heat loss and collects rainwater for storage and consumption. The materials used are capable of minimizing the heat loss and this can help improve the room temperatures in cold environments. This smart home is what you need to beat the cold weather.

Looking forward to experiencing a completely new way of living. Your life without geographical restrictions and hindrances. You can now live that dream life of being a tourist guy. Get this ecocapsule tent price at $95,000 now to start your life with a new way and style. At a reservation of 5% just to secure the house, you can pay while living in it. Sound just marvelous. It can be delivered to you locally using trucks, but can also be shipped overseas on containers. Make your reservation now.

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