Foldimate Robot Can Fold Your Laundry in Four Minutes At Home like A Pro

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Yes, I know it sounds deniable to you. Me too I felt that way, not until early 2018. However, the plain truth is that these high tech machines are available in existence today. Showcased in early in California in 2018 was the Foldimate, a prototype of unique ability to fold your clothes, relieving you from the hassle of having to physically fold your clothing. It solves the hectic and tiresome role of handling your laundry. An over $750 item is expected to infiltrate the market, but focus would mainly be on schools, hospitals and some factories. In fact it’s is expected to be launched officially in the late 2019.

The new device is expected to be expensive, yet will be of great assistance to the laundry chores. Owning this powerful commercial laundry folding machine will mean a simplified way of doing laundry work.  A demonstration on operation and performance of the Foldimate made people actually speechless. It was interesting to see how the robotic machine could fold clothes that faster and with precision. Are robots replacing human beings? That is the question. Provided it makes the folding deal much easier and better, I would not mind getting one by this foldimate review.

Time saving

Foldimate actually does the clothes folding much faster than you could ever imagine. At as little as 10 seconds, your laundry will have been folded nicely. Call it a folding mania or guru of the century. It’s a new era of a whole revolutionized tech of doing laundry. The device promises a very consistent, high-quality cloth folding experience ever, it’s patented technology allowing users to clip almost all clothing items (except for large linens or minute items like socks or panties). In a matter a just few seconds, the result is a neatly folded 9” x 11” piece of clothing with the peculiar option to treat it strategically. Foldimate ces works like the real pro.

Universal Handler

FoldiMate is able to fold shirts, buttoned-up blouses (almost all materials), and small clothes ranging from children’s clothes to adult size large sizes (up to XXL). The new advanced model is even now able to fold towels, pillowcases, and even duvets, though socks and undergarments are still strictly off the inclusion. It’s able to handle the various knows of clothing regardless of type. You can indeed use Foldimate to gold a great deal of laundry within the shortest time possible depending on the amount of clothing you plan to have folded.

Hi-Tech Device

Foldimate Review
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Foldimate is actually a high-tech technology that is designed to intelligently handle the task of folding your laundry. It has peculiar enhancement to make the laundry handling experience better and better. With this technology, you can be able to fold as many clothes as possible in a simpler way and in very few minutes. The ability to just get a bunch of clothes to be folded perfectly within a shorter time is an awesome experience to go through. This allows easy handling of laundry especially when you have a larger family or many people living with you.

Simple and fast

Foldimate cheddar is made simple, like the size of a normal refrigerator, yet a very important tool that eases the stress of handling a great deal of laundry. It also occupies a small space as a result of it’s shape. It work fast on your fabric to unwrinkled your garment or clothes and prepay them for storage. So if you plan to leave, you can even wear the clothes without having to iron. Moreover, that’s the advantage of using the machine.


Foldimate is a unique machine for handling laundry in bulk. It’s price is a little bit higher, the fact being it’s a rare commodity that is expected to hit the market soon, and thereafter the price would definitely go down reasonably. It retails at $750 in most of the stores. The price sounds a little bit higher, but some households and institutions are able to acquire it. This is much fairer as the Japanese have also introduced the same device called laundroid which is expected to retail at least $2000. I mean this is even double the price of Foldimate. Reasonably and advisable to grab one this early and save your time, energy and money. Sounds great? Then there you have it!

Human dependent

Foldimate lazada also depends on human effort to do the intended work. Inspire of doing all the folding that would otherwise be stressful to humans, it does it with the human help. It is worth to remember that clipping of the clothes into the machine has to be done manually. An introduction of this equipment may have sounded a threat to human labor, but it’s not that hefty, the fact remains that it is still depend on human beings, and this cannot fully replace the role of human beings in the work environment. Foldimate is therefore very friendly and a necessary equipment to use in laundry in the present times. In summary, Foldimate is not here to replace human labor, but rather provide solution to daily laundry handling.

Well, it is plausible to say that ordering Foldimate hasn’t been easy and sometimes you may order but fail to get one, reason, the long queue. However, it is very encouraged that you do it much earlier in order to get first attention to the shipping after reading this foldimate reviews. The supply seems to be low, but adjustments are being made. The commercial laundry-folding machine is projected to thrive in the market in the future as a couple of individuals see it as of great help and relief. So it is critical you make a booking earlier in order to get your laundry device delivered to you in time. Tired of manual folding? Go automatic with the new advanced Foldimate experience. For as low as clothes folding machine amazon $750, and reasonable discounts, you can acquire yourself one of these revolutionary devices to make the work easy and simpler.

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