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Through this computer printer reviews article help you to understand the hints of choosing the best home printer for photos. All the printers reviewed here are great. Apart from the differences in pricing, the printers have features which make each printer unique and unmatched in a unique way.

Importantly, even before I go into details about the few brands of printers, there are two broad categories of printers- laser and inkjet printers.

Laser printers have a common feature of using powdered ink, which is melted into paper during printing. This makes the printing be of high quality. Documents printed using laser printers are resistant to colour-running. The printers are best suited for commercial purposes since they are fast and can handle a large workload with a short period.

However, laser printers are quite expensive than inkjet printers. Also, laser printers are not suitable for photo printing.

Inkjet printers

These are quite affordable, even when you want a printer to handle colour printing. For photo printing, an inkjet printer is a deal. Therefore, for household printing needs, you need an inkjet printer. The printer can handle small printing jobs without strain.

With that critical introduction, let’s now dive into a few quality printer brands;

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Hp Page Wide Pro 577 dw Color Multifunction Business printer is printer suitably manufactured for commercial use. The speed of performance and quality of output makes it a perfect product for commercial printing.

The printer has a stationary printhead which is spans the width of a page making it print at high speed, and without compromising on the quality of output. The printer uses PageWide technology, which makes it stand out from a regular inkjet printer.

Features and Benefits

  • Technology.

 Hp page wide printers use the best technology that cuts down overall printing cost.

  • Energy usage.

 The printers consume little energy

  • Multi-purpose.

You accomplish several tasks using this printer apart from printing — for instance; scanning, fax, copy, wireless printing, etc.

  • Suitable for small to mid-sized businesses.

The printer’s speed is good and can handle up to 6,000 pages in a month. You can print up to 500 papers in a single paper input. It can handle multiple users.

  • Security.

Printing documents should be secure and should not be tampered with. The printer has security features which detect and raise the alarm over document threats. You can take the right measures to ensure all the information secure, and printing runs smoothly.

  • Speed.

This printer’s printing speed is unbeatable. It can print up to 70-pages within a single minute. This applies to both colour printing and black and white printing.

  • Maintenance

The printer is quite reliable, and requires minimum maintenance regime.

  • 120 days’ money back guarantee

Usually, ones you buy this printer you are guaranteed of 120 days’ money back. You buy the printer, and go to test it within your premises. If you are not satisfied with its services, you can return it, and get your money back. However, you have to register and leave your details with hp. Once you do that, you download the guarantee program details.

  • Size

The printer is moderately small in format measuring 18.4×20.9×16 inches. It can be placed on a bench and requires only two people to move from one point to another comfortably for best home printer for occasional use.

  • Loading capacity

The printer allows the user to load 550 sheets at ones. If you are doing bulk printing, then this is the right printer to consider. You will save time since you don’t have load papers often.

  • Printing capacity

You can print up to 80,000 pages per month with monthly recommended printing of 6,000 sheets.

  • Scanning

The printer is multipurpose. It allows for legal size paper scanning and can do a single pass, or two-sided scanning.

  • Touch screen

The touch allows one to control the functioning of the printer. You can enter details of how you want the printing to be done.

  • Supports both wired and wireless printing.

The printer has ports where you can connect your computer. Also, there is a slot for connecting to LAN. It also supports direct wireless printing that makes best home printer for photos.

Final Word

The printer behaves like a laser printer than an inkjet printer in terms of printing speed. The printer is characterised with low operating costs and high quality graphic properties. The printer is costly and only suitable for commercial use, especially in firms where the quality of output is essential. You can buy one today for best printing experience.

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This is one of the best home printer for photos you can ever buy. The printer is best suited for use by creative artists and professionals — the printer prints high quality photos of different sizes. One can print on optical discs or excellent art papers. For thick papers, you have to feed the papers manually. If the printing paper s more compressed, you have to be patient t print a single document at a time

Features and uses

  • It uses wireless printing technology

You can print documents from another device without connecting it physically with the device. You can transfer the paper for printing by use of the internet or direct print.

Uses the internet to perform its tasks. The internet can be accessed by connecting a cable from the router. Alternatively, you can set and use a wireless LAN.

  • Screen size.

The printer has a 3.5” screen, which is best suited to set and configure printing details appropriately without strain.

  • Colour.

The printer has an individual colour cartridge. It has nine colours

  • Media type.

The printer is suitable for various types of printing-photo papers, canvas, plain papers, etc.

  • Paper Sizes

The printer can print in different sizes of paper. You only need to go on the settings menu on the printer screen and enter the paper size.

  • Media input

You can feed up to 120 sheets at a time. That saves time since you don’t have to keep on feeding papers often.

  • Operating System.

The printer is compatible with various devices. You can print from devices using any windows. Also, Mac users are not locked out from using this type of equipment.

  • The printer supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi

You can print from an external source without physically connecting the device to the printer. It also allows for direct printing. You can print from a mobile phone or Ios device.

The printer can hold and automatically switch two black ink cartridges based on the paper settings. The printer works best in printing black and white photos. It uses nine ink cartridges.

  • Size

This best small office printer is more prominent as compared to ordinary inkjet printers. It measures 9×24.2×14.5 inches. It’s heavy to lift compared to other inkjet printers.

The printer is not without shortcomings. When you choose the maximum quality option, you have to forfeit speed. You double the printing time it would take by switching the printing to produce maximum quality output.

Final word

Despite the above single shortcoming, what you always need to remember is that the printer is superb, especially for graphics and creative work. The quality of the output of this printer is unmatched. Also, there are many useful features of this printer that you won’t find in other inkjet printers.

For average users, speed is critical, professional artists value quality over speed. That’s why this printer is a favourite among professional artists. They prefer spending more time on one product, but get it with quality, which is beyond their expectations. 

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Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 Eco Tank printer is a printer that never disappoints. Its quality of printed paper output is excellent. If you would like to own a photo printing printer, then this is the best choice. Like every other printer from Epson, the quality of this printer is unmatchable. When you buy one, you are guaranteed of continuous quality printing for quite an extended period. If you have been looking for the best home printer for photos, this is it.

This best budget printer is an all-in-one Supertank Printer, small in size, and it’s affordable. The printer has limited features as compared to other printers in its category. It lacks the automatic document feeder for multipage documents that require photocopying or scanning. Despite this limitation, the printer has the lowest running costs.

Also, the printer’s output quality is average. You can still use it if you are not keen on quality. 

The best all in one printer for home uses five ink tanks

Features and uses

  • Cartridge-free printer

The printer comes with an ink box to serve you for up to two years. During this time, you don’t have to purchase ink to refill the tank.

  • Paper sizes and type

The printer can print on various dimensions of the paper. Also, the printer is suitable for both photo printing and everyday paper printing.

  • Colours

The printer contains 5color ink. This makes it suitable for printing high quality work, as well as photo printing.

  • Useful in saving of ink.

The best budget printer from Epson uses minimum ink. By printing using this printer, you save up to 80% of ink. Also, replacing the ink is cheap and has been made easy.

  • Multitasking printer.

You can do a few other things on top of printing — for instance; scanning, copying, etc.

  • Printing capacity

The first time ink can print up to 14,000 papers of black and white. If you are using the printer for colour printing, you are guaranteed of printing up to 9,000papges. This translates to 30 sets of ink cartridges.

  • Paper holding capacity

The printer paper holding tray can print up to 100 sheets, which reduces the time wasting.

  • Connectivity

The printer can print from a computer connected via USB. Also, one can connect Ethernet. You can mobile print documents without physically connecting the device to the printer.

A memory-card reader accepts cards in the SD family, and there is also a port for a USB thumb drive.

  • Speed

The printer can print 14 pages per minute. This speed is suitable, especially for an inkjet printer. For graphic photo printing, the printer can print eight pages per minute.

  • Text and graphics printing quality

The printing quality is average. Printed material printed using this printer can be used for business purposes. The photo quality is reasonably good, and the printing cost is low. For people who print many coloured photos, this is the best printer to buy.


Importantly, while the printer is capable of printing, copying and scanning, it cannot fax.

Final Word of home printer reviews

If you want high quality photos above what you can get from ET-7700, then you can look for another printer. Mostly single-function printers dedicated to photo printer will be better for you. However, the cost is much higher. Therefore, ET-7700 is still still the best option option if you are cost sensitive.

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When looking into epson printer reviews, ET-7750 printer cannot be left out. This printer is among the latest seven new releases of EcoTank all-in-one printers by Epson. The printer is unique. The printer is least expensive in printing text and photos. It’s able to print borderless tabloid-size sheets.

Features and Benefits

  • Cartridge-free printing.

When buying this printer, you get an ink box that can serve you for up to 2 years. During all this time, you don’t need to refill the ink.

You can print up to 14,000 pages of black and white. For colour printing, you can print 9,000 pages. This is equivalent to 30 sets of ink cartridges.

  • 5-color ink.

This printer is suitable for photo printing size; it has several colour options. The printing output is of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about the quality being compromised.

  • Performance

The print is capable of printing wide-size papers using its footprint, which is more significant than an ordinary letter-size inkjet printer.

  • Size

The printer measures 17.8×20.7×29.3 inches, making it difficult to fit on an average sized table.

  • Ink tanks

The printer has an extra ink which is absent in other Epson printers. The original black ink enriches the photos making them appear more appealing and real. This makes the printer the right choice for photographers.

The printer ink bottles are quite advanced. Each ink bottle has a leak-proof nozzle.

  • Paper trays

The printer has three paper trays- all used as input trays. The front and the rear shelves have a paper capacity of 100 sheets each. Above the front drawer, there is the third tray that holds 20 snapshot-sheets.  The plate can carry even larger paper sizes, especially when you want to print off-size photos.

  • Control Panel

The control panel is 2.7 inch in size. It has control buttons. The screen is non-touch. The dashboard allows one to set and control the functioning of the printer. You can set the number of copies you want to print; you can start and stop the printer by pressing the relevant buttons.

  • Connectivity

Via USB, you can connect one computer to the printer to use in sourcing files for printing. Also, you can compare and use Ethernet for printing. Direct printing is possible, too utilising this printer.


On the downside, the printer is slow compared to its counterparts. But, compared to its competitors, this printer’s speed is good.

Notably, unlike other printers in this price range, ET-7750 printers do not have an automatic paper feeder for scanning multiple page documents.

Final Word

If you are not pleased with all other features and there is no other reason you can buy this printer, at least then there is no other printer with low running costs you will ever come across. ET-7750 beats them all when it comes to low operating prices.

Given the low ink cost, the printer is suitable for printing photos. Also, the quality of output by this printer is unbeatable, compared with the output from other printers.

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Epson Expression ET-3700 Eco Tank Printer is a must have a printer to handle all your printing needs. The printer is efficient in ink consumption and environment-friendly. You can use it for a long time without the need to refill the ink tanks. It is best home printer for photos that can serve you conveniently at home or in a small office. It can print up to 300 pages per month.

Features and benefits

  • It’s a cartridge-free.

This printer is cartridge free. It is sold with a box with ink that can be used for up to two years. The ink can print up to 14,000 pages for black and white printing. This translates to buying 30 ink cartridge sets, which is quite expensive.

  • Easy to refill.

The printer saves up to 80% on ink, and it’s easy and cheap to replace the ink bottles. The ink tanks are large, so you can take discount advantage of buying the ink in large quantities.

  • Operating system

The printer is compatible with several OS. You can use the printer on devices operating on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 for both 64-bit and 32-bit. The printer can be used with Mac devices too. You are free to connect and print data from any device regardless of the Operating System it runs on.

  • Paper holding capacity

Large paper holding capacity. Per paper feed, you can load up to 150 sheets. This reduces the number of times you are required to load documents. It makes working with printer less tiring. You save time, too, when working with this printer.

  • Large screen display.

The navigation screen is large enough. It allows you to operate the printer without much strain. The colour contrast is also friendly. You can work with the printer for long hours and not experience fatigue.

  • Wireless printing

The printers offer wireless printing option where you can print from your mobile phone without the need to connect it to the printer. On monthly bases, you can comfortably print up to 300 pages.

  • Ink color design

All the ink colours are used for printing as designed by Epson. All colours must be available for printing. To perform printing tasks successfully, you will require an internet connection. Must of the features in this printer are only useful with the internet. The device from which a file is printed form must also be connected to the internet.

  • 24-month warrant

After purchasing a set of this printer, you are guaranteed of a 1-year warranty. During this period you can get any technical support free of charge. Alternatively, if your printer does not develop any technical problem that requires attention within that year, you are issued with 50,000 plain sheets.

Final Word

This best home printer for occasional use & suitable for a small office which does not do a lot of printing. Also, you can buy one for household use. It cheap to maintain the printer. Importantly, you need to remember the performance of this printer depends on internet connections. You will notice the challenge in printing if you are using low- speed internet.

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This is an all-in-one printer with the ability to perform multiple tasks. For instance; wireless printing, scanning, copying, and fax, etc. it offers an option of printing even when you are not near the printer.

Features and benefit

  • You can print from anywhere

The printer has an option for mobile printing. You can write your documents even when you are not physically within the vicinity with the printer. You download and install free print app o your smartphone or tablet. You then follow the simple steps provided to print successfully while you are away. Also, for those using an iPhone, you can easily print using AirPrint. Alternatively, you can do direct printing, which does not require you to use Wi-Fi.

  • Fast printing.

The printer uses the latest technology to ensure you print very fast. You can print up to 24 pages per minute when you are printing black and white.

  • Printing cost.

If you want to save the printing cost significantly, then HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 is all you need. You save printing cost up to 60%. This is way above the much you can save while using a laser printer.

  • Save space

This HP printer works the same way as a laser printer, although it’s not one of them. You can do two side scanning for multipage documents which saves printing papers. The quality of the printed work is still high, and nothing is compromised.

  • Ink replenishment services.

Replacement of ink can be expensive if not well managed. With this printer, you can access several options that are not only timely but help you save money. You can save up to 50% if you use the HP instant ink service. Alternately, you can do reorders on amazon Dash Replenishment. Here, you save up to 10%. The printer automatically places a reorder once it detects low ink. You don’t incur subscription cost to use this service.

  • 24-months warrant

It is sold with a one-year warranty. In case of a problem, you can access free repair services as guaranteed by the manufacturer. Even better, the manufacturer offers 24-hour support seven days a week. When using this printer, you don’t tolerate technical itches, while you can be guided on how to go about it at any time.


This printer is quite suitable for office use. It’s a must have for handling printing work in a busy office. The speed is excellent, and you can save money by using this printer.  It handles large volumes of work, and very efficiently. The printer supports various paper sizes. The operational cost for this printer is minimal. When compared to a laser printer that performs similarly, this HP printer is the sure deal. The printer is affordable and yet efficient.

Affordable Printers For Most People

Buying the right printer is very important. That’s why everything you have read comes in handy if you want to purchase one. All the printers reviewed above an of good quality and are their performance is unmatched. However, not any printer is best home printer . Before you decide to buy one, you have to access your needs expectations. What is your office workload? For what purpose do you want to use the printer? Finally, you need to consider your best budget printer. But don’t go for best home printer under 100, that might not fill your purpose.

 There are a variety of printers suitable for handling a different amount of work. The printers are priced differently based on the design technology and efficiency in performance. HP and Epson are not the only printers, there are canon printer too, that are equally good. Go through canon printer reviews too to familiarise yourself with canon printers. The printers are equally competitive.

If you are looking for a printer to handle bulk printing, then you need to go for that. Your search should be for bulk printing printers. Since the budget is essential, you need to choose the one that suits your pocket.

Also, you need to consider the operating costs. The cost of a printer is not fixed. On top of the buying cost, there are regular costs you have to incur to ensure the printer runs efficiently at all times. Those costs include; the price for power, servicing, etc. Such vital costs must be factored in before settling on the brand of printer to buy. As you have noticed above, some printers are costly to maintain than others, some are good as best home printer for photos. Choose a printer with minimal operating costs if you mind the operational costs. Mostly, the prices are not comparable to the effectiveness of the printer. Some printers are cheap to buy and operate, and yet their performance efficiency and effectiveness is top notch.

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