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Weak or broken TV signals are enough to drive anyone up the wall. Right?

Luckily you can resolve weak signal and high noise level issues using our comprehensive list of outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers. Especially because imitations of the original TV antenna preamplifiers are all over, and anyone is bound to pick an unworthy antenna preamplifier.

There are multiple reasons why your TV signal is weak, the common ones being long-line cable installations and distant locations from TV stations and broadcasting towers.

Additionally, other signals can also cause occasional interferences to your TV signal generating high levels of nagging noise.

Moreover, these TV antenna amplifiers also have the capacity of increasing the number of channels available to you in your area.

Since most people prefer to navigate their list of options, here is a comparison table for some of the best outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers.

Why your TV keeps Losing Signal

With using an antenna to transmit and receive signals, signal loss and signal breakage are inevitable.

When this happens you will see a ‘No Signal’ message displayed on your screen.

There are several culprits behind such signal loss issues. They range from environmental factors to damages to your antenna. 

Some of these typical issues include:

Harsh weather conditions: Weather has an impact on your TVs antenna in that a snowstorm, strong winds, and heavy downpour can all degrade the quality of your signal. Because there isn’t much you can do about the weather, investing in a weatherproof outdoor antenna preamplifier will ensure that you receive the best signal possible during weather disruptions.

Incorrect signal Strength: Many times, you may experience weak signal issues due to weak signal strength. However, in other cases, your antenna may be acting up because of over amplification, too much signal strength.

Thus, it is advisable to get yourself a signal booster that has adjustable amplification to help tackle such issues.

Distant Location from broadcasting towers: One among the common reasons for signal loss and weak signal reception is increased distance between your area of residence and the broadcasting tower. In such a scenario an outdoor antenna preamplifier will come to your aid.

Surrounding interferences and positioning: Components of your surrounding could also be the reason why you keep getting weak signal interferences. These could include tall trees, buildings, and hills.

They block signals from reaching your antenna.

I wouldn’t advise you to cut down trees in a bid to get clearer signals since we are trying to preserve Mother Nature. The best thing to do would be to get an outdoor signal booster then mount it in a clear area away from such obstructions.

Furthermore, positioning plays a key role when it comes to antennas transmitting and receiving signals. Position it in a higher location or use a taller mast.

Broken equipment: Just like any other equipment, TV antennas can fail over time, resulting in signal loss. If you are sure everything is in check including the weather, your antenna’s positioning, signal strength, and surrounding, then your antenna or its components may be damaged.

Unfortunately, a signal booster will not help you in such a situation, you will either have to get a professional to fix it for you or purchase another one. There are no other ways around this issue.

Long or faulty coaxial cables: If you are using longline cable connections between your antenna and your TV,  then it is likely that it’s the culprit for a weakened signal. Signal gets lost as it travels along the coaxial cable. Hence connect your antenna as close to your TV as possible.

Moreover, using a splitter will also have your signal struggling, thus, in such a scenario you can get yourself a signal booster to help remedy your issue.

Also, maintain regular inspections on your coaxial cable to ensure they aren’t broken, corroded, or loosely connected.

What is the Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier?

The choice of the best antenna preamplifier can be quite a tricky one primarily because a range of them exist.

And to make the right choice for the purchase of the best signal booster, consider factors like:

  • How much does it amplify? This is among the first considerations you should make and have precise knowledge on since different antenna amplifiers have different amplification volumes. Choose an amplifier based on the amount of amplification your antenna needs. You can get a professional to help you determine the amount of amplification your antenna needs to avoid over amplification.
  • What is its frequency? An up to standard antenna preamplifier is one that supports amplification of both UHF and VHF frequencies. This feature creates convenience because then, you do not have to purchase separate antenna preamplifiers for each frequency.
  • Does it have gain control? The extent to which a signal preamplifier will boost your signal characterizes its gain. This crucial feature distinguishes high-quality preamplifiers from mediocre ones.
  • What is its noise level? A fit-for-purpose signal booster keeps noise levels low during amplification. The hindmost thing you want is to purchase an antenna amplifier that amplifies noise while trying to amplify a signal.
  • Is it compatible with your antenna? It is a no-brainer that one among the best antenna preamplifiers is that which is compatible with your antenna regardless of its make. It would be frustrating if you bought a signal booster only to realize it doesn’t match your antenna. Right?.
  • Is it easy to install? A good antenna preamplifier should be easy to install for anyone who will use the instruction manual. However, if you are unsure about how to go about it even after reading the instruction manual, seek professional help. Additionally, a good signal booster should include components that will come in handy during installations.

An up to standard outdoor TV antenna amplifier should serve its intended purpose without fail; amplifying your antenna’s weak signal.

Do I Need A Preamp for My TV Antenna?

Among the surest ways to determine if you need a preamp for your TV antenna is to measure the signals your antenna receives using a field strength meter. However, since this tool isn’t available in many homes, it’s hard to determine if you need an amplifier and what type of amplifier you need. Alternatively, you can decide whether you need a preamplifier by reviewing the channels available in your area using an Antenna Selection tool. If you do so and realize that the stations you need are in red and grey bands, then it’s an indication that you need a preamplifier. 

If you live in an area that’s farther away from TV transmitters, you’ll need a preamplifier to do away with frequent signal loss. An antenna preamplifier is not necessary for areas near TV transmitters as they may cause signal loss problems.

Additionally, if you have a single antenna serving multiple TV outlets, you will need a preamplifier TV antenna. Also, if you use a splitter to connect the antenna to the numerous TV outlets, it will likely cause signal disturbances, thus necessitating an antenna preamplifier. It will work to boost signal levels coming from your antenna into the multiple TV outlets.

You may also need a TV amplifier if you have a long coaxial cable running from your antenna to your TV. How do I know my coaxial cable is long? You may ask. If there is at least fifty feet of cable between your TV and your antenna, then you most definitely need a preamplifier.

Product Details

Below, I’ll walk you through each of our best picks of the best outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers.

Besides highlighting each preamplifier’s essential features, I will also include each of our favorite pick’s pros and cons.

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier

To begin with, we have the Winegard Boost XT TV antenna amplifier, one among our top choices of outdoor antenna preamplifiers. 

This antenna amplifier’s versatile nature is exceptional since it is compatible with both passive and non-amplified TV antennas. Hence, you do not have to worry if you have either a passive or a non-amplified antenna; this preamplifier will deliver. It will boost a weak signal and increase the number of channels available to you in your area by extending your antenna’s range. It has the capability of pulling to you channels that are up to 65 miles away!

Moreover, to help eliminate or lower noise levels resulting from interference by other signals, this preamplifier has the Boost Clear Circuit Technology feature. It ensures you get noise levels as low as 1dB. Thus, you’ll receive less signal breakage and heightened range.

Also, the Winegard Boost XT TV antenna amplifier has the TwinAmp Technology, which amplifies the VHF and the UHF signals separately. This separation of bands heightens the preamplifier’s signal handling capacity and decreases intermodulation at the lowest interference and noise levels. 

The use of Bandpass filters by this preamplifier eliminates any interfering RF signals, guaranteeing that nothing gets between you and your entertainment.

Additionally, its compactness makes it easy to install, and in most cases, you will not need a professional to do it for you. Its integrated signals meter also helps to ease installation. Furthermore, you can use the Winegard application to enjoy fast and easy antenna positioning by simply pairing the application to the device.

The pricing of this signal booster is perfectly just worth it.

When you purchase a Winegard Boost XT TV antenna amplifier, you’ll get the following additional pieces: power Inserter, hose Clamps, 110V adapter, printed Documentation.

GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier Low Noise Antenna Signal Booster Clears Up Pixelated Low-Strength Channels HD TV Digital VHF UHF Mounting Hardware Included Coax Connections Black 42179

GE outdoor TV antenna amplifier is yet another remarkable signal booster. If you are hunting for a signal booster that is affordable and low-budget, then look no further because this amplifier is a great option.

The signal boosting capabilities of this preamplifier is top-notch. It will not only boost and strengthen the signal of your non-amplified, passive outdoor TV antenna but also rid your system of any low-strength, fuzzy, or pixelated channels. All this is to give you a better experience with your TV.

Its signal boosting and channel increment capabilities depend entirely on how far away you are from the TV transmitter, antenna position, and obstructions like trees and hills.

Additionally, the architectural design of this signal booster is modified in such a way that it can resist even the worst of weather! With this antenna preamplifier, you can throw away all your signal loss worries that come with bad weather to the wind. This feature will also grant you the flexibility of installing this signal booster outdoors at the best location on the mast or a wall. 

Furthermore, this device’s preamp technology has the capacity to disable any service that uses 4G, 5G, or LTE signals: smartphones and other transmitters. That way, you’ll get little to no interference by these signals. It is also responsible for preventing radio signals from interfering with your signal.

Also, you are assured of the longevity of use by this antenna’s 1080p full compatibility.

Another noteworthy feature of this signal booster is the input and output coax connections that fit into different antenna models and brands harmoniously. This gives its users versatility, and for most people, the versatility of an item is vital.

When you purchase the GE outdoor TV antenna amplifier, you’ll get the following additional pieces: power supply, power inserter, four zip ties, a pair of rubber boots, and a manual installation guide.

Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF Low-Noise Preamplifier System, Urban, Rural, Indoor, Outdoor, Low-loss Power Inserter, Two 36″ High-performance Coaxial Cables, 12V DC Power Supply, – JUICE,BLACK,All Purpose: 19dB Preamplifier with Fillters

ClearStream Juice preamplifier is among the most popular options for best antenna preamplifiers, and it definitely won’t miss our list. Thousands of its users trust this preamplifier to do the signal boosting job for their antennas.

If you lodge in an area where a large number of users rely on a single reception point, then the ideal signal booster for you is the ClearStream Juice preamplifier. It will effectively work on weak signals while spurning interference from cellular and wireless data services.

Additionally, this antenna preamplifier will tackle poor reception issues that arise as a result of using splitters and long cable installations between your antenna and your TV. 

As the name implies, it is a low-noise preamplifier. You do not have to worry about any noise interferences that arise during amplification. Moreover, this antenna preamplifier has an integrated low pass filter that keeps signal interferences from wireless data services and cellular devices at bay.

Many users overlook the fact that the weatherproof feature in an antenna preamplifier device is an equally crucial factor for an outdoor television antenna preamplifier. It is encased in a cast that protects it from extreme weather, ensuring that your television does not encounter signal loss.

It has a VHF gain of 17.5 dB and a UHF gain of 19 dB. Since it is a high-end preamplifier, it can outperform its competitors with ease while avoiding weak signals and noise.

Unlike many standard antenna preamplifiers, the ClearStream Juice preamplifier is fitted with top-of-the-line overload protection to guard your antenna against damage during a power surge.

When purchasing a ClearStream Juice amplifier, you’ll receive the following additional components: a power inserter, a power supply, a pair of zip ties, and two 36 inch long coaxial cables.

Channel Master CM-7777V3 Titan 2 High Gain TV Antenna Preamplifier [Version 3]

If you are hunting for an outdoor TV antenna preamplifier that is heavy-duty and small in size, Channel Master CM-7777V3 is a good choice.

Channel Master CM-7777V3 is a two-part unit consisting of an outdoor amplification unit that you can mount on your antenna mast and an indoor unit that powers the outdoor unit. The two connect using a coaxial cable.  

Its outer casing comprises waterproof housing that can withstand extreme weather and temperature. Thus, this feature eliminates any worry regarding signal loss whenever it’s snowy, windy, or rainy.

Just like any other antenna preamplifier, Channel Master CM-7777V3 seeks to amplify signals that your antenna receives. It does so even in areas that receive fluctuating signal strength. Thus if you reside in such an area, it’s the ideal signal booster for you. Its signal boosting capability is aided by the fact that Channel Master is a high gain, low noise preamplifier.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that since Channel Master CM-7777V3 has a high gain output, it is advisable to use it in an area whose location is at least eighty miles away from any broadcast tower. Closeness to any broadcast tower or high power signal will cause over-amplification, which will eventually cause loss of reception.

Channel Master CM-7777V3 may also help to increase the number of channels available in your area while reducing pixelation so that you can enjoy owning a television better.

Moreover, this device has an in-built LTE filter that blocks any interference by 3G, 4G, and 5G services, including transmitters and smartphones. This LTE filter also blocks any FM radio signals that may cause signal disturbances due to over-amplification.

 Even though Channel Master CM-7777V3 is compatible with a wide range of antennas, it is advisable to use it with larger antennas that can easily pick up broadcasts from afar.

Despite the overall cost of this preamplifier being on the higher side, it is totally worth it, considering all the crucial, helpful features it possesses.

It is also simple to use and install since it comes with all the necessary components you may need, including a power inserter, a power adapter, a coaxial cable, a U bolt, and an instruction manual.

Channel Master CM-7777HD Amplify Adjustable Gain TV Antenna Preamplifier with LTE Filter | Indoor/Outdoor

If you are hunting for an antenna amplifier compatible with outdoor and indoor antennas, Channel Master CM-7777HD is a good choice since you can install it indoors and outdoors.

Channel Master CM-7777HD is one among the signal boosters that carry both the heavy-duty feature and compact size feature at the same time.

This signal booster will have you not worrying about signal loss during those bad weather days since it is made of weatherproof material.

Like most antenna preamplifiers, it will help boost signal issues that your antenna is experiencing while reducing pixelation. Additionally, this antenna amplifier may increase channels available to you in most instances.

Channel Master CM- 7777HD also includes a built-in FTE filter that helps keep interferences from 3G, 4G, 5G, smartphones, and transmitters with EMI and FM out of band filtering at bay.

In most cases, before purchasing any antenna amplifier, it is crucial to know what amount of amplification your antenna needs. It’s not a figure you can just come up with. Therefore, Channel Master CM- 7777HD is incorporated with the adjustable amplification feature so you can adjust amplification whenever the need arises.

Additionally, Channel Master CM- 7777HD has flexible USB powering options. It also has a push-button that you can use to regulate between high and low order easily. 

This is a trustworthy brand type of antenna amplifier since Channel Master has been manufacturing tech products since the 1940s.

Among its additional components that’ll come in handy during installation include a power inserter, USB power cord, USB power adapter, a pair of mast traps, three mounting screws, and a user installation manual. 

RCA TVPRAMP12E Digital Signal Preamplifier for Outdoor Antennas Black

This antenna amplifier is designed specifically for individuals who reside in areas that receive low signal strength. However, keep in mind that signal strength depends on how far apart you place your antenna and your TV.

RCA TVPRAMP12E has rubber boots that keep connections safe during harsh weather to ensure you continue to enjoy uninterrupted connections in such times. 

Moreover, this antenna amplifier has advanced Smart Boost technology, which may increase the number of channels available to you in HD quality and for free. Also, RCA TVPRAMP12E has the capacity to extend the range from forty-five miles up to seventy miles for outdoor antennas.

To further optimize its signal boosting performance, this antenna amplifier handles UHF and VHF amplification separately. Thus, this eliminates the need to get separate antenna preamplifiers for the respective frequencies.

Additionally, it can boost signals while preserving signal purity as it has extremely low noise levels. Moreover, with this signal booster, you will receive the ability to increase the number of antennas you can access on your TV.

It also features switchable FM traps, which reduce obstructions by FM frequencies. This action by the FM traps helps deliver clearer signals to you.

This antenna is also available at a low price. As a buyer, you may feel that it is of inferior quality, but it is the best deal you can get for such a price.

Outdoor TV Antenna 150 Miles 28dB High Gain Amplified Omnidirectional Signal Booster, Support UHF/VHF Hardware with 33ft Coax Cable (Antenna Mount Excluded)

Also featuring in our list of best outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers is the Vansky Outdoor TV antenna. It has 360- degree omnidirectional reception, which boosts this antenna amplifier’s signal receipt ability. Additionally, omnidirectional reception allows you to view over-the-air channels like FOX, CBS, and ABC in uncompressed HD.

This antenna preamplifier incorporates a weatherproof housing design, and you do not have to worry about the toll weather changes will have on your signal strength.

Furthermore, it has a 28dB high gain booster boosting up to a range of 150 miles. It also includes a power booster dial box which will improve reception.

Moreover, Vansky outdoor TV antenna includes Smart IC Chip and CleanPeak Filter technology which aids in the filtration of FM and cellular signals. In turn, you will experience clearer pictures with low noise levels.

This antenna preamplifier has a 33ft long coaxial cable which is not only made of a durable material but is also thicker. These two factors will allow you to place your antenna preamplifier as high as you wish outdoors without an ounce of worry about damage. 

Upon purchasing a Vansky outdoor TV antenna, you’ll receive additional items to aid in the installation, including a 30ft coaxial cable, mounting accessories, a power supply kit, and an instruction manual.

Antra AT-PAA28 Low Noise Pre-Amplifier HDTV Preamp Signal Booster with LTE 4G Filter for UHF VHF Antenna Adjustable Gain Excellent for Weak Signal Regions

Among our list of best outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers is Antra AT- PAA28 Low Noise Preamplifier. 

In today’s world, every home flocks with various types of signals coming from TV stations, mobile phones, FM radio stations, and so on. As a result, when watching TV in these conditions, you are likely to encounter interference. 

Therefore, if you’re having signal trouble arising from these kinds of issues, this preamplifier will come in handy. Like all other pre-amplifying devices, this device will boost your antenna’s weak signal while keeping noise levels low.

Furthermore, this antenna amplifier has a 4G LTE pre-filter, which blocks 4G 7000 Hz+ signal interferences from entering the HDTV system. Moreover, it has a 20dB FM trap that blocks FM signal interferences.

Antra AT- PAA28 Low Noise Preamplifier is a must-have for areas experiencing low signals, especially for individuals who run splitting or long cables into multiple TVs.

Buyers Guide

Here are some of the notable aspects to put into consideration to ensure you pick a device that will serve you to the optimum best.

Signal Gain

Also known as antenna gain, signal gain is the amount of signal strength that an antenna can receive over a given distance.

As anticipated, the higher the gain capacity, the higher the chances of your antenna picking stronger signals and giving you higher quality output.

However, it is wise to get knowledge of the amount of signal gain your antenna needs before picking a preamplifier for it.

Application-wise, if your antenna’s signal loss is at 15dB, then it is advisable to get an antenna preamplifier with a gain level of under 20dB and not just one with the highest signal gain.

Noise Level

A preamplifier isn’t necessary in most cases and would cause you more problems if you install it unnecessarily. Therefore, do a paramount noise check since increased noise levels cause video output disturbances?

Whenever you are shopping for a preamplifier, try going for ones that will produce low noise levels. In general, a noise level between 1.5 and 2 dB is considered ideal. Anything close to these numbers may also be perfect.


Different outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers have different warranty periods. This is owing to different brands. Thus, make sure you buy a durable antenna preamplifier with reasonable warranty periods.

After all, the longer the warranty period, the more durability assurance a buyer gets.

Supported Frequencies

An up to standard antenna preamplifier is one that supports both UHF and VHF frequencies.

As a rule of thumb, shun going for antenna preamplifiers that support only one frequency as it might cause you problems later.


The budget factor is just as important as any other factor. When it comes to purchasing antenna amplifiers, everyone has a different budget. A majority of the above listing of antenna preamplifiers are within budget and highly affordable. None will cost you more than US$100. 

Additionally, a few other factors are part of the buying guide, even though they do not apply to every buyer. They include:

Splitters: Splitters come in handy whenever one intends to use a single antenna for multiple TV sets. Most antennas come with inbuilt splitters. It’s possible to split an antenna that doesn’t have a splitter, but it will weaken the TV set signal.

Therefore, if yours does not have one, consider purchasing an antenna amplifier that has a splitter.

Placement near the antenna: You need to find a signal booster that you can place near your antenna. The length of the coaxial cable plays a significant role in this since a signal’s strength decreases the more it travels along a cable. 

Location: The location of your signal booster, whether indoor or outdoor, will depend entirely on what your technician will tell you after diagnosing your antenna’s weak signal issues. 

Just make sure that you purchase a signal booster that will tackle your signal loss problems.


Do TV antenna amplifiers work?

Yes, antenna amplifiers do work.

However, not all signal loss situations necessitate you to get an antenna amplifier. If you are experiencing signal loss problems, invite a technician to diagnose the issue first.

After which, they’ll recommend you to get an antenna preamplifier if your signal troubles are due to weak signal reception.

An antenna amplifier will work to compensate for your antenna’s weak signals. Just like an audio amplifier can create a louder noise from a slight noise, an antenna amplifier will make from weak signals, strong enough to broadcast signals. Thus, you’ll end up with much clearer pictures and sound. 

What is the strongest antenna amplifier?

A strong antenna amplifier will amplify your antenna’s signal so that you can access over- the- air stations at better quality. They include:

Where should an antenna amplifier be installed?

Just like antennas, location is everything when it comes to installing signal boosters. 

You must install an antenna amplifier in a high-altitude location in order to receive the strongest signal with the least amount of interference.

Thus, you should install an amplifier as close to the antenna as possible. Use a U-bolt clamp, which is usually a part of the contents in the packaging box, to secure it to the antenna mast.

Make sure your amplifier comes with enough cable to install it in the proper location, whether it’s in a window or on the roof with your antenna.

What is the best antenna preamplifier?

Choosing a good antenna preamplifier is not a walk in the park, mainly because there are manifolds of excellent antenna preamplifiers.

However, to make your decision making easy, the best antenna preamplifier should:

  • Amplify your antenna’s signal optimally.
  • Have the capacity to support both UHF and VHF frequencies.
  • Produce the least noise level during amplification. Typically, a noise level of 1.5- 2 or anything close is bearable.
  • Be compatible with your antenna.
  • Simple to install with the guidance of an instruction manual. 
  • Have a reasonable warranty period, be budget-friendly, and be durable.

How far can a preamp be from an antenna?

It would be best if you placed it as close as possible to the antenna to avoid long cable connections, which will cause further issues.

The more distance a signal has to journey, the more it gets lost along the way. Thus you’ll end up with a poor image and sound quality.

Can you use two antenna amplifiers?

Yes, you can use two antenna amplifiers.

An antenna amplifier works to boost the reception of a weak broadcast or cable TV signal over a coaxial cable.

They transmit low-level electrical signals through the coaxial cable that connects to your television. 

You can use an antenna amplifier as a preamp on the primary external antenna or in tandem with a coaxial cable splitter.


I hope that after going through our comprehensive list of TV antenna preamplifiers and our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to make the right decision for yourself.

However, it is crucial to note that not all signal loss situations necessitate you to get an outdoor TV antenna preamplifier. Hence, it is apt to consult with a professional first, lest you increase your signal loss predicaments while trying to amplify your antenna signal.

Therefore, if you are sure you need a signal but are unsure which one to select, use the above comprehensive listing of some of the best outdoor TV antenna preamplifiers to help you make the right choice. 


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