Who is better: Northwest Registered Agent or LegalZoom?

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When you are a first-time LLC service user or look for an alternative to the service you’ve had some bad experience with, it might be hard to choose a single company in a wide range of service providers available on the modern market. This is where side-by-side company comparisons come to help. And if you need a quick answer before delving into detailed reviews, we can point your search in the right direction. Thus, if you choose between Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom, below, you’ll find a quick overview of the pros and cons of both companies and how they stack up. 

What Services Do Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom Provide?

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that these companies are age-mates. Founded in 1999 and 1998 accordingly, LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent stand on the same foot when it comes to professional experience. Operating nationwide, both are distinguished by a high proficiency level and know all the intricacies of the business formation process in different states. Speaking of brand power, LegalZoom is a winner in this concern, with vast customer feedback and thousands of businesses formed. Yet, don’t let this popularity fool you from the start since Northwest also boasts a solid reputation as a top-tier LLC service. In other words, each of the providers has its market share and is a good choice for certain customers and specific business situations. This is how they look at a glance. 

LegalZoom Rates and Services

LegalZoom comes up with three LLC service packages starting at $79 and taking you through $329 and $349 accordingly. All packages cover the name availability search, Articles of Organization filing, an authorization letter for settling a business bank account, and lifetime customer support, which is a basic bundle. Top-tier plans additionally provide corporate kits to create your signature business style, customized membership certificates, and faster filings speeds.

Note though that covering business registration essentials, none of the LegalZoom packages includes the registered agent service, which is a must for any LLC in the US. This option is payable and costs $159 if ordered within a service package and as much as $299 when ordered separately. Other significant features that will further add to the final package price are an Operating agreement, EIN registration, and annual report filings to maintain compliance if you decide you need them and will let LegalZoom handle them for you. 

Formation services aside, LegalZoom also offers quite a number of add-ons going beyond LLC registration. Thus, being primarily a legal service company, LegalZoom stands out for delivering professional legal help both to businesses and to physical persons. On their service list, they have business advisory plans, financial and legal consultations held by professional legal advisors, attorney-approved legal forms and templates, and a whole range of personal services covering real estate, testaments, wills, marriage and divorce issues, etc. Yet another perk adding scores to LegalZoom is their refund policy. They promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have some claims and contact them within 60 days from the date of your order. 

Northwest Registered Agent Rates and Services

As compared to LegalZoom, Northwest applies a bit different approach to pricing. You won’t find multiple formation packages here. Instead, they suggest a single formation rate of $225, exclusive of state fees. Yet, don’t be hasty with refusal. For this price, they cover all the formation basics along with such valuable features as an Operating Agreement and a whole year of registered agent service. In fact, Northwest was initially founded as the registered agent service provider, so this option is still their major forte. What’s more, you’ll get perpetual online access to your formation docs via your private online account and make use of helpful compliance reminders to keep your business in good standing with the state. 

On top of that, by slightly adding to the above fee, you can extend this package to a VIP level to enjoy EIN registration, banking Resolution, and Annual report filings. And if paying the whole amount feels too much for you, Northwest can split the fee into several monthly installments. 

There is more to come. Founded as a family business, Northwest prioritizes its customers’ privacy and safety. With them, you can rest assured none of your personal data will be disclosed to any third parties. The company has its own reps in each US state, so all your docs are processed and handled in-house. Besides, they have a rich choice of added business maintenance services including annual filings, mail forwarding, virtual office, business phone, IRS registrations, etc. 

Which LLC Formation Website Is Faster: Northwest or LegalZoom?

LegalZoom or Northwest,  both services boast comprehensive and easy-to-navigate online platforms with intuitive interfaces. So, filling in and applying an order form won’t be a hassle at all. Yet, where the providers are noticeably different is the filing speed. 

An industry beast, LegalZoom will process your order, file your papers with the state, and get them back for you within a month if you pick their Economy package. To speed up formation, you’ll have to go for their top-tier packages. This is where the major difference in their pricing plans lies. At $329, they’ll cut down turnaround time to two weeks, and at $349, your LLC will be filed in less than 10 days. Besides, at an extra $7, they send your docs the very next day with the most expensive Express package. We must admit that LegalZoom is quite slow and mainly due to their company scale since they have to handle thousands of applications on a daily basis. 

Northwest, on the other hand, applies the fastest formation speed by default. They won’t charge any added payments for expedited filings and your turnaround time will totally depend on the state terms set up for this procedure. Normally, it takes mere days and in some states, it is possible to file an LLC within a single day. 

Which Online Service Should You Work With?

We’d say there is no simple answer to the question about which of the companies is better. To make the right decision, you need first to think about what you really want and what you expect from your online legal assistant. If you want brand power and need any added legal services beyond LLC formations, LegalZoom has a lot to offer in this concern. And if you seek a maximum client-focused approach, privacy protection, top-notch customer support, and registered agent service bundled in a formation package, stay with Northwest.  

Still have any doubts? Then check an in-depth Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom comparison to see how they stand in the side-by-side competition. 

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