Ironing Revolutionized; Effie Iron Machine Can Do All Your Laundry At Once

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Hurray! Good news! Here is a completely new laundry revolutionized game changer. Introducing an ironing robotic machine that solves the laundry puzzles. Effie is the world’s first domestic automated ironing machine for your home laundry and business (I.e if you are in the laundry business). You need it neatly ironed so that you stand out with full confidence among your colleagues. This is it!  Looking for nice cladding with your nice clothes? Effie can do it just perfect. Personally, I keep my wardrobe amazing using this fantastic new laundry ironing device.

We both know the stress of using the mechanical iron boxes. We are limited to feel totally free using these old fog tech. Well that sorrow is a long by gone narrative. We are delivered from the suffering. The new Effie iron machine is gifted with very significant features to make your experience much more better;

Intelligent tech

The unique feature of identifying clothe type by default just makes Effie ironing machine the best device to consider in this era. Equipped with a suitable proprietary pressing system, the Effie intelligently registers the difference between a cotton shirt and a delicate blouse. For that reason it alters its pressing technique for a cotton shirt, ensuring it makes contact with the fabric in the event to dry up and smoothen out the existing wrinkles. A delicate blouse, consequently, undergoes specific steaming process void of getting into contact with the fabric. Regardless of type of fabric all are able to be ready to wear in just a matter of 6 minutes. The water comes from a removable/refillable reservoir. This allows you to easily use the device without having to connect with the plumbing system in your house.

Simple and fast

Effie iron machine is of a simple, yet significant device that works fast on your fabric to give a ready to wear garment or clothes. It’s very simple to operate by simply gathering your ready washed fabrics and arranging them on the Effie’s special adjustable hangers and feeding into the system, switching on and just waiting for up to 12 pieces of clothes to be ready in up to only 6 minutes. You are not to worry of the type of clothes to put into the ironing system, just any, but the results given at the same time without any damages. This is the perfect solution to every good laundry. Imagine how long you can take manually ironing 12 clothes and getting the same best results; that needs an ironing guru. Effie iron machine is the current laundry guru in the market.


Effie ironing machine for home and business is the essence of multifaceted technology that has a unique way to accept handling all the types of clothes material. From cotton to nylon and so many more. It is capable of working on them nicely without destroying the fabrics. It doesn’t reject any, but intelligently accept all and process them accounting to required standards and at the same time. This is why this robotic iron machine is considered and endorsed by many. It is also worth to remember that Effie both dries and irons at the same time. So your dump clothes can also be handled by spectacular Effie iron machine.

Wheeled for flexibility

Effie has wheels so you do not necessarily have to connect to the household plumbing system. This also enables you to move it much easier to you desired position, when need arises. It’s also fitted with it’s own interchangeable reservoir system, and you may avoid attaching the device to the household plumbing system. This reservoir can be changed and adjusted when need knocks. This enhances great flexibility, and mobility.


Effie is designed to withstand breakage and any vulnerability damage. It’s made from strong materials to make it stand cracking and other risks. It can also last for a long time owing to the fact that it operates for a shorter time possible to dry out and iron clothes. It only takes 6 minutes to dry and iron as 12 clothes, and so that makes it risk free lasting for a very long time. Durability is another name for Effie ironing machine.

High performance

Effie iron machine device has been so far so good to be working perfectly. It suits the needs of consumer close to 💯 percent. It is the revolutionary way of getting your laundry sorted with the possible incredibly shortest time. The performance value of Effie comes in many dimensions. Effie consumes very least amount of electrical power since it only takes a few minutes. This makes it a high performance device giving just the awesome laundry results. Existing users give interestingly positive feedback about this high-tech product.

Some facts about Effie

Effie iron machine cost at $913 while there are also special purchase discounts. Visit manufacturer’s set to learn more about the discount offers.

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