What Are The Best Wireless Ethernet Bridges [Top-reviewed Ethernet Bridge]

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Is a leased line too expensive for your home internet? Do Infrastructural issues bar you from deploying wired links? The wireless bridge is the remedy.

Eliminate dead network spots in your home or office with the best wireless bridge.

The best wireless ethernet bridge solution is Netgear WiFi mesh range extender EX6150. You enjoy universal compatibility, security encryption, and a Nighthawk dashboard app for all your configuration procedures with the bridge. 

Aside from this, we’ve got other ranges of wireless bridges in the market. While all of them seem to offer a lasting solution to your internet connectivity needs, not all of them will deliver what they advertise.

Our team of experts went out to get for you the top 10 best wireless ethernet bridges. In our guide, we will also take you through how the devices work and set them up. Read through to also grasp the several considerations to weigh before acquiring a wireless ethernet bridge of your choice.

What is a wireless bridge?

If you were to solve two networks between buildings, apartments, or even your home, you would quickly think of a cabling method. That is what everyone does. While it is the standard way of internet linking, wireless bridge technology has overtaken the conventional cabling method.

With a wireless bridge, you can travel around with full-range connectivity. The LAN device bridges you between the existing network and the router. An example is the wireless pocket router used mainly by travelers in safaris and RVs. As travelers enjoy their adventures, they want internet connectivity. A portable wireless ethernet bridge does the charm.

A wireless bridge is a mobile internet connectivity technology that connects two networks over a wireless channel. As a bridge interconnects two roads, and so does a wireless bridge.

A wireless bridge is also a WiFi bridge or FTA (Free-To-Air) bridge. Extenders function by transmitting RF or radio frequency signals in an optical, laser link, or a microwave to interconnect two access points. The waves use a highly directional antenna to receive and send signal waves on one end and connect to the available Internet Provider network.

Wireless bridges operate via point-to-point links. Point-to-point means communication over the WiFi bridges is between two receivers.  With the help of optical receptors or antennas, the bridges transmit and receive signals, and that’s why we refer to them as FTA (free-to-air) bridges.

When should you use a wireless bridge?

You probably ask yourself why you would go through thick and thin to install a wireless bridge when you could just use the existing networks. There are many situations where a wireless bridge is the only practical option;

To organize your workspace or living room

When you have many devices like media players, HDTV, game consoles, and projectors, you will have to put up with dozens of tangled cables in your living room or office. Some of these are a hazard, especially if you have children around or many people.

Also, they limit your workspace. Choosing the best wireless ethernet bridge will help you to get rid of the cables. Get a widely compatible wireless bridge to solve this issue.

Unavailable wired links

Your geographical location may limit you from getting full access to wired internet links. In some buildings like factories, leasing lines is not allowed. The only feasible solution is a WiFi bridge.

Also, if you are a digital nomad, one of the challenges you encounter is a lack of connectivity, especially in hotel rooms and apartments. A portable wireless bridge will keep you connected and allow you to perform many tasks online.

Another instance where wired links are not available is in RVs and other vehicles. A wireless bridge will provide connectivity all through your adventures. When you buy an advanced and the best wireless ethernet bridge, you will also charge your mobiles with the multipurpose USB port during your travels.

Unaffordable wired links

In some cities around the world, wired internet connectivity requires thousands of dollars to install. Sometimes, your budget may not allow such spending. You may also be a temporary resident likely to move out in a year or so. Such installations require you to pay a heavy price for an infrastructure that you will not utilize for long.

Also, if you wish to connect blocks of apartments with wired lines, cabling will be expensive. A wireless bridge will be a quick and perfect solution to such internet issues.

Weak signals

Suppose you have weak signal spots in your house or office; you can boost that with a wireless bridge. Plug or place the device at such a corner and enjoy fast connections.

Secure Hotspot Access

You can use a wireless bridge to secure a wireless local area network (LAN) that accesses the internet through a public hotspot. Security access is possible by wiring the WiFi bridge into the IP router’s WAN port. That will serve as a portal between the unencrypted hotspot and the privately encrypted network.

Ten best wireless bridges

Wireless Ethernet Bridges Product4 Main FeaturesEditor’s rating out of 5 (X/5)Check Out!
NETGEAR-PowerLINE-1200• AV2 technology.
• Ethernet Gigabit speed.
• MIMO technology.
• Push and secure encryption.
4.4/5Price in Amazon!
NETGEAR Universal N300 Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE2001)• 5GHz bandwidth.
• USB powered
• WPA,,WPS,WEP security encryption.
• Universal device.
4.4/5Price in Amazon!
JOOWIN AC1200 Outdoor• Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5GHz)
• NRWNN with 5dBi
• Weatherproof shield.
• PoE adapter.
4/5Price in Amazon!
KuWFi 2-Pack 300Mbps• 300Mbps.
• PoE.
• Wide compatibility.
• CPE120 to eliminate infrastructure overhaul.
4.2/5Price in Amazon!
The EZ-Bridge EZBR-0214HD• Plug and play installation.
• Preconfigured settings.
• Weatherproof shielding.
• Power surge protector.
4.5/5Price in Amazon!
TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR802N)• Portable
• Micro USB connection.
• Wide compatibility.
• Hotspot feature.
4/5Price in Amazon!
TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) • Portable.
• Dual band technology (2.4 GHz and 5GHz)
• Wide compatibility.
• Multifunctional USB.
4.1/5Price in Amazon!
NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX6150 • Universal compatibility.
• Nighthawk dashboard app.
• WAN, LAN WiFi network connection.
• WPA,WPA2,and WEP encryption.
4.8/5Price in Amazon!
TP-Link N450 Wireless Access Point | Desktop WiFi Bridge • MIMO technology.
• Smart antenna technology.
• Universal mode
• Wide compatibility.
4/5Price in Amazon!
IOGEAR Ethernet-2-WiFi Universal Wireless Adapter• Universal adapter.
• Compact design.
• WWP,WPA,WPA2,AES encryption.
• distance,with 803.11g and 802.11b router configuration.
4.5/5Price in Amazon!

As you walk around, you will find tens of hundreds of wireless bridges for sale. Each one of them promises speedy connectivity, easy configuration, broad compatibility, and even affordability.

Settling down to the perfect device is not only time-consuming but will also leave you at war. We have made this a more straightforward exercise by narrowing the search to the ten best wireless bridges. As you read through, you will find an assortment of features on each wireless bridge. Choose the best device by factoring in the range, purpose, compatibility, and speed, among others, discussed further in the guide. Here are the ten best wireless bridges:

Netgear Powerline Adapter is a wireless bridge available to extend internet connectivity to all your rooms. You will not require a different cable system as the adapter works with your existing electrical cabling.

Whether you want to connect game consoles, media players, or 4K HD streaming units, this high-speed adapter connects multiple adapters flawlessly without compromising on network strength and reliability. So, how do you connect multiple devices?

That is greatly taken care of by the extender’s multiple adapters. The system will only require two RJ-45 Ethernet ports. The rest of the operation is a plug-and-play set where you do not require configuring or installing any software app.

This powerline adapter will improve the situation with its HomePlug AV2 technology if you previously have poor coverage. The HomePlug supports Gigabit speeds on all your home’s electrical outlets for high-speed internet connectivity.

Netgear Powerline adapter also comes with an inbuilt technology known as MIMO (Multiple data streams) to improve coverage and speed. This modern beamforming technology works by sensing where you require signals and directing the network to your connectivity devices like smartphones, laptops, and smart TV.

You got to ensure that your network connection is secure. This adapter has got a push-button as a safe installation feature. There are several LED lights to alert you during operations.

When it’s solid green, it shows that the electrical power is on. A solid amber is an indication that the adapter is in power-saving mode. Whenever you see it blink green, then your device is establishing setup security. If the adapter is not receiving any electrical power, then the LED light will be off.

Other LEDs on your adapter include Ethernet,  Pick-and-Plug, and Wifi LED. With the user’s instruction manual, it is easy for you to identify each one of these LED lights and their meaning.

  • Reliable network.
  • Great for gaming and non-ethernet networks.
  • The adapter does not require configuration.
  • The extender blends perfectly with the existing electrical power cabling and the circuit breaker panel.
  • The bulky case overs the free outlet.
  • Lower speed than advertised.

NetGear Universal N300 is a Wi-Fi Standard-IEEE 802.11n extender. The standard means offering a wireless LAN speed as fast as 54 Mbps in a 5-GHz band. If you didn’t know, 5GHz is a high bandwidth that allows flawless streaming of activities like gaming and HDTV on your device. Unlike lower bandwidth like 2.4-GHz, this bandwidth does not get blocked by solid objects like floors and walls.

With the present universal adapter technology, you do not need to acquire a Wi-Fi adapter that only works with specific devices. An outstanding feature of Universal N300 is that it is universal. The feature allows you to connect a wide range of players to the internet, including Blu-Ray, VLC, iTunes, among others. It also perfectly connects to HDTVs, home theaters, and game consoles.

Generally, the extender can connect any device that comes with a network port to your existing home wireless network. You do not require those long, dangling, and unsafe cables in your home. The bridge works as a central device to offer you peace and freedom at home.

Universal N300 adapter comes with a compact smart design. That means the size is considerably small and doesn’t consume much space. You power the device N200 using a USB port.   If you opt for the USB port over the power adapter, you will not use an additional power outlet, and that is how you reduce exposed and dangling wires in your house.

For compactness, the device measures 3.2” x 2.4” x 0.7”, which allows you the flexibility to choose where to position it. In addition, the Push ‘N’ Connect button feature is easy to use and offers network security.

You’ve got an all-around secure connection using the available WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) simple technology. Universal N300 also supports WiFi Protected Access, including WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, and WEP network security encryption.

Are you worried about compatibility with your Operating System? Universal N300 supports Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7/Vista/XP, and Windows 2000. You will connect many devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, et cetera.

  • It supports most Operating Systems.
  • Compact design.
  • Fast internet connectivity.
  • Broad compatibility with many devices.
  • Easy to configure the bridge.
  • It functions and delivers fast connectivity as advertised.
  • Creepy warranty policy.

Are you looking for a higher-power wireless bridge? You shouldn’t look further. Joowin AC 1200 will cover you up to a radius of 300 feet with coverage of 1200Mbps. This speed is equivalent to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz. The dual bands are fully equipped with a power amplifier to support a robust performance even on long distances.

Joowin AC 1200 works by extending your already existing signals by making them stable and reducing lag time. The extender automatically switches your connected devices to high-quality bandwidth to prevent buffering during live streaming of HD movies, gaming or chatting.

The adapter’s setup is easy. It comes with an intelligent indicator to help find the best setup location for the best connection. Depending on your needs, you can either sync WiFi or combine the Wi-Fi with your device. These are the device’s upgraded functions that allow the extender to pick the fastest connection path for all your devices.

To enhance the network connectivity, Joowin AC1200 comes with two high gain Antennas with a 5dBi dual-band that provides a 360° network coverage.  In addition, the wireless extender has a high transmission power of up to 27dBm/ 500mW to beat long-distance. The power makes the device excellent for extending Wi-Fi connectivity to Multiple Buildings, casinos, RV Parks, RV marinas, camping grounds, large hotels, and gated homes and apartments.

Joowin AC1200 is weatherproof rated. The IP66-rated weatherproof sheath makes AC1200 an ideal device for placing outdoors if you want perfect performance.IP66-rate protection is also fireproof. Its covering protects the device from extreme heat, cold, or moist conditions.

What modes does this robust device support? Firstly, Joowin AC1200 is a universal adapter, meaning it has greater power, long-distance coverage, and excellent throughput. Secondly, the adapter supports several modes like Access Point, Router, Bridge, and Repeater with multiple operations.

The adapter connects up to  64 devices without compromising stability, efficiency, and performance in different environments. The comprehensive device connectivity makes it a perfect device for offices, gated homes, and institutions.

Anyone within the connectivity range can connect their phones, computers, HDTV, tablet, gaming consoles, et cetera. In addition, the device is compatible with 99% of routers, Alexa devices, smart plugs, and all modems.

If you are interested in flexible deployment, Joowin AC1200  will offer you 802.3af/802.3at/PoE (Power over Ethernet). The PoE Adapter includes an outdoor access point of 24V 0.5A that supports a simple mounting design for convenient installation and flexible deployment.

  • Joowin has a comprehensive area coverage of up to 300 feet in diameter.
  • Weatherproof device ideal for outdoors.
  • Simple installation procedures.
  • Wide compatibility
  • Bridge burns out if you power the device with 48V POE.
  • Users reported weak signals due to device overload.

KuWFi 2-pack is among the ideal network extender devices that function by eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots. If you suffer from constant connectivity issues such as buffering and dropping Wi-Fi signals around your house, this wireless bridge is a worthy investment.

The WiFi extender matches many routers’ specs and blends comfortably with the design and the general layout of your home. At the same time, KuWFi 2-Pack provides fast, stable, and secure network connectivity all the time. You will even establish your wired connections without worrying about network stability and speed difficulties.

KuWFi CPE120 offers 300Mbps outdoor wireless fidelity bridge support of up to 1000 meters range. It works by enhancing point-to-point paired connection which makes up to 16PCS IP camera access. This way, you enjoy seamless live streaming, HD movies, online gaming, and wireless security, among other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Aside from that, the wireless bridge comes with an integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE makes it easy to install at lower costs and in areas where power outlets aren’t available. In other words, CPE 120 eliminates the mess of infrastructure overhaul to accommodate internet connectivity.

For outdoor protection and to ensure that the device lasts long, it comes with weather-proof capsule protection that prevents dust, lighting, rain, heat, and frost damages. If within 30 days relates to quality issues which also entitle you to repairs and replacements free of charge.

What about the setups and installations? These two are easy. KuWFi comes with a  LED display that shows the operation modes, channel, and signal strength. Make use of the available H/C switch controls for the Master and Slave units.

There is no need for GUI when setting up the device as the device comes with automatically paired resets. Try to avoid the complex setup program as much as possible, but you can set up the IP address before logging into the admin page. You do this by keying in the manual IP address and the gateway address from your original modem. Set the IP address alongside a DNS of your choice..

With KuWfi, no need to replace your existing infrastructure. The adapter transmits its signals through wireless WiFi, which reduces the trouble of a different wiring system.

  • The device offers a more robust network signal and more wireless coverage.
  • Stable Wi-Fi signal
  • It automatically selects the fastest signal connection path for your Wi-Fi devices.
  • It’s a safe device for your home, office, or communal use.
  • The wireless bridge is compatible with most routers.
  • Difficult to set up and configure multiple.
  • Lower speed than advertised.

Whether you are looking to interconnect networks at home, office, or in your community, the internet extender, EZ-Bridge EZBR, gets you covered. The wireless bridge comes with industrial-strength WiFi connectivity to eliminate the dead signal and buffering issues that you have been experiencing. This adapter is wireless, meaning that you do not need to invest in a new cabling system.

EZ-Bridge-0214Hd is a plug-and-play installation solution. It has an inbuilt setup system that requires you to install the antennas, plug into the power supplies, and operate. The equipment automatically finds its peer and creates a secure WiFi network link.

This wireless bridge changes to the perfectly pre-configured settings quickly through the inbuilt web interface from all existing network points. If you detest drivers and software setups, those are not present in this wireless bridge.

EZ-BridgeLT-HD comes with complete electronics parts for point-to-point wireless network bridging. These include Bracket kits, 14dBi antennas, 75 ft. shielded and outdoor-rated CAT5 cable, 18VDC Autoranging POE Inserters, and an easy-to-understand illustrated installation manual.

Outdoor adapters require weatherproof shielding. The EZBridge LT+ HD comes with a robust capsule shield that protects the entire outdoor device from extreme weather damage.

The unit creates a robust wireless bridge up to three miles apart without compromising on signal quality. You can connect multiple buildings, conduct remote video surveillance, share networks, and access remote networks.

And we forgot to tell you about the power surge protector. You already know the damage the power surge causes. That can be due to lightning strikes when antenna devices pick radiated power and feed it to your connected devices. The result is short circuits.

EZ BridgeLT-HD wireless device comes with surge protection on power lines and ethernet ports to ensure that all the connected devices are protected.

Additionally, you can connect multiple EZ-Bridge LT+ HD units in a mesh configuration. Mesh configurations allow the interconnection of more than two sites. EZ-Bridge functions by creating a network between different points and interconnecting odd numbers locations. For example, in an area with locations one to five, the bridge will pick 1, 3, and 5.

One of the concerns that you may have is data security. EZ-Bridge guarantees data security via password verification, SSID suppression, MAC address authentication, and advanced WPA encryption at your disposal. These four features provide the best wireless data security in shared networks.

  • Easy to install.
  • The bridge does not require software and driver configuration.
  • Robust and reliable network signal.
  • Extensive radius coverage.
  • It has an inbuilt surge protector to guard your devices against short circuits.
  • Firmware generates random passwords, which results in data insecurity.

If you are looking for a perfect choice for a small home, TL-WR802 is ideal. It clears off WiFi dead zones by extending the coverage up to 75 feet radius. The TP-Link N300 is portable WiFi and is compatible with most of your devices.

This tiny but robust device gets its power via a micro USB connection or an external power adapter to give you peace of mind during travels. With a fully charged battery, you can go anywhere with this magnificent portable router.

The router is portable with a paltry 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches dimensions, which means you can tuck it in your pocket, backpack, purse, or car seat pocket. You walk with the device wherever you go.

The Nano router is compatible with your laptop, Macbook, tablet, Chromebook, smartphone, smart TV, and any other device that requires internet connectivity. The only dangling wire you will notice with this simple device is the power adapter. There is no need for fixing cables as the rest of the device parts are wireless.

You can quickly create sharing access with family and friends without worrying about wifi security. The hotspot feature allows you to create a secure WiFi hotspot to use in all your rooms, study groups, small offices, or with fellow passengers if you are using one transport system.

To keep your data protected, you can set up the pre-encryption function with a new SSID and password. You can then authorize your family or guests to gain access. Installation is easy as it involves easy and few configurations in minutes.

Compatibility is excellent. TP-Link N300 works with all 2.4GHz devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Internet TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, media players, and other kinds of applications that stream live media videos. The pocket router supports various operation modes for optimal connectivity. These include client, AP, Wisp, router, bridge, and repeater modes.

  • Easy to configure and roll back to factory settings.
  • N300 offers a perfect Wi-Fi signal for 75 feet radius and below.
  • Affordable.
  • The router is portable, versatile, and pocket-size compact design.
  • You will experience poor signal strength for a radius exceeding 75 feet from the bridge.
  • The router does not have GiG speed support on its Ethernet port.

With portability and travel in mind, TP-Link AC750 is another wireless bridge with a small, light pack and compact design. It is handily tiny enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or any of your car’s pocket compartments. If you are a digital nomad, student, traveler, or just delight in having compact size devices in your home, this is an ideal router.

It makes your life easy by covering dead WiFi spots like basements and bedrooms. With the inbuilt adapter and mini USB power supply through a portable charger, your internet connectivity is superb in whichever situation.

TP-Link comes with a dual band technology to offer you a speedy and robust connection that allows HD streaming, high-speed gaming, and media player connectivity. All these are possible with the one switch mode for multiple devices.

In case you wonder whether size affects connectivity, this little device comes with a frequency range of  2.4GHz and 5GHz, 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN Port, and a wireless data transfer rate of 733Mbps.

And just to make sure that the network covers you in any situation, the TL-WR902AC features hotspot, router, range extender, client, and access point modes. The data transfer rate is a perfect choice for multiple applications.

A great rounder comes with broad compatibility. TL-WR902AC supports several protocols, including IPv4 and all Operating Systems. Whether it is Mac OS, Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7, Windows Vista, XP,  or Linux Operating System, this little device got you covered. It comes with wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and IEEE 802.11ac/n/a 5GHz standards.

At the back of TL-WR902AC comes a multifunctional USB port. The port is available to let you share media and other files via an internet browser with separate devices like computers and smartphones. While you enjoy your travel, you are bound to experience low battery on your tablet or smartphone. The USB port will bail you out by providing a power supply backup of up to 5V/2A.

This best wireless bridge came with a quick-start user guide and a tiny ID containing the SSID, password, and other essential credentials. You’ve got a hard switch for different modes whereby the default is in router mode. You can change to whichever mode is suitable for you.

  • Easy configuration.
  • Flawless and compact design.
  • Portable router.
  • It is highly beneficial for travelers.
  • A Dual-purpose port is an excellent feature.
  • The router comes with old firmware with no version update.
  • Small radius coverage.

Netgear EX6150 extends your network coverage up to 1200 sq feet. That means you can connect as many devices as possible (up to 20). These include tablets, IoTs, speakers, cameras, and smartphones.

If you had a previous awful experience with a wireless bridge where you had to change several credentials, including the name, this is different. The EX6150 flawlessly matches your existing SSID, where you don’t have to change its name.

The smart roaming device uses the existing name to make it easy to identify, especially if you share your network with a couple of users. With Ac1200 wifi speed, you have up to 1200mbps dual-band performance.

The router uses patented Fastlane technology that enhances heavy internet consumers like online gaming and HD streaming. These use the one-gigabit port, which offers maximum speed.

Besides speed comes universal compatibility. The router can work with any WiFi gateway, cable modem, or wireless router. Connectivity is flawless with the Nighthawk dashboard app setup, where you can see all the devices connecting to your network.

The app is a plus, especially if you suspect intruders. You can easily block and update login credentials. The app allows you to view all the setups, including the security protocols, configurations, managing subscriptions, and running internet speed tests.

Netgear EX6150 extender works by bridging your WiFi router access point with your other WiFi devices outside the range. It connects to the WAN/LAN WiFi network and functions as a network client, similar to how WiFi devices connect to a network.

Netgear  EX6150 tasks WiFi routers to perform various functions such as broadcasting their SSID at their access point. Also, the extender also functions s an access point for your WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Whenever these are the network range, they sense and join the WiFi network at a super speed.

To get started with EX6150, it is a simple setup. The setup requires you to use the extender in its access point mode, log in, and run the intelligent setup installation on its Nighthawk app. You can extend your WiFi network range by connecting  Ex6150 to your existing network.

For safety support, you’ve got WPA/WPA2 and WEP support for all your wireless security protocols. The security protocol comes in handy due to the shared networks where there is a risk of confidential data leakages.

  • Wide compatibility.
  • Nighthawk dashboard app allows on-screen configurations and monitoring.
  • High-speed WiFi network and reliability.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Works as advertised
  • Unco-operative Netgear technical support is a disappointment.

The TP-LINK Wireless N450 is a scalable high-speed wireless network that connects multiple Ethernet-enabled devices like printers, tablets, PCs, game consoles, cameras, and digital media adapters. You can enjoy uninterrupted internet with a host of functions that come with this wireless bridge.

With the  Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) technology, your wireless networking experience is more flexible than ever before.  MIMO technology functions through multiple receivers and transmitters that transfer data simultaneously.

TP-Link N450 has intelligent antenna technology to its Tx and Rx that works by overcoming signal degradation and interference. That is especially when the signals have to transverse a long distance or penetrate physical barriers like concrete walls and floors.

With the best wireless bridge, you can indulge in more demanding internet needs like downloading, video streaming, gaming, and any internet application of your choice. If you are hunting for a router that can support multiple operating modes, this one is ideal.

The router supports the Client, Access point, Universal/ WDS repeaters, and wireless bridge. The setup is easy with fully encrypted WPA secure connections.

All these available through a push of a button that takes only a few minutes. Its intuitive web interface and tether app let you manage your device network settings from iOS or Android. That includes parental and unauthorized person’s access controls.

TP-Link’s N450 is compatible with host routers, Windows, macOS, and Linus, among other Operating systems. With its dual band technology, you got solid and super speed connectivity. The bandwidth controls assign your device of choice with more bandwidth to enhance uninterrupted network access and speed.

TP-Link’s high-speed solution is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n. With 802.11n technology, the wireless device performs at up to 450Mbps, enough to meet any internet demand at your home or office.

  • Dual band technology is a guarantee of speed and strong network signal.
  • Easy to set up the device.
  • Great router if you have high internet demands live online gaming and HD video streaming
  • The captive portal does not work with the device wireless modes
  • It doesn’t have a gigabit Ethernet port.

IOGEAR Ethernet-2-WiFi Universal Wireless Adapter lets you enjoy WiFi connectivity freedom in your home or office. Any Ethernet-enabled device works perfectly with this fantastic solid and superuniversal wireless adapter. If you have no inbuilt WiFi devices, this is the definitive solution, provided that your devices have an ethernet port universally compatible.

You will also avoid cluttering and dangling cables at the rear of your connected devices such as media players, HDTVs, and game consoles. If you got an older laptop, printer, or an A/V receiver that can’t connect to hard-wired data networks, you could give them WiFi capability with IOGEAR wireless bridge. The adapter uses dual antennas (2T2R) to deliver data with 300Mbps rates. The speed is twice the speed of its competitors from the same manufacturer.

The increased speed is sufficient bandwidth for quick transfer of high-demand data files, including music downloads, network printing, online gaming, high definition multimedia applications, and video streaming.

When it comes to size,  IOGEAR Ethernet-2-WiFi Adapter is 40% smaller than the previous models. The compact design allows you to place the bridge anywhere without minding about space. The wireless bridge is thinner and lighter, but that does not mean it sacrifices its performance. It is robust and gives your dead WiFi spots like basements and upstairs unbuffered wireless connections.

The IOGEAR adapter does not require a power outlet. You can place the extender anywhere and power it via the multipurpose USB port. The USB port matches that of your TV, computer, and other devices of your choice. USB ports mean simplicity and fast internet connectivity.

You’ve got TKIP,  WPA, WEP, WPA2, and AES encryption standards for security purposes. These guarantee your wireless network security as they bar intruders from accessing your data. The IOGEAR adapter is easy to use. Configuration involves pushing a button on the adapter and effortlessly connecting your devices to your network without any hitches.

No challenges and frustrations as the wireless bridge compact perfectly with your existing routers. The magic it does is increasing speed and coverage from your existing 802.11g and 802.11b routers and access points.

  • Secure networking within your home or office set up.
  • Compact design that fits any place of your choice.
  • IOGEAR does not require any power outlet to operate as it charges using a USB.
  • Robust and speedy connection.
  • Easy configuration and connection process.
  • The overheating hardware is a concern to users.
  • The user’s manual does not thoroughly include all the setup processes.

How to buy a wireless bridge: Things to watch out for when choosing a WiFi Bridge

A wireless bridge is a computer networking device that interconnects two individual networks to serve as a single network. The wireless passageway involves a hardware device with several features that allow this interconnection. That means a careful selection of the proper hardware device will offer you sound connectivity.

Paying particular attention to these highlights as you embark on your WiFi bridge shopping;


Speed is the most significant component to weigh out when getting a wireless bridge. Your optimal remote passageway requires super speed to facilitate quick connectivity. For example, a wireless bridge with a speed rate of  867Mbps at 5 GHz and 300Mbs at 2.4 GHz is dependable even for the worst signal reception spot.


When shopping for a wireless bridge, you will find several ranges. The range equates to the maximum distance in radius that the device can connect. You will see figures like 75 feet, 1200 feet, 3 miles, et cetera. Any device within that range can connect effectively to the network.

Although some manufacturers exaggerate, it is crucial to pay attention to the figures. These are not far from the fact and will give you a clue of the range of connectivity for your devices. Your office or home square footage is of the essence when acquiring a gadget.

Suppose your home has more extensive square footage; you will consider a bridge that covers the area. Information like whether the bridge can overcome solid floors and walls will help you get the best wireless ethernet bridge.

Bridge  mode

Bridge mode allows two wireless passageways or access points (AP) to relay networks in a LAN setup. The Access Points link directly to the Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). When acquiring a WiFi bridge, consider the bridge mode to rule how the users connect to the system.

Some Access Points only support bridging with similar product families or manufacturers, while others are universal. A WiFi bridge with a universal Access point is better.


Security in networking refers to the safety of your data. Many frauds that take place online are due to loopholes in login credentials. You may have a very long password with a fantastic character combination, but if your networking device is not properly encrypted, you still lose out to fraudsters.

With a shared network, security encryptions are a must. Wireless bridge security features include WPA, WPA2, AES, WEP, and TKIP. in addition to these components, set up secured connections for any new user to avoid loopholes in your network.

Nature of bridging the device offers

Remote networking equipment should have these four features that dictate the nature of wireless bridging they provide;

Wi-Fi to Ethernet Bridge: If you have older devices with no WiFi capacity,  this kind of hardware is a match. It helps to connect the wireless AP to an Ethernet network.

Wi-Fi range extender: The WiFi mode acts as an extender for a wireless signal of one network to reach greater distances.

Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Bridge: The bridge connects Bluetooth devices with a Wi-Fi home network.

Double Wi-Fi connection: A tremendous wireless bridge should connect two Wi-Fi systems and constantly build a solid coverage with the Wi-Fi router. If possible, you can opt for a gadget that supports both Ethernet and Wi-Fi mode.


The principal purpose of a WiFi bridge is to interconnect networks, but where you use the device matters. If you are looking forward to acquiring a WiFi bridge for use during travel or providing connectivity in RVs, you would consider a portable device like TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC). A fixed outdoors wireless bridge like EZ-Bridge EZBR-0214 HD will be an excellent choice for spanning buildings like apartments or institutional blocks.


A wireless bridge that works with a few gadgets, a handful of Operating systems, and products of the same line cannot solve your connectivity issues. If you are connecting dozens of clients, you will not choose what gadgets and OS they use.  A universal device works with a wide range of gadgets, thus serving everyone adequately.


Durability is a consideration before buying any hardware device. You will be keener on the durability of a wireless bridge if you are going to mount it outdoors. Harsh weather, choose including heat, moisture, fog, and snow, degrade network devices.

A weatherproof capsuled device will persevere all these harsh weather patterns and serve you longer. You also require a hardware device with a power surge protector to shield your physically connecting devices from short circuits.


Acquiring the hardware device for network bridging comes with cost implications. The cost is dependent on the model and features, among them speed, modes, and the range of coverage. Your option will converge back to the network you are looking forward to interconnecting.

If it is a small range in your homestead, such a bridge will be cheaper than bridging between a chain of buildings. A small portable pocket bridge is affordable, but only if you are a digital nomad, where you are likely to use it alone or with a couple of friends. As you consider your budget, go for a WiFi bridge that caters to your interconnectivity needs.

How to Setup a Wireless Bridge?

A wireless bridge works by receiving network signals from your wireless router and sending it out to your wired devices. In other words, it extends your wireless network. The technology eliminates dangling lengths of cables in your room that you use to connect wired devices like media players, Blu-ray drives, internet TVs, game consoles, etcetera. If these are in far-flung parts of your house, a wireless extender will eliminate cables.

But, how do you set up the wireless bridge? Whichever wireless bridge you choose, you will find it easy with our step-by-step guide.

Step One

Position the wireless bridge within the range of your router’s signal. The device should also be within your wired device’s cable’s length.

Step Two

Check out if your router supports WPS (WiFI Protected Setup). The user manual for your device indicates a WPS logo.  If it supports WPS, your setup process will be super easy.

Connect the wireless bridge to your network by pressing the WPS buttons on your wireless bridge and the router to link them wirelessly.

Step Three

If your wireless bridge does not support WPS, you’ll need to connect it to your computer through the Ethernet for configuration. Go ahead as follows;

On your computer, get around to your web browser and key in the configuration HTTP or IP address on the wireless bridge user manual. When the address loads, it will take you to the web configuration or admin page.

Step Four

Next, on the bridge configuration page, use the setup tool to connect the wireless bridge to your existing wireless network.

The setup tool includes your username and password. The password the ISP allocated you is critical in the router’s username, Admin, and the default password. Be sure to observe the case as credentials are case-sensitive. Once you enter the characters successfully, the home display page will launch.

Step Five

At the home display screen, locate and tap Advanced. Navigate to Advanced Setup and then select Wireless Bridge. The Wireless Bridge screen will appear.

Step Six

This step involves setting up the wireless bridge mode. Lookup for Enable Bridge Mode checkbox and tap the Setup Bridge Mode Wireless Settings toggle.

Next is setting up the existing router to match your wireless bridge. Proceed with the settings as follows;

Step Seven

On the same Bridge mode setup page, choose the wireless network frequency, which is either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. If you are working with 802.11ac mode, choose 5 GHz.

Step Eight

You will see the name field, which is the SSID. Enter your wireless network name. For the Security Option field, select your WiFI security mode of the existing router. The logins will require the password that you use when connecting with WiFi to the router.

Key in the credentials and tap the Apply or Save button. The button conserves the new settings for your old router. You will also have saved the Advanced Wireless Settings displays.

Go to the Advanced Wireless Settings page and click Apply to save all your settings. Once you finish, tap Finish to reboot your wireless bridge. Go on and disconnect the Ethernet cable that you used to connect the wireless bridge and your PC.

Step Nine

At this step, your wireless bridge is already connecting to the existing network. Plug in your connecting devices directly to the bridge’s Ethernet ports. It will connect all the attached devices to your existing WiFi network. And that’s how you keep your room free of messy hanging cables.

It is crucial to note that each wireless bridge comes with its setup procedures. The above is a general process that may not apply to some wireless bridges. Do not feel discouraged if you tried and did get to step nine. Just pay attention to the user’s manual and ask for any confusing steps from the tech support.

Here are the tips to guide you through the configuration process

Bridge frequency

Wireless bridge frequency differs. It is either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, so be keen on these figures to get it right on the frequency you will use to bridge your router. Besides, you will only use one frequency for Wireless Bridging. Also, you cannot use wireless bridging frequency to broadcast for other clients’ connections. Only the frequency not used for Wireless Bridging can be broadcasted for other clients to connect.

Dual-band router

As you decide which frequency you will use to bridge your Route, keep in mind the distance between the dual band router and the users as they connect to the wireless bridge mode.

If you use a 5 GHz band for bridging, then the router’s 2.4 GHz band is the frequency available for the Wi-Fi Users.

Using the 2.4 GHz band for bridging means the router’s 5 GHz band becomes the automatically available frequency band for WiFi users.

Single-band router

If you will use a single-band router, configure your Wireless Bridging frequency on the 2.4 GHz band. Bear in mind that the 2.4 GHz frequency band you used for the wireless bridging means that only LAN connections are possible on your router through Wireless Bridge Mode.

Remember to always log in to the web-based admin page in Wireless Bridge Mode through the IP address only. Logging using the appropriate address will protect you from logging in to unsafe websites.

Security encryption methods in wireless bridges include  WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, TKIP, and AES. Be keen on these as they safeguard your data from intruders.

With a wireless bridge, do not use a Wide Area Network (WAN) port.  The device’s purpose is to primarily connect two or multiple  Local area network (LAN) devices wirelessly over the available WiFi internet.


Wireless bridge devices provide you with flawless interconnectivity between two networks and also your Ethernet-only devices to the IP network. The little devices are affordable and straightforward. Besides, you do not require any infrastructural overhaul to use the technology.

We have dug up more than 20 websites to get you the top ten best wireless bridges. All the ten products on the list have a superb design and are robust. They have adequate network security and data protection, and network features. Additionally, they have exceptionally high speed and universal connections.

Although we’ve also gone ahead to recommend the top pick as Netgear WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX6150, the differences are minor. Let your decision narrow down to the features you are looking for in a wifi bridge.

In addition, our all-inclusive guide will come in handy when you embark on shopping for the best wireless ethernet bridge. As you go home with your newly acquired bridge, remember there is one more step: configuration. Our definitive guide will take you through the configuration process and answer any possible questions that you have.

There is nothing that will bar you from getting the best wireless ethernet bridge. Have a flawless internetwork connectivity experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wireless bridges any good?

Wireless bridges are great accompaniments to Ethernet devices. You’ve probably walked into offices, homes, or other institutions and noticed tangled cables behind work desks. This is an eyesore, right?

Asides from that, it is risky having ethernet cables all over, not even mentioning the space they consume. A workable solution to this challenge of dangling cords and limited space lies with simple wireless bridge devices.

Internet cabling infrastructure is expensive. If you don’t want to deploy and maintain long-distance wiring and sometimes take care of complicated technical procedures, a wireless bridge will be great. You will not require dozens of approvals from relevant public authorities to install one, thus leaving you with this feasible option of a wireless bridge.

The simple device will function by connecting all your devices wirelessly and within range. With an easy setup, you will install the wireless bridge in your home or an office network using the LAN wirelessly, which ends at a geographical location. All you need is the client and the access point.

Your hardware device will connect two or more LAN points, making one the access point and the other a client.

Is wireless bridge better than WIFI?

If you set up your router as a wifi wireless bridge and connect with LAN, you will get better connectivity performance. But an Ethernet extender will slow down your connectivity.

Another benefit is that you can utilize the 5 GHZ band even if your device can only handle a 2.4 GHz band.

A wireless bridge will eliminate all the loads of LAN cables around your house, which are not only expensive but also an eyesore.

Additionally, the antennae in wifi routers boost the network performance hugely better than most inbuilt Wifi routers. Although the wireless extenders subject you to extra slowdown, the modern advanced technology still beats inbuilt WiFi cards.

When should you use a wireless bridge?

A wireless bridge will come in handy in some instances, including:

  • When your only other option is to lease too expensive lines, a wireless bridge will cover your loopholes.
  • Use WiFi bridges in unavailable network connectivity where there are no lines or cannot deploy a wired link for varied reasons.
  • In instances where you cannot use a VPN, use a WiFi bridge. The reason could be security, latency, bandwidth, or/and compliance reasons.
  • If your locality experiences interference like electrical, industrial, busy urban, inaccessible terrains, or long distance, fiber links are impossible.
  • Where parties involved failing to approve wired links, you can use a wireless bridge. These include complicated administrative approvals or just difficult neighbors who don’t want to allow wayleaves.
  • You can use wireless bridging in your WiFi dead zones like basements and upstairs where signals are weak.
  • During travels, you require internet connectivity for your devices. IT is impossible to use wired routers. A portable wireless bridge will do the simple magic.

What is the fastest wireless bridge?

Netgear WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX6150  is the fastest and also the best wireless bridge.  Take a closer look at this exceptional feature that makes this robust wireless bridge our top pick in terms of speed.

Dual-Band Up to 1200Mbps – Dual band means 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. What do those mean? These two symbolize bandwidth strength. The wireless bridge works with two bands to cover longer ranges at high speed.

At 1200Mbps, the wireless bridge supports  802.11ac, a super-fast networking standard 5GHz frequency. EX6120 wifi coverage area is 1200 sq ft at a data transfer speed of Up to 25Mbps. This is super fast enough to support high demand data requirements for HD streaming, online gaming, and internet TV, among other applications.

Other superior features that will make you love this super extender include durability, universal compatibility, Nighthawk dashboard, security encryption, and WAN/LAN network connections.

How does a wireless bridge work?

A wireless bridge works by making internetworking connections possible. That means there have to be two networks. When you install the device, it will connect two LAN networks through an infrared or microwave transmission. That could be within your home at several spots, between buildings, or in places like RVs and your car where wired internet lines are not possible.

The device functions are similar to a WiFi hotspot. It does not require line-of-site because it is remote. You can set up a wireless bridge anywhere and transmit signals to another Wi-Fi bridge or AP (access point) wired to the network from your Internet Provider (IP). It logs in to the IP router, gets an internet connection, and passes on to your devices connected to its Local Area Network. The bridging kit can go as far as one-mile range connectivity.

Is wireless bridge better than WIFI?

While the Wi-Fi adaptor has half-duplex, the wireless bridge has a full-duplex and is therefore significantly better.

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