The Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens to Consider in 2018

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The market has numerous easier to use best cell phones for seniors to offer. Most of the cell phones highlight friendly features including big screens, big keypads, simplified cameras, amplified speakers and hearing aid compatibility. In fact, most seniors do not require some of the features and are already happy with their smartphones. However, a large number of consumers, especially the elderly require simple cell phones that they can use to receive and make calls. To select the right model, you have to consider several features.

The key features to consider during your purchase

When shopping for a simpler phone, you will have an easier time because you will not be searching for complicated features. If you need a simple phone, think about the initial price, the monthly plan, the size of the screen, the font, and the size of buttons. The loudness of the ringer and the nature of buttons also matter.

Some of the important features to keep in your mind when shopping include:

The emergency button

The help button makes cell phones for users unique. The button connects to the medic alert system directly. Even though you will have to pay an additional amount to enjoy the benefit, it provides the needed peace of mind.

The screen size

If the senior has difficulties reading small fonts or even seeing numbers, the screen size should be among your top considerations during purchase.

Loudness of the ringer

A cell phone for seniors should have an option to increase the level of the ringer. That way, anyone with hearing difficulties can hear easily.

Hearing aid compatibility

To know whether a cell phone is compatible with hearing aid, check the (M) microphone rating. The rating should be between M3 and M4. Phones with higher M number produce clearer sound. Also, ensure that the telecoil rating is between T3 and T4. When the T rating is higher, expect clearer conversations.

The volume control

Most cell phones feature an adjustable volume control.

The battery life

The user can forget to recharge the phone, particularly if it is for emergency uses. Therefore, select a phone with longer standby time. Some of the phones have the option of texting the family members or caregivers when the battery is very low. They also remind the user to recharge.


If you live in an area that has weaker signals – such as a rural area – you should try to study the network coverage maps of the phone service provider you intend to choose. The phone will be useless if you cannot get proper coverage.

Ease of use

The ease of use is particularly important when buying a cell phone for your frail elderly user. Ensure that the buttons are easier to press down and to see. Moreover, the phone should be comfortable to hold and easier to read. It is always a great idea to have the users try the phone before purchasing.


Some of the regular cell phones boast large screens – ranging between 4.7” and 5.5” – that make the font size and images easier to read, most users find that they do not fit in their purses or pockets comfortably. Therefore, before you purchase a phone with a very large screen, consider how you will be using it.

Text input options

The predictive text option is worth consideration particularly if it has smaller numeric keyboard. Almost every smartphone provides a full QWERTY touchscreen keyboard. Even though the buttons are very tiny, they are useful when typing emails and texts. Large fingers are problem. With an Android phone, you can download several keyboard layouts depending on your needs.


A large percentage of the basic cell phones feature cameras. You have to select one with a higher quality camera.

The style

best cell phones for seniors are available in a few primary styles. You will have the option of selecting a Slide, Standard, QWERTY keypad style or Flip Touch style. Some of the phones boast the screen and keyboard on the interface where others have two sections joined by folding hinge. A touch style cell phone requires the user to touch the screen instead of pushing buttons. Sliding style phones have two sections connected by sliding hinges. Finally, the QWERTY keypad style provides a keyboard layout on the phone. The QWERTY cell phones are suitable for individuals who like doing a lot of typing.

Cell phone plans for older adults

When buying a best cell phones for Senior Citizens, you have to budget. Decide on the upfront amount you are willing to spend and then decide on the monthly plan to select. Some of the available phones for seniors have termination fees and reactivation fees. Decide on the amount of data you will be using on a monthly basis during the purchase.

When selecting the service plan, consider the phone usage. If the senior will be using the phone on limited basis, you might need to consider the pay-as-you-go option. That means you will have to pay some amount of money into the account and credit will get low as the senior continues using the cell phone. You can choose to top it up automatically or with prepaid cards sold in retail outlets. The plans do not require contracts.

If the senior will be using the cell phone to send text messages or to browse the internet, a monthly service plan might be a better choice. The plan requires you to pay a certain amount of money (fixed amount) every month to continue using the phone. You will also need to commit to fixed terms.

A cell phone that is easy to see and hear

Jitterbug best cell phones is made for use by senior citizens and the elderly people. The phone is extremely customizable and intuitive. The senior citizen or elderly person will only see the features they like. The lower part – known as the “Command Area” – displays “Yes” or “No” questions making the phone usage easier.

Best Cell Phones is Designed to be useful for seniors

The Jitterbug Senior Phone also provides medication reminder apps in addition to the 5 Star feature, which converts it into a safety device. The phone allows you to respond and to confirm that you are already on schedule. The GPS tracking should help you find your location and request for immediate assistance. The 5 Star agents will easily identify the shortest route.

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