ACE Eyewear Can Record Videos and Share them Straight to Social Media

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The next time you are spending for a quality pair of sunglasses, you will possibly make a different choice beyond the color and shape. Then you have to consider the touchpad control, the voice command, augmented reality (AR) and even medical care. Why? The smart eyewear market has been developing rapidly and completely new experiences might pour into our life at the eye level very soon.

Smart sunglasses are a demonstration of Internet of Things’ (IOT) power. Sunglasses now come with network connectivity features, which facilitate collection and exchange of data through the social media networks. The accessories display videos, suggest directions, calculate speed, tell time and even make purchases. The ACE Eyewear Camera Sunglasses are the newest in the market. The sunglasses can record videos and then post them directly to the social media. You might not need to use your smartphone or camera to complete such tasks anymore.

About the ACE Eyewear Camera Sunglasses

Acton has produced these sunglasses to enable social media enthusiasts to influence their relatives and friends to participate in what is happening in their lives in real-time without having to log-into their Facebook or Instagram account. The sunglasses boast an 8MP camera that comes with 120-degree wide-angle lens that you can use to record videos under 1792 x 1168 (full HD resolution) and 24 frames per every second.

And after connecting it through your smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to live-stream the video footages to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. A button situated at the top of these sunglasses starts the recording process and the in-built microphone collects the sound.

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With the Dual Core MIPS 1.2GHz processor, you should expect the power consumption during recording process to be low. In other words, you can record 90 minutes of full HD video or live-stream videos for 40 minutes. The standby battery life is 80 hours. The 4GB of in-built memory offers enough space for video storage and the accompanying app helps you manage your files. Most importantly, the technology perfectly fits into a single pair of sunglasses, which weighs 50g (1.7oz). You are also likely to like the IP65 rating for splash and dust resistance.

To take videos, you do not have to stop what you are doing. You can take videos when dancing, skateboarding, working out in the gym or cleaning your room and stream them through YouTube at any time. The 8-megapixel camera with 120-degree wide-angle lens, which costs $100, can capture both videos and still images for sharing.

Acton has been developing rocket skates and skateboards for many years and the Ace Eyewear is their first attempt in the camera world. Unlike the glasses from Snap (Snapchat’s parent company), you can use the Ace Eyewear on three different networks: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

In fact, most companies have developed camera glasses. However, social media users and other people are yet to accept them fully. Initially, Snap Spectacles sold well with longer lines at the bright-yellow vending machines when such glasses were very hard to find. Reports show that the company was left with many unsold glasses worth $40 million in their stores. The Ace Eyewear can also record clips that run for less than 30 seconds.

How to use the sunglasses

ACE Eyewear
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There is a reason why Acton decided to design sunglasses that can record videos and stream them through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Social media has remained to be a wonderland. People can easily target their audience and potential target segments while hanging out. In fact, Facebook benefits from 2 billion users and the number is always increasing. Statistics show that words spread faster on social media than on any other network. After your followers have shared your video or clip, you end up getting more followers and reaching more and more people. Statistics also show that people prefer videos to plain text. So with the Ace Eyewear sunglasses, you can:

Build your brand

The sunglasses will help you establish your brand on the social media. The videos you capture (quality videos) will make your brand more alive and humanlike. They will acquaint your audiences with visions, values and the essence of your brand. And because the sunglasses allow live streaming, you will be consistently active on social media. List the topics that you will cover, the number of videos to share per day and formulate your strategy. It is that simple. However, you should avoid random posts that do not relate to your primary goal.

Use ace eyewear sunglasses to advertise your products

As a publisher experimenting with a new ad format to earn revenue, you should consider video ads. Also, if you are running an entertainment site, you need quality videos. With the Ace Eyewear sunglasses, you can easily create videos between 15 seconds and 30 seconds and test them before posting on the social media. After posting, examine the viewing statistics for all targeted audiences and use the information to select the best length. Larger graphics and fonts are important, particularly in mobile devices. Your sales teams can also help you share the marketing videos to shorten the sales cycle.

The demand for higher quality video content is always increasing and it is therefore important you use the right devices to capture videos for social media use. Ensure that the viewer’s journey is joyride through which they will learn something new and valuable. Therefore, you have to determine your goal when using the Ace Eyewear sunglasses. What will you audience get from your videos? What value will the videos add to the community? And what will your audience do after getting the information? Make videos that justify answers to the questions. Do not create video simply because other people are doing that. Otherwise, you will learn out of topics soon.

Lastly, you should be cautious when taking videos in public places. Some federal laws inhibit regular civilians from taking audio or video content without the other person’s consent. That is the primary reason why some spy cameras do not feature audio recording facilities. Check the laws in your country before buying the cameras.

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