Best CPU Air Cooler- Recommended for Your PC

Best CPU Air Cooler- Recommended for Your PC

Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Editor Futurescope

A CPU cooler plays a vital role in your personal computer. It keeps the components in your processor cool, and it augments your PC’s processing power. However, just like any other computer part, the cooling system wears out, or its efficacy diminishes with time.

In that event, the fans become noisy, your CPU overheats, and your computer slows or displays an error message. Furthermore, the hardware in your computer’s processor might burn out if you fail to replace the worn out air cooler.


Have you been struggling with problems related with a faulty CPU cooler? If yes, it is time to shop around for the best aftermarket cooling system. Unlike the original stock coolers, aftermarket systems keep your CPU cooler, even during those demanding computing tasks.

In fact, some aftermarket CPU coolers deliver excellent cooling power than the stock coolers that come with your computer.

Our best CPU air cooler

Does your CPU handle complex computing tasks that cause intense overclocking? If yes, CORSAIR’s H100i liquid cooler would be the most appropriate system for you. It has large fans, and it uses the liquid cooling mechanism to cool the components in your CPU throughout those hard-hitting computing sessions.

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  • Excellent cooling power
  • Easy to install
  • Silent CPU fan
  • Has RGB lights for enhanced aesthetics
  • Fans produce a shrill noise during operation
  • Expensive

Design and dimensions

This cooling system features a black shell with two fans, a pump, and a radiator. The black colored fan cover has RBG lights that illuminate your cooling system with a mix of attractive colored lights.

The lights make it an excellent unit for those who wish to add a touch of aesthetics onto their personal computer. You can customize the lights through the unit’s CORSAIR ICUE software to match your taste of color.

The biggest cpu cooler’s radiator is 10.87 inches long, 1.18 inches wide and 4.92 inches high. The large sized radiator can fit well in large computer cases. The cooler might not be an ideal choice for compact cases.

Cooling mechanism

CORSAIR H100i liquid cooler uses 120mm SP120L fans and a closed-loop water cooler to reduce the temperatures in your CPU. CORSAIR H100i’s fan can generate up to 2435 revolutions per minute for maximum cooling efficiency.

Apart from the large SP120L fans, CORSAIR H100i comes equipped with a 240mm radiator which provides a large surface area for heat dissipation. Despite the large size, this radiator can fit into most computer cases.

The liquid cooling system’s iCUE software lets you monitor your CPU’s temperature, thereby allowing you to adjust the fan’s revolutions per minute according to your processors’ heat and overclocking demands.

Acoustic Level

Corsair Hydro H100i uses three primary tactics to save you from the distractive noises resulting from your CPU’s cooling system. First, the liquid cooling system utilizes large fans that require fewer revolutions to generate enough airflow. The 120mm fans have a maximum noise level of 37.7 decibels.

Secondly, this CPU liquid cooler has specially-designed fan blades that run silently. The fan can remain silent even when spinning at high speed. However, the fan produces a whining tone that can distract you.

Compatibility and Installation

Corsair Hydro H100i is compatible with the conventional sockets used in AMD and Intel. It comes with a set of connectors, a universal backplate, mounting brackets, and a link cable for easy installation. The installation manual included in the unit’s package guides you through the process.  So, you don’t need an expert to help you mount the system onto your computer’s motherboard.

Thermaltake 3.0 static liquid cooler is an excellent match for high-end customers looking for the best CPU air cooler in the market. Despite its high price, this cooling system can handle even the most stringent overclocking demands. It is appropriate for users who subject their computer to tough computing tasks.

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  • Excellent cooling efficiency
  • Quiet CPU fan
  • Has RGB lights for enhanced aesthetics
  • Easy installation
  • Three-year warranty
  • Comes with a smart fan controller
  • Very expensive
  • Design and dimensions

If you love modest computer parts, Thermaltake static pressure fans would be the right investment. This CPU cooler comes in a black cover with two fans, a high-quality pump, a radiator, cables protected in a cable sleeve, and a copper base plate.

RGB LEDs around the fans create a fantastic pattern of 256 colors when powered. The cooling system’s smart controller lets you customize the appearance of the lights according to your liking. It is the reason why computer experts rank this model among the most aesthetically pleasing coolers.

This liquid thermal cooler’s radiator measures 13.5 inches long, and 9.75 inches wide. It stands 5.25 inches tall. The bulk size may not fit into compact computer cases with insufficient space.

  • Cooling Mechanism

Thermaltake static pressure CPU cooling system has duo 120mm radiator fans that generate an impressive cooling performance. The fans make a maximum RPM of 1500. Its smart fan controller presents you with an opportunity to regulate the fans’ speed according to your computer’s specific cooling and overclocking necessities.

In addition to the 120mm fans, this high-end cooling system has a 360mm radiator that provides a large surface area for additional heat dissipation.  It’s copper base and pre-filled coolant increase the unit’s heat dissipation capacity.

This CPU cooling system comes equipped with a high-reliability pump that circulates the maximum amount of coolant to the copper plate. These versatile cooling features make this unit an appropriate solution to CPUs with high overclocking.

  • Noise Level

Thermaltake 3.0 static liquid cooling system has vibration dampeners on its fixing points to reduce the disturbing noise generated from poorly installed fans. In our opinion, this is one of the quietest CPU cooler in the market. It has a noise rating of 18-24 decibels.

  • Compatibility and Installation

Thermaltake CPU liquid cooler has a universal bracket adapter that is compatible with the sockets used in Intel and AMD motherboards. The black CPU cooler comes with all the brackets you need to mount it onto your processor’s motherboard. Each bracket is labeled for easy installation, and it has a manual to walk you through the process.

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB CPU cooler is one of the most stylish CPU air coolers you would find out there. Besides style, this CPU cooler has three fans and a large radiator to deliver top-of-the-line cooling performance. Purchase it to keep your CPU cool throughout those prolonged and demanding computing sessions.

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  • Reasonable pricing
  • Has customizable RGB LEDs with millions of color themes
  • Class-leading cooling efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • Three-year warranty
  • Cumbersome installation process
  • Fairly expensive
  • Design and dimensions

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB CPU cooler comes in a grayish case with three translucent fans. Moreover, the system has a high-efficiency radiator, a fan controller, and a reliable coolant pump.

The gray-colored case has an ARGB LED ring that produces 16.8 million color accents when your CPU is powered. You can customize the color schemes to match your specific lighting needs using an RGB software or the included RGB controller.

This CPU cooling unit’s radiator measures 15.5 inches long, and 4.7 inches long. It stands 1.06 inches tall. Its low profile makes it the right solution for compact and medium-sized cases with insufficient space.

  • Cooling Mechanism

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB CPU cooler has a large 360mm radiator with a reasonable surface area for heat dissipation.  Its copper-made base plate increases heat conductivity, while water block circulates cool water around the base plate to keep it cool.

In addition to the copper base plate and the large size radiator, Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB CPU cooler’s three 120 mm 9-blade fans that whisk away hot air from your CPU to the external environment. The fans can generate a maximum RPM of 1500.

The silent CPU cooler’s large size radiator, three 120mm fans, and the copper-made base plate deliver an outstanding cooling capability.

  • Acoustic Level                                                                  

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB’s large fans need fewer revolutions to keep your CPU cool. As such, they are not as noisy as small-sized fans that need more revolutions to keep your CPU cool during those demanding computing sessions. 

It has a noise rating of 25.8 decibels. A system with 25.8 decibels can hardly distract you while engaged on your computer or gaming rig.

  • Set-up and compatibility

The cooler’s standard package contains installation instructions, and all the mounting brackets you would need to install this cooling system into your computer case. However, a majority of users who have tried this CPU cooling system say that the unit has several cables and adapters. On that account, assembly might be time-consuming and challenging.

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB CPU cooler is compatible with the conventional sockets used in Intel and AMD motherboards.

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 liquid CPU cooler is an affordable way to upgrade your computer’s cooling system with excellent functionality spiced up with professional style. Despite its reasonable price, this liquid cooler has almost every feature you would find in high-end competitors.

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  • Fairly affordable
  • Reliable cooling efficiency
  • Quiet
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
  • Quite noisy
  • Not durable
  • Design and dimensions

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 liquid cooler has two fans enclosed in an attractive, compact gray case. Just like its sister models above, this liquid cooler has a ring on RGB LEDs that illuminate it with beautiful colors when powered. The LEDs can produce up to 16 million attractive color schemes.

Besides the two fans and RGB LEDs, Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 liquid cooler comes equipped with a sleek LED and fan controller, braided rubber hoses, a copper base plate, a 240mm radiator, and a reliable coolant pump.

The radiator measures 10.83 inches by 4.67. It stands 1.06 inches tall. The minimal profile takes up minimal space in a compact, medium size, or large computer cases.

  • Cooling Mechanism

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 liquid cooler has two 120mm fans that pump out hot air from your CPU to the external environment. Furthermore, the 120mm fans produce sufficient airflow to cool down the components in your computer case. The fans have an RPM rating of 2000. You can regulate the fans’ speed using the fan controller provided.

In addition to the duo fans, Thermaltake 3.0 has a 240mm radiator for enhanced heat dissipation, and copper base plate for improved heat conductivity. The reliable coolant pump supplies the base plate with enough coolant for additional cooling.

  • Acoustic Levels

Just like its siblings reviewed above, this liquid CPU cooler has fans that operate silently. In fact, you can hardly hear the fans from one meter away. However, this cooling unit is not as quiet as Thermaltake 3.0 high static cooler. It has an acoustic rating of 25.8 decibels.

  • Set Up and Compatibility

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB liquid CPU cooler’s standard package contains a signal bridge cable, mounting brackets. Also, the unit comes with a guide to walk you through the straightforward installation process. You do not need a technician to help you fit the cooler onto your processor’s motherboard.

Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 liquid cooler is compatible with the sockets used on Intel and AMD motherboards. This implies that you can use this cooling system in almost all types of personal computers.

Are you looking for the cheapest way to upgrade your CPU’s cooling system? If you are, this affordable cooling system from NOCTUA will make an appropriate investment for you. In spite of the affordable price, NOCTUA NH-U14S CPU cooler has an avalanche of features that would enhance your computer’s processing power.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00C9FLSLY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Cheap
  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Six-year manufacturer warranty
  • Consumes less space in your case
  • Low cooling performance
  • Not ideal for computers with intense overclocking
  • Design, Appearance, and Dimensions

NOCTUA NH-U14S has a white case with one brown-colored fan six heat sink pipes, a base plate, and a best heat sink. The dull finish may not be appropriate for users who need something that can lift their CPU’s aesthetic appeal.

The heatsink’s fins are designed from aluminum while its base is made from copper. These materials can last for a reasonable period. The sturdy construction saves you from replacing your cooling system after every short period.

The cooler is 150mm long and 150 mm wide. It stands 165 mm tall. This medium size can fit into any high-end medium, or large size computer case. While the cooler looks bulky, it does not cover your CPU’s expansion slots.

  • Cooling Mechanism

This best CPU air cooler has a 140mm fan that blows away hot air from the best heat sink. Unlike the conventional 120mm fans used in liquid coolers, NOCTUA-NH-U14S’ large sized fan requires fewer revolutions to keep your CPU cool. The fan has a maximum speed of 1500 RPM.

NOCTUA-NH-U14S’ large sized heatsink provides an adequate surface area for heat dissipation. Moreover, the heatsink has six nickel-plated heat pipes that provide excellent thermal conductivity.

While this quiet CPU cooler delivers an excellent cooling performance, it may not manage the cooling demands of computers with high overclocking. If you want a model that can handle intense overclocking, purchase any one of the liquid coolers reviewed on this best list.

  • Acoustic Level

NOCTUA-NH-U14S CPU air cooler uses self-stabilizing bearings to minimize the noise associated with loosely attached bearings. Moreover, this air cooler CPU’s fan has rubberized corners to minimize vibrations. It has a maximum acoustic rating of 24.6 decibels.

  • Set up and compatibility

NOCTUA-NH-U14S CPU cooler comes with the mounting bars, screws, spacers, and bolts you need to fix it onto your computer’s motherboard. Installing the CPU air cooler is straightforward. Just like its competitors above, the NOCTUA-NH-U14S CPU cooler is compatible with Intel and AMD.

Qualities to help you pick the best CPU air cooler from the rest

  • Budget

The computer marketplace has an array of cpu fan cooler. Some are cheap, and others are expensive. Costly models are designed for CPUs that handle heavy computing tasks like gaming. Their entry-level counterparts are intended for computers used for light computing tasks with minimal overclocking.

  • Air coolers vs. Liquid coolers

Air coolers are useful for processors that handle light to moderate overclocking. They are affordable, durable, and they require little maintenance.  Many liquid coolers handle intensive cooling tasks. However, they are quite expensive, and they require regular maintenance.

  • Cooling performance

The primary aim for purchasing an aftermarket air cooling system is to keep your CPU cool throughout the operation period. On that account, you should take your ample time shopping around for a best cpu fan with a superb cooling capacity.

How can you gauge a system’s cooling power? A sound system delivers an excellent cooling efficiency, has a massive fan to generate more airflow in a single spin and a heatsink or radiator with a reasonable surface area for heat dissipation.

  • Compatibility

Before you purchase a best cpu fan cooler, make sure that it is compatible with your CPU’s motherboard socket for easy installation. You can find compatibility statistics on the CPU cooler’s specifications list. Furthermore, you should ascertain that the cooling system you are looking to buy can fit into your computer’s case.

  • Aesthetics

Various best cpu air cooler for gaming come in different styles. Some have a lustrous profile to complement your system’s aesthetics, while some have a bulky appearance that may not look great in your CPU case. If you love modish parts, get a CPU cooler with a lustrous exterior spiced up with RBG LEDs.

  • Sound levels

Are you looking for the quietest CPU cooler? If yes, we suggest that you get one with low or average noise decibels. In most cases, coolers with large fans run silently than their counterparts with smaller fans. It implies that coolers with 140mm fans would run more quietly than those with 120mm fans.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a best CPU cooler for i9 9900k, is an excellent way to replace your computer’s noisy or faulty cooling system. Besides, you can get a good aftermarket CPU cooler to lower your CPU’s temperatures during those intense computing sessions, as well as unlock the computer’s processing power.

Despite the benefits, finding the best CPU air cooler from the multiple models offered in stores can be daunting if you don’t have a precise brand in mind. Are you battling such a situation? That should not be a problem if you understand the qualities that define an excellent cooling system.

So, how can you pick the best cpu fan for gaming from the not-so-good types? We suggest that you shop around for a cooling unit with lower acoustic levels, a large heat sink or radiator, as well as reasonably sized fans.

If you lack time to compare and test the multiple models offered in the market, we have reviewed some of the best picks you would not regret buying. The coolers on our best list operate silently, and they have class-leading cooling performance.

Into the bargain, the CPU air coolers have an excellent style. They come with all the brackets you would need to mount them onto your CPU. A quick guide provided in the coolers’ standard package walks you through the installation process.

If your computer handles intensive computing tasks like gaming, we recommend CORSAIR H100i CPU cooler or Thermaltake 3.0 high static cooler. These CPU coolers deliver the best-in-class cooling performance, and they operate silently.  They have RGB lights to lets you spice up your CPU’s aesthetic value.  However, you would have to spend more on these CPU coolers.

If you need a CPU cooler with an excellent price-performance balance, go for Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 240 CPU cooler or Thermaltake 3.0 ARGB 360 CPU cooler. The two CPU coolers have customizable ARGB lights with attractive color schemes, and they run silently. Just like their high-end competitors, these mid-range coolers have a reliable cooling efficiency.

For customers who need an easy on the pocket CPU cooler, we propose NOCTUA-NH-U14S cooler as the right fit. Despite its affordable price, NOCTUA-NH-U14S delivers a reliable cooling efficiency, a generous warranty, and sturdy construction. However, its cooling power may not manage CPUs with intense overclocking.

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