Zero Breeze Reviews: The Ultimate Coolest Battery Powered AC Unit

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Sometimes hot isn’t good at all. It can make us avoid doing some things we personally consider quite significant in our lives, the leisure, office working time and home resting. Avoid postponing or letting go your routine plans. Saying, ‘not a perfect moment.’ Introducing the Hi-Tech revolutionized experience of Zero breeze technology capable of cooling your surroundings temperatures to approximately 44 degrees Fahrenheit. With this new cooling device, you have the freedom of keeping your own schedule of activities always on the run. Equipped with unique advantageous features, Zero breeze may be the best solution. These interesting features are elaborately explained below.

All-purpose device

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Endowed with the unique ability of slowing down the temperature to 44.6-degrees Fahrenheit in a 50 square foot space, this air conditioner is one of the most versatile and incredible devices to consider during the hectic hot summers. It’s designed with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker (users can access their playlist and play their favorite music through Zero Breeze’s Bluetooth speakers). Built with a powerful LED night light, and a good smart charging equipment (with the 2 USB charging ports, users can charge their phones and tablets), and so the Zero Breeze is much more beyond the smart AC, and serves many needs. You can use it for lighting, cooling down room temperatures and many more. Getting Zero breeze means a breakthrough. You can use this to heat your tent when camping.


The Zero Breeze is designed for durability even when it’s being used to cool the home room during a hot summer or keeping the office temperatures cool. It’s made to last for long and serve you better and better than other coolants. It’s made to fit your needs and supplied with a whole year warranty. That mean if you got any problem, it can be freely fixed for you without having to pay a fine for the service. It’s key to enhancing efficiency in your home or at your office. Life just got better with the long lasting zero breeze.


With Outdoor experience, Zero Breeze is equipped with a battery pack capable of lasting up to 5 hours on average power. The smart Power Bank consists of up to 64 cells of 18650’s. This makes it a fully functioning portable AC that can be carried around on any journey to a place of interest. The lovers of travelling are now secured with the device. For lovers adventures and picnic are much safer with Zero breeze since they can carry it around for phone charging and lighting at night. Any concern around mobility, this 12-volt/40 AH battery pack can last for an entire lakeshore day, cocktail party, afternoon picnic and night adventures. It’s portability makes it an easy to go option for many. You would not wanna be left out, get yours today and have a superb experience.

Hi-Tech device

Zero breeze uses state-of-the-art rotary compression refrigeration technique that is both environmentally and ozone-friendly to avoiding global warming, portable cooling device ever made to suit variety of consumer needs. Instead of relying on internal fan system that simply freezes water; the Zero Breeze AC has a fitted Dupont R-134 a refrigerant with a cooling capacity of 1100 BTU/hour. Zero Breeze is technologically dependent and innovative. The in-built patented compact compressor generates 1100 BTU cooling power to cool down an averagely small closed space to estimated 40 F°.

Sounds incredibly interesting to see and use. It also uses three fan speeds and cooling settings, thats is Cool airflow, Instant breeze, and the regular Fan Airflow. With this device, you are in full control of your environmental conditions, by just adjusting the settings to your suitability. This is one item to consider and prioritize in the summer seasons. Get one for you and your family today.

Battery Indicator

In many cases, it may be very difficult to gauge out the remaining battery levels you have left in a particular device. Some devices are not able to show exactly what levels of power are left, just suddenly going off without you noticing. Zero breeze is a unique one of it’s kind which makes it has the free to determine the power levels left so that you can plan well with your power. So it’s better to stay updated on your power consumption rate. The special battery indicator designed with zero breeze makes this much realistic.

Bright light provision

Zero is fitted with high quality bright lights capable of giving a durable lighting experience. Fully equipped with enough LED lights that are energy saving, Zero breeze is capable of making your camping exercise an experience worth to remember. With the light you are able to see the surroundings properly just like the normal electrical power. You can easily see in poorly lit environments without any difficulty with zero breeze lighting.

Sleek appearance

Zero breeze is nicely designed in color, shape and molding. Available in both Cool Orange and Frost Blue, which are very nice colors. In addition, it is small, hence saving space. It is also very light making it suitable for carrying around. This is owing to the fact that one can easily pack it for travel. How interesting does this sound? Get it right now.

Zero breeze is indisputable way of cooling down temperatures to have a good rest and sleep. Enjoy the bright light and have phone and tablet charged even during power outage. The power bank can store power for up to 5 hours, which is ideal to keep the life easy. Boom! Music matter secured. You can keep playing the music even when others are experiencing power outage. Fitted with a super Bluetooth speaker, you can remotely play music without necessarily attaching audio cables. That sounds easy! Briefly, zero breeze is the multitask item to secure now, considering the weather patterns of summer and beyond to lighting, and playing music. Zero breeze device is available in local stores, or you can purchase online via Amazon, eBay and even Vova.

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