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The progressive success of the mirrorless cameras has condemned to the compact cameras of design and more classic performances. The appearance on the market of new compact models of classic design is becoming smaller and more spaced and only ranges of high prestige and sales success as the Canon IXUS series are able to withstand the harassment of cameras without mirror. The user of classic compact cameras mainly looks for four factors: reduced dimensions, an affordable price, maximum ease of use and an image quality superior to that offered by the best smartphones on the market.

The new Canon IXUS 155 has the prestige and experience of a leader in the photographic industry and incorporates features that will satisfy the needs of the users of this type of cameras, thanks to a high quality of image and very simple handling, assisted by a menu of tips, able to solve the most common doubts of the users.

In the hands

The new IXUS 155 is an elegant camera, built in aluminum and with an excellent button layout. Just 6 buttons make up all the controls of the IXUS 155, something that will undoubtedly appreciate the enemies of the button. At the top are the camera start button, shutter release button and the x10 focal power optical zoom focal length selector.

In the back cover of the camera, the direct access to video buttons, display of the captures, menu and access to the guide of the IXUS 155 have been arranged. In the zone that previously housed the control joystick we find the access to the parameters Flash control, exposure modes, ECO (battery saver) and display, which displays information.

Design and ergonomics

The IXUS cameras have hardly changed their design since their appearance in the market and only a gradual diet has been stylizing the thickness of these compact. The design is classic and elegant and its dimensions (similar to a pack of cigarettes) allow to transport the camera in any pocket, either shirt or pants.

The elegant metallic finish adds an air of distinction, which distances the IXUS range from simpler models, made of plastic materials. The wide range of colors makes it easy to satisfy the preferences of all types of users, from those looking for more classic colors such as black or chrome or lovers of more exclusive tones, such as red or electric blue.

Technical characteristics

One of the great surprises in the IXUS 155 is the resolution: the 20 million pixels of the sensor surpass the resolution of the SLR models of format APS-C of Canon and neither models like mythical EOS 7D or the new EOS 70D exceeds the capacity Of expansion of the small and powerful IXUS 155.

Image quality

When I analyze the image quality of cameras and targets, I always take into account the sector they are targeting and their price, since we should not expect the same quality of a product of 300 euros as of a 3,000, just as it should always be demanded more A product of professional range that to one of initiation.


The trend to deliver Full HD quality video clips breaks on the IXUS 155 and stays in HD 720p quality. It is a shame that Canon has decided to follow the Troika’s ruling and cut back on performance, as other manufacturers maintain Full HD quality even in their simpler compact cameras.

Tests and results

Different exposure modes, creative filters and sensitivities have been used, obtaining better results in the most favorable light conditions, as expected in a model of these characteristics and segment. The difference between shooting in full sun and in dimly lit interiors is abysmal, so I recommend in this case to use the flash of the camera. The IXUS 155 offers intense and vibrant colors and the optical quality is superior to that expected in a classic compact. It is a pity that Canon still does not understand that the offer of creative filters must be greater than the one incorporated in their models, since the instagram fashion has crossed territories and has been transferred to the cameras.

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The new Canon IXUS 155 maintains the philosophy of classic compact cameras and few manufacturers have been more successful in this segment than Canon; The IXUS line has been maintained for more than a decade as the fan favorite. Its elegant lines and a very classic design make the new IXUS 155 a familiar model, almost known throughout life, something that will thank the most novice users. The resolution of 20 million pixels seems excessive in a model with such a small sensor.

The image quality is expected in a compact start-up model: good in full sun and with the shortcomings of cameras in this segment when shooting in adverse conditions of light. However, I maintain that the photographic quality is superior to that of the best smartphone in the market, being the ideal device to go on vacation or to capture family parties or social events. The excellent value for money (just 135 euros) makes it an option to be taken into account by those fans who are looking for an affordable and easy to use model, but with true photographic benefits.

I miss a more risky bid by Canon to launch an overly classic model, in which the offer of creative filters is too restricted and aspects like video should be improved and offer Full HD quality quality, rather than HD. Also communicating via Wi-Fi or NFC with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) would improve the overall performance of the new IXUS. In their favor they play the help guide, a very simple operation and an image quality far superior to that of any mobile phone on the market.

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