Difference Between The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 vs 92 vs 95

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When we face a dilemma and are crisscrossing roads, we are unsure which way to take. When you are in these situations, how do you get yourself out? The best way out is seeking the expert help, and that’s what this article is about. If you love listening to music, you probably have or are planning to buy wireless earbuds.

TaoTronics brand has made a series of high-quality, affordable, trendy earbuds to elevate your sound experience. Their best earbuds are the SoundLiberty 88, 92, and 95 wireless buds. Which one is the overall best and why? In this article, we review The comparison of TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 vs 92 vs 95. Depending on your preferences, you’ll find which suits you best.

Let me help solve your dilemma.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 Review

TaoTronics, which strives to provide an excellent alternative to Apple Airpods, released the SoundLiberty 88 in July 2020. It has almost the same features you would find in an Apple Airpod, but TaoTronics products come at affordable prices.

Anyway, what does this Airpod alternative has to offer?


Just like the earbuds, the charging case of the Taotronics SoundLiberty 88 is made of plastic. The charging case is squarish and black. The charging case weighs 52.5g when you’ve placed the buds inside, thus comfortable to carry it in your pocket. It has LED indicators that display its battery level and those of the buds when they are inside.

The buds have lightweight, 4.5g making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. They have an ear-less-tips design. This makes them sit well in your ears and is ideal to use even while running.


The buds feature a touch control mechanism. This lets you control all adjustments by just tapping either side of the bud. However, the touchpad is relatively small, and some actions may not respond quickly.

Battery life

The SoundLiberty 88 will last you up to 5 hours of playtime when fully charged. They are a great choice if you listen to music outdoors. Recharging them for 15 minutes using the charging case will give you one hour of playtime.

The charging case uses the USB Type-C to charge and has a battery capacity of 420 mAh. They, therefore, can charge your earbuds up to 4 times with one full charge.


The SoundLiberty runs on the latest Bluetooth V5.0, which offers fast connectivity and minimal signal drop-off. The buds connect automatically to your device once you remove them from the case. You can use the mono or stereo mode to connect with your device.

Sound Quality

These buds’ sound quality is average. They have an ear-tips-less design, meaning they don’t have noise isolation. If you love listening to music without outside noise, these would not be your to-go headsets. However, they offer a clear sound, but the bass is low.

The buds are good at making calls. They have good noise cancellation for the microphone and voice pickup, which will ensure you make smooth calls. 


The buds have the IPX-8 rating, which means that they are waterproof. Though they are waterproof, it is not recommended to go swimming while wearing them.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 is a well-designed and classy earbud to have. Don’t decide to buy it so fast. Check out the SoundLiberty 92 and 95 first. They are the updated version of the SoundLiberty 88.

Let’s proceed.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 Review

The SoundLiberty offers great comfortability, advanced features, and a great design. As always, TaoTronics offers them at a very affordable price.


The buds are light, plastic-made, and have a one-size-fits-all design. The design may seem comfortable to some people, while it may be unfit to others. They come in a black glossy design which may be prone to scratches and fingerprints.

 These buds have a small notch within them which makes them sit comfortably in your ears. They don’t have rubber tips, so it may not be for you if you prefer rubber-tipped earbuds.

The charging case is also plastic-made, lightweight, and has an LED light to show when charging. The downside is that it’s challenging to know the battery level of the case or earbuds. Nevertheless, the design makes it easy to carry and offers protection to the buds.

Battery life

The buds have a long-lasting battery to last 5 hours of usage. If the battery runs down, you can quickly charge it for 5 minutes to give you one more hour of playtime. The charging case can recharge the bud five times in a single charge. The charging case is restored using the USB Type-C cable.

The SoundLiberty 92 is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.


These earbuds use Bluetooth V5.0 to connect to devices. You can choose to connect in mono or stereo mode, depending on your preference and situation. The Bluetooth range of the bud is up to 50 feet, and it has a stable and fast connection.

Listen to your favorite music and make calls without any dropping calls or losing songs.

To control the SoundLiberty 92 to perform various actions, use the hyper-sensitive touch panel in either of the buds. This bud responds to actions faster and better compared to the SoundLiberty 88.

 Audio Quality

These buds feature the 13mm PU+ Protein Membrane drivers, which deliver high-quality sound. The bass is quite good compared to other earbuds at the same price but is not high as they lack rubber tips. You may also not enjoy uninterrupted music since the SoundLiberty 92 has no noise isolation feature.

You can enjoy music genres like HipHop since the vocals, trebles, and mids are top-notch. Since the buds don’t have noise isolation, making calls in a noisy background is challenging. However, the voice is apparent if you are in a quiet environment.

These buds generally produce great sound compared to the SoundLiberty 88.


Just like the SoundLiberty 88, the SoundLiberty 92 has a water-resistant rating of IPX-8, which means you can use it even while raining or sweating without causing any damage.

So far, you can note the difference between SoundLiberty 88 and SoundLiberty 92; which one would you prefer?

Hold on to your answer. Let’s check the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 95 before you make your final verdict.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 95 Review

The SoundLiberty 95 has excellent features and is designed similar to Apple’s second-generation AirPods. Here are the complete details about its features:


These buds have a universal fit and are thin and slender, making them sit comfortably in your ears. They come in a glossy black plastic body and metal plates at the bottom for charging. The charging case is made of the same material. It is rounded with a magnetic lid to ensure that it is always closed.

The charging case has a LED indicator that glows when being charged, but unlike the SoundLiberty 88, you cannot know the percentage charge of the case or the earbuds.

The design is simple but is trendy and elegant.

Battery Life

According to TaoTronics, these buds can run for seven hours of playtime once fully charged. However, this depends on how you use them. If you are listening at full volume, the battery can drain in 5 hours which is quite a long time compared to other brands.

The charging case can power up the buds three times if fully charged. The case uses the USB Type-C cable to recharge.

Compared to SoundLiberty 88 and 92, these buds will offer you more playtime.


Just like the SoundLiberty 88 and 92, the 95 earbuds use Bluetooth 5.1 protocol to connect to your devices. Additionally, it offers instant pairing immediately when you open the lid and connect to a device 10 feet away. If you wish to clear the pairing list, put the buds in the charging case, then press and hold the button at the back.

You should note that the SoundLiberty 95 only pairs in stereo mode and does not support mono mode. If you love having situational awareness by using a single bud, these buds won’t suit you well.

Sound Quality

These buds offer the best sound quality compared to the 88 and 92 versions as they feature 13mm drivers and bass tubes to produce high-quality bass. They provide excellent clarity thanks to the aptX coding feature and composite diaphragm. Though the sound produced is top-notch in all areas; mids, highs, and vocals, the SoundLiberty has no noise cancellation.

Making calls with these buds is the ultimate experience. They have the CVC 8.0 noise isolation feature, which blocks background noise, isolates your voice, and delivers clear sound to the receiver.


The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 9 has no IP rating but has a splashproof rating.  Without an official IP rating, it is difficult to know if they are genuinely waterproof or not. Due to this fact, it is advisable to keep them away from water as you may damage them if they don’t turn to be waterproof.

Overall, the SoundLiberty 95 are great earbuds that deliver better sound quality and noise isolation during calls. However, it lacks features like mono mode pairing, which you can find in the SoundLiberty 95. Except for a few downsides, if you love high-quality music drumming your ears, these buds should be your consideration.

Key Differences between the SoundLiberty 88, SoundLiberty 92, and SoundLiberty 95

 SoundLiberty 88SoundLiberty 92SoundLiberty  95
Battery LifeFive hours when fully charged. The charging case can recharge four timesFive hours playtime when fully charged. The charging case can recharge five timesSeven hours playtime when fully charged. The charging case can recharge the buds three times.
Water ResistanceIPX-8 ratingIPX-8 ratingSlash Proof
Noise cancellationFor microphonesNoneFor Microphones
Sound QualityAverageBetterHigh-quality sound and bass
Sound technology10mm High Fidelity Dynamic Drivers13mm PU Drivers to produce Hi-Fi Audio13mm PU Drivers
Stereo/ mono mode supportYESYESYES
Auto Ear DetectYESNOYES
Headphone StyleTruly Wireless Truly Wireless Truly Wireless

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88 vs 92 vs 95- Which is the best option?

We have reviewed the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88, 92, and 95. They almost have the same features, and you may be unable to choose the best for you. However, your choice boils down to your preferences. Some of the buying questions to ask are:

  • Why do you need the buds? : Is it entertainment or making calls?
  • Are the buds meant for indoor, outdoor, or both?
  • Are you okay with recharging regularly?
  • Do you need waterproof buds?

So, how do you make the final buying decision? Here are a few tips to consider:

Best outdoor earbuds

If you are mostly outdoors and you want earbuds that will take you for more hours without recharging them, the SoundLiberty 95 should be your option. It will take longer for the battery to drain. If you only use earbuds for a short time outdoors, maybe only during morning runs, the SoundLiberty 88 or 92 would still do you good.

Best earbuds for making calls

Are you always on calls? You need potent earbuds that isolate noise and make your voice clear. If that’s the case, SoundLiberty 95 should not be your option. You may choose between SoundLiberty 88 and 95. The 95 is better as it features a CVC 8.0 noise isolation feature.

Best indoor earbuds

All the TaoTronics earbuds are great for indoor use. They feature the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, which makes them ideal for listening to music, watching videos, or playing video games. Purchase any of the buds, but be sure to consider the other options.

Best Sound quality

The SoundLiberty 95 and 92 produce the best sound quality. The 95 version, however, has more outstanding bass compared to 92. If you love the sound quality that equates that of headsets, go for the SoundLiberty 95.

Best Performance

SoundLiberty 92 has the best performance in terms of connectivity and controls. Additionally, it has a quick charging capability. A short 5-minute charge will give you 5 hours of playtime. The controls are quick to respond, and the battery lasts for up to 5 hours.

Final Verdict

TaoTronics earbuds will give you value for money without compromising on quality. Whichever product you choose, you can be assured that it is of high quality. Before you order the earbuds, consider the guidelines of main difference between the SoundLiberty 88, SoundLiberty 92, and SoundLiberty 95. I hope you will enjoy the TaoTronics experience.

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