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Now the age of the drone is a continuous evolution where the renowned brands continue to position themselves in the market, while the new ones try to make themselves known with interesting proposals. The British company QuadH2O, is one of them because it is devoted to the manufacture of unmanned waterproof aircraft. Soon to present to its latest model designed for professionals, the HEXH2O Pro V2.

It is considered by being the most powerful and resistant in its category. This is because its use is intended for experienced users looking for exclusivity or an equipment for inspections. Therefore, it has an application with advanced functions and a high-performance remote control for precise handling.

The most interesting thing is that the new QuadH2O drone has built-in DJI systems and accessories. Its purpose is to combine the best of both worlds to provide greater reliability. Some of its highlights are its camera with 4K technology and the flight controller DJI Naza N3. The HEXH2O Pro V2 has promising features and today we will analyze them in this post.

HEXH2O Pro V2: an all-terrain drone from QuadH2O

Image Credit : QuadH2O

In 2012, the British company QuadH2O started in the unmanned aircraft industry for beginners and professionals. However, the firm took an important step because its equipment is water-resistant to fly in the rain and navigate the water without problems.

The HEXH2O Pro V2 has such skills to become a drone with full functions. Its high power is due to its body made of epoxy fiber to be resistant against extreme climates. It also has six built-in propellers to achieve fast flight speeds and a floating system to land on water.

In addition, a DJI Zenmuse X3 camera with transparent cover to prevent contact with water is located on the front of the device. It can be moved in different directions to capture high resolution aerial or aquatic photographs and record videos in 4K.

The new HEXH2O Pro V2 professional model has advanced features and a high-performance remote control. These functions are offered by an application that allows controlling the configurations of the aircraft and the camera. In this way, they are operated from the remote control where the settings are displayed on the screen and transmits an effective signal of up to 5km.

Features of the HEXH2O Pro V2

Image Credit : QuadH2O

Powerful capabilities

As we mentioned earlier, the equipment is the most powerful in its category, due to its internal body and system. It has integrated a double battery of 8000mAh that allows you to fly for 30 minutes. In addition, it can reach a top speed of up to 56km / h thanks to the 350KV propulsion system.

Its high performance and reliability is concentrated primarily in the flight controller, DJI Naza N3. Its purpose is to control the flight of the aircraft because it detects any failure. It also has a vibration damping system for greater stability.

Highly resistant body

The body of the HEXH2O Pro V2 is made of epoxy fiber to be resistant against extreme climates. Thanks to its waterproof cover you can fly in the rain and navigate the water without problems.

Its body is made up of six propellers and six folding arms to store it in a practical way. Meanwhile, in the lower part is located a floating system, that is to say, two buoys so that it floats on the water.

In addition, on the front side the camera is protected with a transparent cover to avoid contact with water. Notably, the camera can move down to record images of marine life.

This model has a size of 740 x 240 x 650mm and a weight of 1450 gr. Its robust appearance offers the capacity to withstand strong winds of up to 25mph and to load a maximum weight of 2kg.

DJI Zenmuse X3

From the beginning of the company has maintained a close relationship with the recognized DJI. This is due to the integration of systems and accessories of DJI to enhance the performance of aircraft. However, this time QuadH2O decides to innovate with the HEXH2O Pro V2 with the addition of new elements.

The first is a DJI Zenmuse X3 camera suspended on a three-axis cardan protected with a transparent cover. It has a 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor of 12.4 megapixels, which records images with higher quality compared to the other cameras of the previous models.

Also, the 20mm wide angle generates a wide viewing angle of 94 °, ideal for aerial or aquatic photography. Nevertheless, its main capacity is the recording of videos in 4K to 30fps. In this way, it guarantees videos with excellent resolution and sharp thanks to the gimbal system to compensate for any movement.

Another favorable aspect of this system is that it allows the camera to move from top to bottom and sideways. Thus, the user can photograph or record videos from different perspectives, either during the flight or when the drone is floating on the water.

DJI Lightbridge 2

Image Credit : QuadH2O

The second DJI element that is included in the new unmanned aircraft is the Lightbridge 2 remote control. This control is characterized by being the most powerful of the firm, due to its precision and resolution.

With the DJI Lightbridge 2 you can manage the speed, altitude, drone addresses and configure the advanced functions. It also facilitates the visualization of flight or submarine from the screen of a smartphone or tablet in Full HD resolution.

On the other hand, its design is simple to have two levers, an on / off button and a customizable button. Its high efficiency is in the upper edge where there are a series of buttons and two scrolls for a more precise handling of both the equipment and the camera. In addition, it has a built-in USB port, mini HDMI, 3G-SDI and a micro USB.

With respect to its high power is reflected in the 2.4GHz signal transmission. The drone is able to receive the signal up to a maximum distance of 5km for the user to explore without limits. Undoubtedly, it is an important aspect to carry out professional inspections, scientific investigations, searches, rescues, etc.

Advanced functions

The precise handling of the HEXH2O Pro V2 is not only due to its remote control, but also by the DJI Go application. The app offers advanced features to ensure safe flight and detailed control of your settings.

Thanks to it you can view the images in real time in high definition from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. In addition, it displays information about battery status and signal strength.

However, his most outstanding tool for this professional unmanned aircraft are manual controls for the camera. In this way, the user can easily manage the picture settings while the aircraft is flying or navigating. In addition, you have other options to have a safe control as takeoff and automatic landing, and Return to home.


+ Specialist in professional inspections

+ Camera DJI Zenmuse X3

+ Videos in 4K

+ Three-axis gimbal system

+ DJI Lightbridge 2 Remote Control

+ Body resistant to extreme weather conditions

+ Floating system

+ DJI Go application with advanced features (available for iOS and Android)

+ Can fly for 30 minutes

+ 2kg maximum load system

+ Reaches a top speed of 56km / h

+ Resist strong winds up to 25mph

+ Double battery


+ High management knowledge is required.

+ It can float in the water, but not submerge

+ High price

Price and availability

The HEXH2O Pro V2 will be available starting March 31, 2017 and will cost approximately $ 6500 USD. If you are interested in this incredible professional aircraft you can log on to quadh2o.com

The equipment is synonymous of high technology for being powerful, resistant and versatile. Undoubtedly, it becomes an innovative drone for professionals because of the wide use options.

Do you know anyone who needs the HEXH2O Pro V2?

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