Smart Expandable Fugu Luggage Changing The Way You Pack For Holiday

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Technology is viewed and purported to make life more simpler and much easier. It also graces itself with robust and mind-blowing discoveries. Creatives aren’t asleep making sure we are satisfied every step of the journey. Now travelling is also seen to be made much easier. People travelling now can testify that indeed travelling experience has suddenly taken a positive turn. Packing your much needed stuff while heading for a journey has always been difficult, but since the introduction of Fugu luggage, an expandable luggage handler that surpasses the obvious understanding. For the first time, a whole efficient travelling stuff handler has just been introduced. This is viral!

Fugu expandable luggage is the form of the new era. It has shelves to give you an option of putting your travelling luggage in any compartment of choice. This is the modern way of handling things. Provided with quality features that make it the most outstanding in the market, it is endowed with the following;

Easy carrying

Fugu expandable luggage shelves bags are made much more light in order to accommodate more luggage and avoid being cumbersome. Imagine a luggage handler with more weight that even the stuff you carry in it, that would be inefficient. Efficiently made to make the experience quite simpler and easy, it serves the purpose very good. Fugu doesn’t weigh much, we can say it’s some hundreds grams less one pound. Fact being that it is made from a plastic material, which may not be significantly heavier, but rather lighter. It has been fully tested to comply with the set standard airline ferry size limitations policies on baggage and luggage. The Fugo suitcase is hence made to expand from the size of a maximum regulation sized carry-on size to the size of a maximum regulation sized check-in during the flight.


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Fugu is critically designed to serve multiple tasks. Fugu is made to make different interesting and need cognitive transformations. Fugu can be a travelling suitcase bag, a table, a closet, a laptop case and shelves. For this reason, as a traveler you can be able to have tea on a table or ladies who may want to have to apply make-up, fit stuff into a suitcase, keep your laptop (fugu is supplied with a sizable Fugu laptop case that you can keep your laptop), hang your suit in a closet, and have shelves to put stuff. Amazing? Right this is a universal solution to travelling needs. Can you keep your pets too? Surely, don’t ask me that.


Fugu was because of an attempt to find a solution to existing suitcase problems. For that reason, in 2013, when Isaac (co-founder), realized in order to carry-on that he had packed to take on a business trip was not sufficient to transport gifts back home to his loved ones and friends after the completion of the trip. Isaac must have been an interestingly good man.

So in the struggle to solve this puzzle, his team realized that the already existing suitcases in the market by then we’re of the same features and size, and that could not even satisfactorily meet the endless needs of travelers. After serious and intensive market research, they found out that there wasn’t enough flexibly and suitability, so they decided to me up with a more revolutionized way of handling luggage. And that’s what gave birth to a more realistic and luggage suitcase called Fugu luggage which is much better and better. This is considered a tech-wiz prime of the current century and even projecting much to the next century. This is the product to have in mind in the current modern world.

Water Proof

Fugu luggage is made of a waterproof material. As we understand, plastics are very much waterproof and thus this makes the bag to be a unique one. Your stuff can’t be messed up as a result of water spilling on your travelling bag. This can prevent soaking wet your clothes and other things stored in your smart suitcase. Can’t risk water messing you up? Grab this.

Strong and Stable

The expandable luggage handler is made from strong material and thus very strong. It also has a well spread base to attain stability. It can last for a very long time since is is also resistant to damages. Being made from a strong plastic material having been tested to withstand altitude crash or damage, Fugu is a big deal and big time item to own as soon as possible. Relieving yourself from the hussle of getting a strong, stable and genuine travelling suitcase solution. It just got you.

Simplified transportation

Moving Fugu luggage is much easier since it is fixed with wheels of great and smooth rotation. The wheels can have a 360 degrees rotation, which are not directionally restricted. You can move in any direction without having to face can specific way. You are not required to carry the suitcase, but rather, you can just drug it the the nice provisional wheels to just make it an easy and awesome experience.

Perhaps you need to know how to handle inflation of the Fugu luggage suitcase; simple, you just press a button in order to activate the built-in electric pump (called the Fugu pump), and then you can alternatively externally attach any regular air pump or you can breathe naturally into an external tube. Sounds quite simple? Oh yes, that’s it.

Shipping of these fugu products may sometimes take as much as 3 months, while can be received instantly when closer to manufacturers or stores. It the overseas shipping which can take that long. The retailers or manufacturers normally conduct constant communication, so that the consumer is updated on the status of delivery.

The fugu luggage price is a bit comfortable and one can be able to purchase. Moreover, remember there are always promotions that make you buy at an affordable price. Also viable are the discounts feted against purchases. They offer purchases discount for the customers.

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