The Zera Food Recycler Turns Kitchen Waste Into Fertilizer In 24 Hours

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We are likely to be on the same page if I mention that food recycling for other purposes hasn’t been easy.Converting food waste material into something useful and meaningful overtime has been quite a while a challenge and it’s true that we waste food for different reasons. Thinking of changing that food waste into a useful fertilizer is now possible reality to achieve with the idea of the American giant Whirlpool, now introducing the intuitive technology of an eco-friendly device, Zera food recycler to make the work more easier, simple an stress free. The food waste recycling into fertilizer is now possible, thanks to Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler.

How does zera food recycler work

Zera food recycling is more sensible in that it encompasses reducing wastage of resources. It therefore highly recommended by many. It works best to your advantage based on the following features;

High-tech and Compatible

Whilpool developed an Apple and Android smartphone Compatible device. Zera’s iOS/Android compatible app that very much allow users to comfortably manage the recycling process of foodstuff remotely without any strain. Zera’s app keeps you notified every step of the way in the process of recycling out your food. It has the child safety control mechanism locks. Zera makes the most sense when it comes to protecting your children and young ones at home. This reduces the risks of children being messed by the system and keeps the device itself from unnecessary interference. You are able to control the Zera waste manager remotely.

Zera trust can is capable of recycling almost a whole week’s food waste within a small span of 24 hours in a completely automated process. With the Android companion app, by a simple presss, users are able to recycle 99 percent of their food (exclusive of bones and pits) and a Zera fertilizer to a useful soil for plants, gardens, lawns in your land.

Zera Food Recycler is one of the most intelligent and interesting eco-friendly technologies device to transform the experience of handling food products. It is expected to be a game-changer in the industry, and attracts a massive number of users, almost having absolute control of the market. And even outsmart the close competitors in the industry.

Very efficient

Zera food recycling is efficient and effective in a sense that you need a little to recycle huge junk of food waste within a short span of time. Imagine recycling as much as a whole week’s food waste within just an hour. Sounds incredibly interesting. Isn’t it? Visualize having a ready fertilizer on the go. It’s actually very simple, you are saved from buying the expensive fertilizer from the stores. It’s very efficient in also saving time, relieving you from the headache of waiting for the long composting period. Zera food recycler does it as fast as possible so that your precious time is put into realization. The Zera food recycler simply accelerates the composting process to make faster your fertilizer available on demand. The Zera Food Recycler breaks down food waste by using a unique combination of oxygen, moisture, heat and mixing to expedite the decomposition process in a technical, yet faster process. Zera waste disposal just got better!

Intutive technical provisions

The Zera food recycler is a unique device of it’s kind owing to the fact that is has a Control Panel which is used to start, stop, pause, and get notified to operate the device after a week, with the help of an OS/Android companion app that works better with you apple or Android phone or tablet. It has a Mixing Motor which turns mixing blade to process the available food waste. Accompanied with a Blade with heat and the Zera Additive (sometimes supplied separately and available in the stores), blades that churn and break down food scraps into simpler form.It has the Zera Filter HEPA/carbon filter intelligently designed to continuously filter air. Zera food recycling brings a purposeful innovation to consumer way of handling food waste. It delivers on a robust demand for more eco-friendly solutions for the home kitchen.

Lightweight and Space Efficient

The Zera recycler comes in a small and sizable size of 11*22*33.75 inches only. The weight of this recycler is 118.6 pounds thus consequently light. It delivers on an increasing demand for more eco-environmentally-driven solutions for the home use and viability. Therefore only needs a smaller space to install. Moreover, it’s light weight become significant as that much. Therefore, if you want something light and small, yet very effective, go no further; zera food recycler is the best.

Very durable

By just purchasing a single piece of Zera food recycle, one is able to use it for quite a long time. It is made from very quality materials to enable it work efficiently. If very well maintained and serviced, Zera can last for a very long time.


Zera compost machine is available in the market and can be accessed online or from available physical stores with the best features. If you need one, you can purchase from Amazon without any kind of difficulty. For those around USA and Canada can enjoy the free home delivery.

A very large population of the globe would really love to have Zera food recyler with them in their kitchen, in the event of reducing food waste into fertilizer and effortlessly having to buy the fertilizer for their farms. Zera recycling brings a technically revolutionized way of handling waste within a very short time and in larger quantities. The demand for products that are capable of transforming the the way wastes are handled brings more alert into forcing more creative and critical ideas to be reinforced.

Looking for a way to completely go digital for a better experience. Your food shouldn’t be regarded as waste but rather a useful utility to transform your agricultural experience and thus more awakening productivity. Making life simple means using Zera trash can. An absolute pleasure for real change. Go grab Zera compost machine now!

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