Best Tablet Keyboard For Android, iOS And Windows Tablets

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Typing long texts using your tablet’s on-screen keyboard can be time-consuming since its keys are too cramped. In fact, you will have to waive your typing comfort, speed, and efficiency if you insist on using the on-screen keyboard.

Would you want an alternative to that inconvenient soft keyboard? If yes, invest in a good external keyboard for your mobile gadget. An external keyboard for android tablets has large keys to let you type comfortably and quickly.

But since finding a good external keyboard for your tablet can be stressing, we have proposed some of the best models to save you from the hassle. Also, we have suggested some features to consider when shopping for the right model.

Our best picks

Nulaxy ultra-slim keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your tablet. This wireless technology saves you from the mess associated with keyboards that pair up with your device using a wire or a docking station.

Measuring 9.25X5.31X0.2 inches, this keyboard has a sufficient surface area to accommodate full-size keys. With the full size keyset you can type long texts or edit long documents with reliable speed and comfort. The keys are sturdy enough to survive regular typing for an extended period.

Nonetheless, some users who have tried this best Bluetooth keyboard for android tablets claim that the keys are smaller than those of a standard computer keyboard. You can easily tap on two buttons when typing with speed.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00T7GDZXMY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Comes with a leather cover
  • Cover available in three color choices
  • Works on multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable
  • Leather cover works as a stand
  • Can snap if mishandled
  • Keys are quite cramped

Nulaxy ultra-slim keyboard comes with a detachable leather cover to protect the keys from dust, moisture, and other elements. Besides safeguarding the buttons, you can fold and use the cover as a stand for your tablet, iPad, or smartphone. The cover comes in brown, black, and grey color options to let you get a keyboard that blends well with your tablet’s aesthetics.

Besides using the keyboard on your tablet, you can use it on your iPhone, iPad pro, mini laptop, android smartphone, Google Nexus, and any other Bluetooth enabled mobile gadget that uses a keyboard.

Nulaxy KM12 keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery that can survive up to three years. The lithium-ion battery charges fully within four hours, and a single charge can power your keyboard for 40 hours of typing.

The keyboard switches off automatically after staying idle for 15 minutes. This smart feature extends your battery’s life by preventing battery use while the keyboard is inactive. You can wake up the keyboard by pressing any button.

Nulaxy rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard’s ultra-slim profile occupies little storage space in your purse or bag, and it is light enough to carry around. However, you would want to handle it carefully since it can easily break when mishandled.

Does your tablet use the Windows operating system? If yes, the Microsoft wedge would make an excellent investment for you. Unlike the universal tablet keyboards, this model comes equipped with windows eight shortcut keys to simplify your typing or computing tasks.

Apart from Windows 8 OS, you can use it for tablets or smartphones that use Windows 7, Windows RT, Android, or iOS operating systems. Therefore, you should not shy off from buying the keyboard even if it seems windows centric.

Microsoft wedge uses Bluetooth technology, thereby saving you from the hassle of using those models with cables and or transceivers. Moreover, Bluetooth can connect to more than two mobile devices at a time.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B008OEHPKM” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Use Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a cover to protect your keys
  • Cover can be used as a stand
  • Compatible with various tablets and smartphones
  • Extra keys for added convenience
  • Battery status indicator
  • Uses non-rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Quite costly
  • Non- foldable

Microsoft’s wedge has a black-colored, magnetized rubber cover to protect its keys from accumulating dust, moisture, and other external elements. The cover folds to form a stand for your tablet or any other mobile device. Also, the cover serves as a switch to turn on/off your Microsoft wedge.

The tablet keyboard’s brushed metal construction can withstand regular typing for an extended period. Its full-sized keyset makes typing an easy and quick task. Therefore, we would recommend it for people who use their tablet to type or edit long texts regularly.

Microsoft wedge’s slim profile consumes less space in your bag while its lightweight lets you carry the keyboard around comfortably. On the downside, the keyboard does not fold, a design flaw that can turn off highly mobile users.

Different from cheap keyboards, the Microsoft wedge has ingeniously positioned full-sized keys to improve your typing speed, enhance your typing speed, as well as reduce the noise produced while typing.

The mobile keyboard uses two AAA non-rechargeable batteries to keep you powered. While the cells can serve you for long, many users say that the keyboard would have been better if it used rechargeable batteries. Its battery charge indicator lets you know when you need to replace the batteries.

Do you want a highly portable and inexpensive keyboard that you can carry around without trouble? If yes, the Jellycomb folding keyboard would be your most ideal investment.

It folds into a low profile that can fit into small bags or even your pocket. Moreover, this best android tablet keyboard is designed from a lightweight aircraft-grade shell that weighs a mere 200 grams. 

It is light enough to carry around for a prolonged period without fatigue. Moreover, the aircraft weight material can survive regular typing.  It is an ideal keyboard for those who need good value out of a small budget.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01LS32D52″ key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Foldable to a compact wallet size
  • Highly portable
  • Has a touchpad
  • Uses Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Goes to sleep mode when left idle
  • Uses a high capacity rechargeable battery
  • Some keys are undersized
  • Some time required to master key layout

Jellycomb folding keyboard uses the Bluetooth connectivity technology with a transmission range of ten meters. You can use it with your laptop, smartphone, or any other Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

The foldable keyboard comes equipped with a high capacity rechargeable battery that recharges quickly and retains its charge for a reasonable period. When fully charged, the battery can let you type for 48 hours before it drains.

This foldable Bluetooth keyboard has a touchpad that lets you control your tablet’s cursor from the keyboard. While the touchpad works with most tablets, it may not function on devices that use the iOS operating system.

Jellycomb keyboard for tablets goes to sleep mode when you leave it idle for 10 minutes. This smart feature prevents battery usage while you don’t use your keyboard. If the keyboard goes idle, click on any button to turn it on.

While this best keyboard for tablet works efficiently, users who have tried it complain that it lacks a multipurpose cover that can be used as a stand. So, you would have to purchase a tablet stand if you wish to enhance your comfort while typing.

Just as its name suggests, Microsoft universal keyboard works with all sorts of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. You can use it with your laptop, tablet, iPad, and any other mobile device that uses the Android, iOS, or windows operating systems.

This best tablet keyboard for android tablet uses Bluetooth 4.0, a modern version of Bluetooth that consumes less power. Moreover, the Bluetooth version pairs up quickly with your devices and it has lower latencies than predecessor Bluetooth versions.

It folds into the size of a male’s wallet to fit into small bags or even your pocket. This best keyboard for android tablets measures 5mm, a slim, elegant, and light size to carry around. You can bring it to your office, home, or when going on a holiday.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00UBGU4PY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable
  • Spill-resistant
  • Consumes less power
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Quite costly
  • Has a vast ridge between the left and right keys

The keyboard has a full-size keyset that makes typing easy, accurate, speedy, and comfortable. The keys are the same size as those of a normal computer keyboard. However, this model has a broad ridge between the right and left keys, an unusual feature that can complicate typing for first time users.

Unlike many cheap models, Microsoft universal keyboard features a non-spill design that repels water and moisture to keep your investment safe from accidental spills. Its sturdy plastic frame endures regular typing for many years.

Microsoft universal keyboard uses high capacity, built-in, rechargeable battery to keep you powered. When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery can serve you for three months before it drains out.

Switching the keyboard on/off is never complicated. If you wish to switch it on, unfold it, and start typing. It turns off automatically when you fold it up.

ZAGG Universal keyboard’s key size and positioning maintain 85% of the size used in the standard desktop keyboards. Also, the keyboard’s keys are sensitive enough to let you type without missing a stroke. As such, this best keyboard for the tablet would let you type naturally and quickly, just the way you could have done using your regular computer keyboard.

 ZAGG folds to a small rectangle that can fit in small purses, cramped backpacks, or even your pocket. This feature presents you with an opportunity to travel with your keyboard to home, office, or for a holiday.

Different from other foldable keyboards, ZAGG universal keyboard folds between its key lines to minimize the awkward spacing that can make typing a problematic task. It is one of the reasons why we propose it as one of the keyboards that would let you type as naturally as possible.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00VY90WI6″ key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Universal compatibility
  • Uses a powerful rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Comes with a cover
  • Cover folds to form a stand
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full-size keys for convenient typing
  • Quite small for people with big hands

The best tablet keyboard connects to your tablet wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. The wireless tech saves you from unnecessary clutter on your desk, and it lets you use your keyboard on virtually all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

The best keyboard for the tablet comes equipped with a magnetic cover to protect your keys from scratches and external elements that could damage it. The cover switches on/off your keyboard and a stand to hold your tablet or mobile phone.

ZAGG Foldable keyboard uses a powerful lithium-ion battery with a lifetime of 2 years. A single charge can serve you for more than one month before it runs out of charge. However, the usage time depends on how often you use the keyboard.

Weighing 176 grams, MoKo ultra-thin universal keyboard stands as one of the lightest tablet keyboards for Android you would find in computer shops.  You can fold it to a small size that fits into a purse, small backpack, and or your pocket.

This universal keyboard is constructed from a premium grade ABS material to endure the wear and tear resulting from regular typing. You can, therefore, own the keyboard for several years if you accord it the care it deserves.

Just like most keyboards on our best list, MoKo universal Bluetooth keyboard works with almost all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices and laptops that use conventional operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01EHSLFAY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Foldable and portable
  • Sensitive keys
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Excellent durability
  • Full-size keyset for natural typing
  • Uses rechargeable battery
  • Connects wirelessly
  • Awkward gap between the left and right keys
  • Might duplicate or miss keystrokes when typing at high speed

It connects to your laptop using Bluetooth 3.0 technology, a version that pairs up quickly with your device. Into the bargain, Bluetooth 3.0 offers stable connectivity, and it uses less power than traditional Bluetooth versions.

MoKo keyboard’s full-size keyset lets you type as naturally as someone using the standard computer keyboard. The keys make typing an easy and quick task. However, the broad ridge between the keys might slow down your typing speed when using the keyboard for the first time.

The keys have a scissor-switch beneath them to let you type effortlessly and quickly. This feature makes the keyboard an ideal option for those who are looking to type lengthy emails or editing long texts regularly.

MoKo universal keyboard comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that charges fully within two hours. A single charge can let you use your keyboard for 40 hours before it runs out of power. The battery provides a standby time of over 30 days. Its magnetic switch turns your gadget on when you unfold it, and off when you unfold it.

Have you been looking for a tablet keyboard that would take your typing efficiency to the next level? If yes, Logitech K810 keyboard would be the model you have been dreaming of. While this best tablet keyboard seems costly, it has almost every feature you would need to enhance your typing efficiency.

The keyboard for android tablets has bright backlit keys to let you type even in dim settings. It auto-adjusts its brightness according to your room’s light intensity to save you from eye strain associated with poor lighting regulation. A proximity detector on the keyboard turns on the lights when your fingers approach the keys.

Logitech K810 keyboard uses Bluetooth to pair up with your tablet or any other mobile device. Its Bluetooth offers a connectivity range of 10 meters and its pair up quickly with all mobile devices. You can pair up to three devices using Logitech K810 illuminated keyboard.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B0099SMFVQ” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Has backlit keys
  • Works with multiple devices
  • Can pair up with three devices at a time
  • Looks stylish
  • Pairs up quickly with most Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Types quietly
  • Costly
  • Non-foldable

It has an easy- switch Bluetooth technology that lets you switch from one device to another. This function saves you from purchasing several keyboards to operate your computer and or any other mobile device.

While the keyboard doesn’t fold, it has a compact and thin profile to enhance its portability. It consumes little space in your bag, and its light enough to let you carry it to your office, home, vacation, or any other place.

Unlike some noisy keyboards, Logitech K810 uses Logitech keycap design, an innovative feature that reduces the acoustic sound resulting from typing. As such, you can use it in a quiet place without bothering people around you.

Do you love stylish gadgets? If yes, Logitech K180 would be your best mate. It has an attractive aluminum finish to improve your workspace’s aesthetics and low profile keys that boost its style. You would not mind showing it off to your friends.

This keyboard uses one rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to keep you powered. A single charge can sustain up to 40 hours of typing, and the battery can last up to three years before it wears out.

Ideas to help you get the right keyboard for your tablet

  • Keyboard size and key spacing

Tablet keyboards for Android come in multiple sizes. Some are small with cramped buttons while are others are large with well-spaced keys. If you prefer typing comfort to portability, get a keyboard with full-size keys. Smaller models are ideal for highly mobile people.

  • Connectivity

Some keyboards connect to your tablet via Bluetooth technology, and others connect via a docking station. Many tablet users prefer Bluetooth keyboards since they work with multiple brands of mobile devices and some can connect with two or more devices at a time.

  • Battery life

Battery life is an essential consideration when buying a Bluetooth enabled keyboard for tablet. A good battery should hold its charge for a reasonable period before it drains out, and it should serve you for long before it wears out. A keyboard can use either a non-rechargeable or rechargeable battery.

  • Noise levels

The typing noise from a tablet keyboard can irritate you or bother the people around you, more so when typing in a quiet setting. On that account, you should shop around for a keyboard that would let you type silently.

Our Verdict

A wireless keyboard for android tablet is necessary for anybody who wishes to increase his typing efficiency. It lets you type long documents faster and comfortably. While the gadget seems such crucial, finding a durable, easy to use, and portable one can be quite stressing.

If you have been looking for a right tablet keyboard, we have suggested some of the best keyboards for Android tablets to save you from the hassle. If you are on a budget, get Nulaxy ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard, Jellycomb folding keyboard, or MoKo ultra-thin universal keyboard.

The low-budget keyboards for tablet have sensitive full-size keys, and they use Bluetooth to connect to your tablet, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, the keyboards use a rechargeable battery, and they are highly portable.

For mid-end customers who want a keyboard with a reasonable price-value, we propose a Microsoft wedge or Microsoft universal keyboard. While the keyboards are a bit pricey, they have several features to enhance your efficiency.

Microsoft wedge has a cover to safeguard your keys from scratches, dust, and moisture. Also, the cover holds your tablet while typing. Apart from the cover, Microsoft wedge has sensitive keys, works with multiple devices, connects wirelessly, and it has a battery status indicator to help you keep an eye on your battery usage.

Microsoft universal keyboard boasts of a spill-resistant construction that shields it from the damage that could result from accidental spills. The keyboard works with virtually all tablets, has an ultra-powerful rechargeable battery, and it folds to a portable size.

If you wouldn’t mind spending more, purchase Logitech K810 illuminated the keyboard. The keyboard boasts of stylish design, highly sensitive keys, and a powerful rechargeable battery. It can connect with 3 tablets at a time, and it lets you type silently.

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