Best Keyboards Under $50 For Tight-Budget

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If you are a gamer, you must have looked for a keyboard at some point in your gaming live. There are many expensive keyboards but, if you are under a tight budget, you may be worried whether you can get a keyboard. Here is the good news; you can get the best mechanical keyboard under 50. In this post, I will give a review of affordable keyboards which you can buy and enjoy your gaming.

Apart from the affordability, these keyboards’ quality is not compromised. They are the best when you are under a tight budget. So you don’t have to worry about the keyboard condition. In fact, over the years, these keyboards have become very popular among gamers.

Notably, these standard mechanical keyboards do not have brand names but are sold as generic switches. From the physical appearance, you can’t distinguish between a high-end keyboard from a generic one. Therefore, if you are working with a tight budget, and you still want to have the best gaming experience using an excellent keyboard, generic mechanical keyboards are the best option for you.

Best Keyboards Under $50 Right Now!

In this post, I will give a list of the best keyboards under 50, you can get in the market under budget. The keyboards are available in the market, and you can buy them on Amazon online stores. You will have them delivered to your doorstep. If you are an online shopper, you only need to identify what you need, then order one.

Corsair is known to manufacture some of the best devices in the market. K55 RGB is no exception. Although this keyboard is cheap, it’s quality, performance and durability are uncompromised.

If you are looking for the best gaming experience, the CORSAIR K55 RGB is the what you need. It’s one of the best gaming keyboards under 50. The keyboard comes with six programmable macro keys. This feature ensures you can press the key combination as you want it to be.

Additionally, the keyboard is designed with a media playback buttons. The buttons allow you to play music or video without interrupting your game.

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Details Feature of CORSAIR Gaming Keyboard

  • Six programmable macro keys.

This keys allows you to get the key combination as you want it comfortably.

  • Compatibility

The keyboard is compatible with Xbox One, and one can use it to play the games from the device as long as they are keyboard enabled. Also, the console meets the necessary compatibility requirements. It can be used on computers using different windows. For instance;

  • Comfort

The keyboard keys are quite responsive. This gives one comfortable gaming experience. Also, the texture is favorable for a good grip, which again is a plus in as far as comfort is concerned.

  • Media dedicated buttons.

 During gaming, you don’t want the interruption. However, you may also consider playing some music which will crown your entertainment experience. The media and volume buttons ensure you run your media without disrupting your ongoing game.

  • Backlighting.

Lighting is crucial as it affects your mood and comfort. You need to comfort when gaming and getting the lighting right, contributes significantly to that. The backlighting modes allow you to choose the lighting mode, which works best for you.

The backlighting is divided into 3 zones that gives one the customized feel. Although the options for customization is limited, the level it offers is enough and yet simple. You can play around with colors and patterns to bring the best comfortable lighting brightness, feel, and contrast.

  • Wrist rest.

The keyboard comes with a rubber wrist rest, which makes gaming experience the gentlest exercise to always look forward to.


Even with the above likable features, CORSAIR K55 RGB is still a mechanical keyboards under 50 suitable when you are working with a little budget.

The keyboard is user-friendly and very comfortable to use. You will not feel fatigued even you play for long hours since it has a soft wrist rest. The texture is good for the best grip, so your hands are always relaxed when using this keyboard.

The keyboard has the best-desired features one would like to find in a console. In a gaming environment, you need the best devices to perform the best. This keyboard offers precisely that.

For the longest time, there has been a general assumption that if something is high price tag means quality. With affordable mechanical keyboards, that’s not true. There are many good mechanical keyboards under 50. K55 RGB keyboard is one of such, and it has received many positive reviews. If you are keen on performance, then the former buyers and gamers have good testimony about the positive experience. You can play and enjoy while you save money. This best mechanical keyboard under 50 is not expensive, and it offers you the best services.

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Features and Specs Redragon Gaming Keyboard

  • Red LED lighting

The KUMARA RED LED is a keyboard that gives a beyond average service and gaming experience.

  • Custom Mechanical switches

This performance was driven keyboard. It is considered to be an equivalent of Cherry Blue. The keyboard is designed having 87-keys space. The keyboard helps in freeing up space, without compromising on the performance. The keyboard is meticulously affordable, so you don’t have to worry much about the cost.

  • Metal and ABS construction.

 It also has a gold plated USB connector. This makeup is the reason for its longevity and durability. The keys are responsive.

  • Comfort

It doesn’t matter how many hours you put into gaming in a day- you will always feel comfortable using this keyboard. Even when the game is so intense, you will experience no strain or fatigue. Additionally, it provides an excellent typing angle, which is non-slip and adjustable for maximum comfort.

  • Spill resistance

The is design to withstand damage from spills. The keyboard is made of spill resistance material, which is non-corrosive. There are regular unavoidable spills which are difficult to avoid.

  • Easy to clean.

When the keyboard needs some cleaning, you can easily remove the keys. With long-term usage, the keyboard becomes dirty, and cleaning is the only remedy.

  • Easy to customize the switches

You can add a personal touch to the keyboard by switching the keycaps. Gaming offers one an individualized experience, and many gamers look forward to a personalized appeal. This can be driven from anywhere, including having a crucial unique arrangement. 

  • Media keys.

Redragon K552 comes with 12 media keys, which makes it possible for one to tune on music to play without interrupting a gaming session.

  • The keyboard can be used for office work.

While the keyboard is suitable for gaming, you can use it for office work too. This implies you don’t need two keyboards. You only need to switch use whenever you want to. This makes gaming to be a flexible activity. You can plan your time to be playing during your free hours on a working day. You don’t have to change stations to start either of the activity. However, you need to discipline.

When using this keyboard, you make fewer unavoidable errors and typos. The keys’ feel and the keystrokes are suitable for ensuring accuracy.

One of the notable shortcomings of this keyboard is that it does not have a numpad. If you want to use the numpad, then this keyboard is not suitable for you. However, most people are known to use keyboard comfortable even without the need for numpad. Therefore, if you are one of such, then you don’t have to bypass this great offer. Many people consider this an advantage since the keyboard occupies less space.


The experience you get from using this keyboard feels twice its price. The features are superb, and any gamer who has used this keyboard before knows its quality and performance is unbeatable.

Importantly, there are three K552 options. Each of these is priced differently. There is the basic K552 keyboard designed without the backlight. This is the cheapest option. If you have a tight budget, and not interested in luxurious features, then this is the best choice for you. Secondly, is the K552 with a rainbow backlighting which costs a little. Lastly, is the Redragon Red LED with RGB backlighting? This has the best backlighting feature, and though it costs more, it is still under $50. Get yourself this best mechanical gaming keyboard under 50 today.

VELOCIFIRE 87-Keyboard is an easy to use gaming keyboard, and it’s affordable. It’s one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 you will come across. The keyboard is specially designed for your Mac. You don’t have to adjust anything on the stings since it is intended to with Mac devices by default. You only plug in your keyboard and start working.

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Features of M87 Mac Keyboard

  • Mac design

The layout is similar to the one for Mac keyboard, and it’s compatible with Mac products. If your in-built Mac keyboard gets damaged, you don’t have to incur ridiculous cost repairing it. With a less than $50, you buy a new mechanical keyboard compatible with your Mac device.

  • Adjustable backlight

The keys are illuminated, allowing one to use the keyboard when there are no lights.

  • Brown switch

When typing the brown keys produce tactile sounds, which are high in a working environment.

  • Compatibility

If you are looking to upgrade your Mac keyboard, you can consider Volecifire M87. The keyboard is excellent and gives you value for your money. Ergonomics design.

  • Comfort

This keyboard design and keys’ layout makes one use the keyboard for long hours without experiencing fatigue.

  • Durable

It is made of plastic, which makes it light and durable. It gives one suitable value for money. If you are a Mac user, then you have no option but buy this keyboard since there are no many options to choose from for Mac users.

  • The keyboard can be used even for office work.

The keyboard is convenient to use for both gaming and office work. It offers excellent comfort that you will not get fatigued for using it for long hours.

  • Easy to upgrade

Also, it’s so easy to upgrade this keyboard. You only need to crack the plastic part up and replace the switches. You can as well pass the keyboard to a friend without feeling much loss since the keyboard is cheap anyway.

  • Portable

The keyboard is TKL, which makes it occupy less space, and it’s portable. The keyboard is generally lightweight, making it easy to carry.

However, on drawbacks, the keyboard is of no use when the LED lights are off. The keyboard lacks a number pad, hence not suitable for suitable if you like using the numpad. Also, the compatibility of this keyboard is limited. You cannot use it on devices that are using Windows.


This review is vital as it gives all the information you would like to know about Velocifire M87- one of the best gaming keyboards under 30. After reading it to the end, you will be convinced that it’s a must-have keyboard. The keyboard price is pocket-friendly and has all the features you would be looking for. You would feel any difference if you switch from using your Mac keyboard to this one. The layout is exactly as the one for Mac keyboard. Also, if you would like to upgrade this keyboard, you can easily do that by replacing the switches.

If you are a gamer, you must be concerned about the quality of the gaming keyboard. To acquire one, the cost is an essential factor to consider. Cooler Master Devastator 3 is a mechanical keyboard of choice, especially for users who are price conscious. You get this best mechanical keyboard under 50 by ordering online today.

The keyboard will serve you beyond expectations. The keycaps can be switched to give you a comfortable feel.


When you think of buying this keyboard, you will not only get the keyboard but a mouse. It is sold as a combo comprising of a mouse and keyboard.  If you have a limited budget of less than $50, then this is what you need. You will get the two at once for that price. Nothing beats that.

The mouse is of excellent quality. It’s hard to get yourself one of a kind anywhere else. The mouse is entirely accurate and has 3 DPI levels already present. This is great for the majority of the game types. Also, the mouse has two thumb buttons on the left. On the front, there is a soft rubber on both sides that enhances a comfortable grip.

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Specs of Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard

  • Seven color Backlight

The backlight makes the keys visible. You have seven color range to choose from. Different people have a different color preference. With this keyboard, you will get the unlimited options that will set your gaming mood throughout the period.

In the dark environment, you can continue enjoying your game without worrying about space lighting. You can concentrate on the game.

  • Six media keys

If you are a fan of music, then these keys come in handy. You can take charge of your music experience by selecting the music of choice to play at the time of your choice. Your media involvement during gaming time does not any way disrupt your gaming. You can adjust volume, select, and pause media options using these dedicated buttons.

  • Grip coated keycaps

The keys are tactile, and you enjoy using this keyboard. You are prone to getting fatigued while gaming using this keyboard. It doesn’t matter the intensity of the game. It also has optical gaming sensor, which is important in gaming.

  • Comfort

Cooler Master Devastator 3 is designed for maximum comfort and convenience for gamers.

  • Lightweight

The keyboard is not only elegant to look at, but it’s also lightweight, and compact. You can carry it around with a lot of ease.

  • Programmed keyboard.

The keyboard is already programmed and allows you to access a great variety of gaming options.

  • Laser etched keys.

The laser engraved keys give you a responsive feel. The keys don’t fade with time. As long as the keyboard is in use, the keys will always be on point. Laser etching is a beautiful way to have the keys to be durable despite longterm usage.

On the downside, you will realize the keyboard can only be used when the LED keyboard lights are on. When the views are off, you can’t see anything, and the keyboard is of no use.


After going through the above features, you are now convinced that this is a keyboard of choice for serious gamers. You can order your set online today, and enjoy many days of your gaming. You don’t have to replace it often since it is durable, and can serve for as long as you wish. Don’t let this opportunity bypass you. Acquire one today for the best gaming experience.

EaglTec KG010 is a quite regular gaming keyboard you can ever come across. It costs you less than $50 to acquire one. Importantly, there are different colors of gaming keyboards, so you have to be very careful to pick EagleTec KG010.

Like most of the other gaming keyboards, EagleTec KG010 comes with backlight options and mechanical switches. I will give you a list of this keyboard features and benefits of each element. With a profound description of each function, you will realize this the keyboard you will need to acquire. The performance is top notch, and the keyboard can serve you for many years without a need for replacement or repair.

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Features of Eagletec Mechanical Keyboard

  • Illuminated keyboard

The keys have a blue LED backlight that makes the keys visible. They are not prone to scratch off, and the keys are visible even in a dark environment. The keyboard is independent of the room lighting. You can use it anywhere at any time regardless of whether space is lit or not.

  • Aluminium/ABS construction

This feature makes the keyboard multipurpose. You can use the keyboard beyond the gaming room. You can use the keyboard even for office work even in a tough industrial environment. Spills and stains do not easily damage the keys.

  • 104 keys mechanical keyboard

The keyboard is designed suitably for the best gaming experience. The keys give the tactile feel and produce click sound. The keys caps give the best accuracy and precision during clicking, which is important in gaming.

  • Durability

The keyboard is durable, and keys are always responsive despite prolonged use and intense gaming.

  • Backlit keyboard

The keyboard is complete, and the keys are non-conflicting. This is important for the best gaming experience at all times. The keys have a good grip. It is also a full keyboard, which is keys. The keys are corrosion free.

  • Compatibility

The keyboard is compatible with various Windows. Therefore, it can be used in almost all the computers that regardless of the windows. For instance, the keyboard can be used on devices with Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, etc.

The keyboard has two notable drawbacks. First, the keystrokes are loud. Some people detest even the slight noise. It’s noteworthy that some people cannot also concentrate on a place with sound. That means when using this keyboard, you might be disturbing others in the room from focusing on their activities.

Secondly, you are required to use slightly more force to press the keys, unlike other keyboards. While the keyboard is comfortable to use, and even the use of special force is unnoticeable, some people still don’t like it.

Apart, from those two drawbacks, the keyboard is a must-have considering the many benefits and important features it offers. The budget is also favorable. Therefore, there is no reason you do not buy one.


If you are looking for a keyboard, then buy EagleTec KG010. This is a beyond- average kind of a keyboard. Given that the keyboard can be used in office, as well as for gaming makes unbeatable. The keyboard is perfect for typing with fewer typos and errors.

EagleTec’s KG010 mechanical gaming keyboard is easy to use and one of the best for under $50. There’s a vast variety of different colors available, so make sure you check them all out!

mechanicals keyboard under 50

Don’t think you only need any keyboard. For gaming, you need a keyboard specifically designed for that purpose. A regular keyboard will not give you the much essential gaming experience you would wish to have.

Gaming keyboards provide gamers with better functionality and comfort even when engaging in a game for long hours or intense play. The keys layout takes care of that, such that even during intense gaming, the player is able too still compete effectively. Even more importantly, some keyboards offer one an option of customizing the keys based on the games to play the best and most comfortable way possible.

The manufacturers offer attention to the gamers interest and go into detail in every facet of the performance. All best gaming keyboard under 50 have distinctive features- backlighting and unique keys’ layouts.

In gaming, a fraction of a second is crucial as it can bring or the difference. If you have been playing video games, you must have noted that gaming keyboards are quite responsive and are more sensitive than regular keyboards.

As you have noted from the list above, only a few differences that make each keyboard stand out. Otherwise, all gaming keyboards are the same, except those few notable difference.

Why buy an expensive keyboard while you can still get a similar best keyboards under 50, but a lesser price tag? Whether you have a limited budget, or not, it’s always reasonable to consider quality versus cost. If an item costs less, and it’s of high quality, there is no reason to forfeit it. That’s why this reviewof mechanicals keyboard under 50 is essential. You have realized you can get a keyboard of choice even with a budget of less than $50 — all the best in making your choice of buying a mechanical keyboard under 50.

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