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A Bluetooth mp3 player is a must-have gadget for audiophiles who wish to enjoy their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. Unlike a smartphone, an MP3 player holds several music files, it is less expensive, and it does not distort the audio quality of files saved in its memory.

While the gadget is such important, finding a good brand from the thousands sold in music stores can be a nightmare. In fact, you can end up investing in an inferior model if you lack the knowledge to pick the best from others.

On that account, we have scrutinized some of the best mp3 players with Bluetooth capability that money can buy. Besides, we have suggested some of the features you need to check before purchasing the player.

Top 6 Bluetooth Mp3 players you would want to buy

Despite its high price tag, this mp3 player with Bluetooth capability comes with an avalanche of features to take your music life a notch higher. It is designed from a rigid aluminum frame to withstand regular use at home, gym, or outdoors.

The frame’s silver finish gives it an attractive high-end glamour that you would not mind showing off to peers. So, if you fancy stylish music gadgets, Sony NWZX300/S would never let you down.

This best mp3 player for running takes shape and size of a compressed smartphone. Its right side has sensitive play/pause, volume, power on/off, and next buttons. The top side has the standard headphone-out ports to let you plug your wired cans. Sony NWZX300/S’ left side harbors a memory expansion slot, and the underside has a USB port.

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  • Sturdy frame
  • Studio-grade sound quality
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • 64Gb storage
  • Has an SD expansion slot
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Slim
  • Weighs 158 grams
  • Quite costly
  • Cannot play preloaded files in an SD card

The mp3 player has a responsive touchscreen that lets you view the titles of your favorite tracks. Moreover, you can use the screen to replay your favorite song, skip from one song to another, as well as stop your music.

Sony NWZX300/S does not only support Mp3 audio format, but it also supports standard audio formats like APE, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, and other formats. However, the music gadget might not play preloaded audio files on your SD card. If you encounter this issue, format the SD card and reload it with files while it stays in your player.

Sony NWZX300/S uses a rechargeable battery that can play music for over 30 hours. It recharges fully within five to six hours.

This Mp3 player from Sony uses innovative audio systems to deliver studio-quality audio quality. You can hardly find such sound quality many low-end Mp3 players with Bluetooth capability.

It uses S-Master HX digital amp to minimize sound distortion, a Hi-Res Audio system to enhance bitrate accuracy, and a DSEE HX technology to restore the sound clarity lost during file compression.

Sony NWZX300/S provides an internal memory size of 64 GB, which is enough to hold thousands of albums from all your favorite artists. If the memory isn’t enough, you can boost it using an external memory card.

Like its Sony siblings, this portable Mp3 player uses innovative audio technologies to deliver outstanding sound clarity. It uses an S-master amplifier to provide excellent tone clarity, and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine to restore the sound quality lost when compressing your music files.

Sony NW-A45 is constructed from a matte plastic polished with either a grayish-black or moonlight blue finish. While the plastic is relatively sturdy, it may not be as sturdy as metallic frames.

The Bluetooth enabled Mp3 player has a 3.1 inch LCD touchscreen for pausing, forwarding, or replaying your favorite tracks. Moreover, the touchscreen has a menu bar that directs you to the general settings you need to operate your music gadget. At first, the Mp3 player’s menu might be hard to navigate.

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  • Outstanding sound clarity
  • 45-hour battery life
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • 128 GB memory expansion slot
  • Supports several audio formats
  • Six band equalizer
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Weighs 98 grams
  • Uses a proprietary charging cable
  • Unfriendly user interface

The Walkman’s right side has easy to press buttons for added control and usability. You can use the buttons to power on/off your device, regulate your music’s volume, play/pause your music, or move to the next song.

NW-A45’s bottom has a standard headphone jack for your wired headsets just in case you don’t want to use Bluetooth enabled headsets. Apart from the headphone jack, the mp3 player’s bottom has a slot to recharge your battery.

Sony NW-A45 has an internal memory storage of 16 GB. The memory is sufficient enough to store thousands of audio files. Nonetheless, you can boost the memory with a 128GB SD card just in case the internal memory cannot hold all your files. The Walkman can play Mp3, WMA, and AAC audio formats.

This Mp3 player utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to keep you powered.  A single charge provides 45 hours of playtime, a reason why we recommend it to people who need a Walkman for outdoor use, as well as commuters who wish to enjoy their favorite music as they travel.

Shanling M0 brags as one of the most potable Mp3 players sold in music stores. It weighs just 33 grams, which is light enough to carry around, and it measures 40X13.5X55mm, a palm-size that can fit into your pocket conveniently.

The Mp3 player is constructed from aluminum and tempered glass to endure consistent use and abuse for an extended period. The aluminum frame comes in purple, blue, titanium, red, and black color polishes to let you invest in a finish that pleases you most.

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  • Weighs 33 grams
  • Palm-size
  • 512 GB memory expansion slot
  • Easy to use
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Durable frame
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lacks an internal memory
  • The screen is less sensitive

Despite its compact size, Shanling M0 music player has almost every feature you would find in large-size, high-end Bluetooth Mp3 players. It’s built-in ESS chip produces clear audio to enjoy every beat in your favorite tunes.

Unlike the Bluetooth Mp3 players, Shanling lacks an internal memory. Instead, it provides a 512 GB memory expansion slot where you can insert your most ideal SD card. For that reason, you should be ready to spend some extra dollars on an SD card of your preferred memory size.

Shanling Hi-Res media player takes the shape of a smartwatch with a 1.54-inch curved touch screen and an auxiliary button for regulating volume. Using the touch screen, you can stop/pause your music, move to the next/previous track, or replay a given song.

While the curved touch screen performs such a significant role, some users who have tried it complain that it is not as sensitive as that found in high-end models. You may have to tap on the icons several times before they respond.

Shanling M0 Hi-Res uses a 630mAh battery to keep you powered. The battery has an estimated life of 15 hours. However, the time depends on the volume of your music, as well as the mode of output you are using.

Philips GoGear Ariaz brags as an all-round music gadget designed to give a fresh breath to your music life. The device works as an Mp3 player to play your favorite music files, a voice recorder to capture your favorite audios, and an FM radio to let you tune in into your favorite radio show.

The Mp3 player is constructed from a plastic material polished with grey and black hues. Its four-direction navigation pad located under the screen lets you navigate through and click on the menu icons on the screen. The screen is not touched sensitive.

GoGear Ariaz Mp3 player has an 8 GB internal memory, which is sufficient enough to hold up to 1800 tracks. However, if you wish to stores more music files, this Mp3 player might not be suitable as it lacks an expansion slot.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00KPM2RIG” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Has built-in speakers and microphone
  • Five equalizer settings
  • Uses SafeSound technology to safeguard your ears
  • 26-hour battery life
  • Weighs 65 grams
  • 8 GB memory is relatively low
  • Made of plastic

Unique from many Bluetooth mp3 players, Philips GoGear has a built-in loudspeaker that lets you listen to music without the use of headphones. This feature makes it an ideal solution for those who dislike earphones.

This best Bluetooth Mp3 player uses a 520 mAh lithium polymer battery to keep you powered. When charged fully, the lithium polymer battery can hold its charge for 26 hours of music playback.

Philips GoGear Aria supports Mp3 and WMA audio supports. On that account, if you have been downloading AAC files using iTunes, then you will have to convert them to MP3 or WMA format lest your Walkman won’t play them.

The Bluetooth player utilizes Philips’ FullSound technology to provide you with outstanding audio quality. FullSound tech restores the sonic details of compressed audio files, and it enhances the sound quality of preloaded files.

Apart from FullSound technology, the mp3 player brags of like music, an algorithm that lets you create a playlist of songs that sound great together. If you wish to create the playlist, just identify a song, and hit the LikeMusic button.

Have you been looking for a companion to keep you entertained while running, walking, or working out at the gym? If yes, Apple’s 8th generation nano iPod would be the best mp3 player for running in outdoor and indoor needs.

The refurbished nano iPod has a pre-installed Nike+ fitness tool to help you monitor your heart rate while working out. Besides monitoring your heart rate, the Nike+ fitness app lets you track and achieve your fitness goals.

The Bluetooth Mp3 weighs a mere 33 grams to save you from carrying unnecessary weights while engaged in your routine workouts. Its smartphone size can fit into your workout attire’s pockets without issue.

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  • Available in multiple colors
  • Weighs 32 grams
  • Multi-touch display
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Has a Nike fitness app
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Refurbished
  • Quite costly

Apple nano iPod is made from a sturdy plastic frame polished with red, silver, gray, blue, or pink colors. The multiple choices present you with an opportunity to invest in an iPod with your most favorite glamour.

Like many high-end Mp3 players with Bluetooth, this model has a touchscreen to let you navigate through its menu. The touch screen enables you to turn on/off your FM radio, access the Nike+ fitness app, manage your playlists, as well as view your saved photos and or videos.

The 8th generation iPod boasts of an excellent sound system that lets you enjoy every beat from your music, undistorted. It delivers an excellent bass, balanced highs, and detailed lows when used with the right headphones.

It uses a 16 GB memory size to store over 5000 high-resolution music files. While the storage is sufficient for many audiophiles, some complain that it is a bit smaller for such a costly gadget. Moreover, the audiophiles say that the iPod would have been better if it had a memory expansion slot.

It has an FM radio to let you listen to your favorite radio shows, and its video capability lets you watch videos while on the move. Furthermore, you can use the nano iPod to view photos and listen to podcasts.

When fully charged, the Bluetooth Mp3’s battery can last for over 30 hours. This reasonable battery life gives you almost one week of moderate use. However, the battery may not hold its charge for such long if you use your gadget to watch videos.

Unlike the ordinary mp3 players, Sony dust and waterproof Walkman takes the shape of a headset. So, instead of carrying it on your bag or pocket, you wear it over your ears and enjoy your favorite tracks as you complete your daily chores.

Even though the Mp3 player promises to sit securely on your ears, it might feel uncomfortable to wear for long hours. For that reason, the headset-like Walkman might be a turn off to glass wearers, as well as people who are not used to wearing headphones for a prolonged period.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B07BC98ZZW” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • 3-minute quick charge
  • Reliable sound quality
  • Has six play modes
  • 12-hour battery life
  • 16 GB external memory
  • Weighs 32 grams
  • Lacks a memory expansion slot
  • Might be uncomfortable to wear for long

The Walkman’s earpieces have all the controls you would need to manage your playlist. The left earpiece has an N-mark button to pair your Walkman to a Bluetooth enabled gadget, and a mode button to shuffle or replay tracks. Also, the earpiece harbors the volume adjustment button, and an AMB button to turn on/off your gadget’s Bluetooth function

The right earpiece has the power, play/pause, and the move next/previous. At first, you might face some challenges using the buttons. However, you will overcome it after mastering the location and function of each key.

Just as its name suggests, this gadget has a water and dustproof construction to safeguard it from the damage. This quality makes it an ideal mate for camping, hiking, working out, or even swimming.

Sony Walkman uses state-of-the-art audio drivers to deliver a strong bass, crisp notes, and warm highs and lows. Depending on your liking, you can adjust the Walkman to enable or disable background noises with the press of a button.

Its 16 GB internal memory can hold enough music files to keep you entertained the whole day. The onboard storage accepts AAC, MP3, L-PCM, and WMA audio formats. While the memory can hold enough tracks, many music lovers say that it would have been better if it had an expansion slot to cater for those who have many files.

Sony Walkman’s fully charged battery can last up to 12 hours. If it runs out while you still need to be entertained, charge if for just three minutes, and it will keep you powered for over one hour.

Features to help you pick an excellent mp3 player

  • Storage capacity

Bluetooth enabled Mp3 players have varying memory sizes. Some offer just 512mb, while others can offer up to 64 GB of memory size. If you wish to store several music or audio files, invest in an Mp3 player with a large memory or one with an expansion slot.

  • Portability

Portability is another necessary feature to contemplate when looking for a good Mp3 player. If you are always on the move, get a lightweight, compact-size model that can fit into your pocket conveniently. However, portability would not be an issue for music lovers who don’t intend to move about with their audio gadget.

  • Ease of use

A good Mp3 player Bluetooth should have an easy to navigate user interface, as well as easy to access auxiliary buttons. Such an MP3 player would give you the humble time you need to scroll through or organize your audio files.

  • Battery life

Many Bluetooth enabled mp3 players use a rechargeable battery to keep you powered. If you intend to use your music player away from home, get a model that can hold its charge for a reasonable time.

  • Construction

Would you wish to keep your best Mp3 player with Bluetooth for several years to come? If you are, get a model that is constructed from a sturdy aluminum or plastic material. The materials are light, but, durable enough to tolerate wear and tear for a rational period.

Final Word- Which mp3 player should you buy?

An Mp3 player with Bluetooth connectivity is a valuable gadget for music lovers. It is cheaper than your smartphone or tablet, and some are portable enough to let you carry them around while working out, walking, or doing your regular tasks.

While an Mp3 player is such a vital music gadget, finding a good model is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On that account, we have scrutinized some of the best mp3 models to save you from the risk of wasting your money on a substandard model.

Our picks offer an excellent battery life, an easy to navigate user interface and a design that is worth showing off. Into the bargain, our picks are portable, durable enough to serve you for an extended period, and they fit into the unique needs of many audiophiles.

Audiophiles on a budget can go for Philips GoGear Mp3 player or Shanling M0 Hi-Res music player.  Philips GoGear has a built-in speaker and microphone for recording, five equalizer settings to help you refine your music, and a long-lasting battery.

Shanling M0 Hi-Res music player boasts of a lightweight and slim profile, a touch-sensitive screen, and an easy to use interface. Its sturdy construction comes in many polishes to let you invest in your most preferred hue.

If you are a highly mobile audiophile or a camper, Sony’s waterproof and dustproof Walkman would be the right Mp3 player for you. It comes in a unique headphone-like shape that fits on your ears comfortably. So, you don’t have to carry it in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Apart from the portable design, Sony waterproof and dustproof Walkman weighs 32 grams, and it has a long-life battery. Its 3-minute quick charge functionality lets you recharge your gadget whenever it runs out of power unexpectedly.

If you wish to own one of the best mp3 player for running, get Sony NWZX300/S Walkman. This high-end mp3 player uses the state of the art audio technology to deliver studio-grade audio quality. Moreover, the Mp3 offers 64 GB internal storage, and its battery can last for 30 hours.

Mid-end customers can go for Sony NW-A45/B Walkman or Apple’s refurbished 8th generation iPod nano. Both Mp3 players offer 16 GB internal storage, have an FM radio, and reliable rechargeable batteries. They deliver outstanding audio quality.

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