Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 Listed Right Now!

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A Bluetooth speaker is an essential masterpiece for anyone who loves music. It is portable, affordable, stylish, and easy to use. Despite its compact size, the speaker delivers a surprisingly robust sound quality. Many music lovers use it as an alternative to bulky wired stereo speakers.

While the Bluetooth speaker is such an essential appliance, many music lovers find it hard to pick the perfect model from the copious Bluetooth speakers sold in stores. Are you one of those audiophiles who have been fronting the problem?

If yes, you are surfing on the right site. We have suggested the qualities you need to isolate the best Bluetooth speaker under 100 from their inferior competitors.

Into the bargain, we have handpicked and analyzed the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 to save you from investing in a less useful model. Read on to select a Bluetooth speaker that would fit into your budget and precise audio needs.

The Best Bluetooth speaker under 100

JBL Charge 2+ takes the first position in our Bluetooth speaker reviews under 100. We recommend it to music lovers who wish to own a stylish Bluetooth speaker with superb sound quality at maximum volume. It has an excellent value for your money.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00Y3SD4EY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Works as a power bank
  • Superb sound quality
  • Splash-proof
  • Multiple finishes to choose from
  • Loud volume
  • Deep bass overpowers treble tones
  • Quite bulky
  • Design and build quality

JBL Charge 2+ comes in blue, black, gray, pink, orange, yellow, and green color finishes to let you buy one that would complement your indoor décor. You can show it off to friends, or carry it around comfortably. The speaker is splash proof.

JBL Charge 2+ takes the shape of a large beverage can. It has a height of 79mm and a circumference of 184mm. Its large size and 1 pound weight might be inappropriate for highly mobile music lovers looking for a speaker that takes little storage space.

The Bluetooth speaker is designed from a hard plastic material that can bear abuse for an extended period. Its topside has silicone-shielded controls to operate the portable wireless speaker.

This speaker’s base has a Micro-USB port for recharging the battery, an auxiliary input for playing music using a wired device, and a USB input that you can use to recharge your tablet, phone or any other device

  • Audio Quality

JBL Charge 2+ uses twin 1.5-inch drives to deliver an impressive sound quality that would fill your room with a pleasing balance of deep bass, soaring treble, and bright midrange tones. Its maximum volume does not compromise sound quality.

In addition to the duo 1.5 drivers, JBL Charge 2+ has passive radiators on its sides to augment the depth and clarity of the bass sounds generated by your system. However, sometimes, the deep bass might suppress tenor tones. It is one of the loudest portable speakers under 100.

  • Battery Life

JBL Charge 2+ uses a 6000mAh battery which can run for 12 hours. The long-running battery is suitable for people who need best Bluetooth speaker for motorcycle that can play their favorite tracks for a prolonged period.  The sound system recharges fully within 4 hours using a micro USB.

  • Bluetooth version and transmission range

JBL Charge2+ uses Bluetooth version 3.0. This version delivers over 24Mbps of data transfer power and a dependable connectivity range for seamless sound playability. With this version of Bluetooth, you can connect your device with up to three devices. The Bluetooth 3.0

  • Bonus specifications

JBL Charge 2+ comes with hands-free speakerphone and a phone-centric button for answering calls. The speakerphone uses innovative noise canceling technology to augment voice clarity. You can use this wireless speaker for telephone conferencing.

JBL Flip 4 is well known for its waterproof nature. It is an excellent fit for music lovers who want a speaker that they can use in a shower, on the beach side, at the swimming pool, or around any other setting with water. Into the bargain, this waterproof best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor party is ideal for campers or any other music lovers who need a speaker that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01MSYQWNY” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Waterproof
  • Outstanding tone balance
  • Good battery life
  • Sound quality distorts at maximum volume
  • Quite bulky
  • Build and Design

Flip 4 has a sturdy rubber and fabric housing that can outlast your outdoor adventures for a reasonable period. The frame is water and dustproof. You can submerge it in water for 30 minutes, and it will still survive.

The housing’s black color finish blends well with most surroundings, and its cylindrical design looks attractive. It has a circumference of 680mm, a breadth of 175 mm, and it weighs 1.13 pounds. The large size takes up generous space in your backpack.

The housing of this waterproof Bluetooth speaker has the controls you would need to operate it, battery indicators to show your battery level, a 3.5mm port for wired audio devices, and a charging port. Moreover, the housing has passive bass radiators on both ends.

Flip 4 is available in white, Teal, Ocean blue, red, gray, and camouflage finishes. The multiple hues give you the freedom to buy a speaker that looks good to you and your family members or one that would one of best Bluetooth speaker for boat.

  • Audio quality

JBL Flip 4 yields an excellent sound clarity that lets you enjoy your favorite hits. Just like its Flip 3 sibling, Flip 4 produces a powerful bass that does not distort when you crank the sound system to its maximum volume.

In addition to the powerful bass, JBL Flip 4 delivers an excellent balance of treble and midrange tones. However, the speaker’s powerful bass can sometimes overpower the mid-range vocals.

  • Battery life

JBL Flip 4 uses a 3000mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the battery can power your sound system for 12 hours. Although, the battery life varies according to the volume of your music. This means that the battery would drain faster when you play music at a maximum volume than when playing a low volume. The battery recharges fully within 3.5 hours.

  • Bluetooth Version and transmission range

JBL Flip 4 uses Bluetooth 4.2 version. This Bluetooth version has an outdoor transmission range of 50m, and it has an excellent data transfer rate. You can connect two devices to the speaker, a quality that lets you expand your playlist.

  • Bonus Features

Besides amplifying your music, you can use Flip 4 as a speakerphone. The speakerphone uses echo-canceling technology to let you make and received crystal clear voice calls with the touch of a button.

Into the bargain, this Bluetooth speaker features the JBL Connect+ button that lets you link up to 100 speakers at a go. This feature is ideal for music lovers who would love to entertain large parties.

JBL Flip 3 is ideal for music lovers who need best portable speakers under 100. Its rugged frame can withstand the wear that could result when using the speaker indoors or outdoors. Into the bargain, the speaker’s housing is resistant to bland elements like water and dust.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B0145EOFDO” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Sensible sound clarity
  • Highly portable
  • Powerful bass
  • Splashproof
  • Sturdy construction
  • Moderate battery life
  • Design and Build

Flip 3 comes in nine hue options. It is available in green, pink, black, gray, red, teal, yellow, orange, and blue colors. The multiple hue choices let you pick a polish that you would proudly show off or one that would replicate your personality.

The speaker’s frame is made of rugged rubber and fabric materials that can endure regular abuse for a reasonable period. Its splashproof nature protects your speaker’s innards from water, dust, and other external compounds that can compromise the speaker’s efficiency.

Just like other JBL models, Flip 3 has an attractive cylindrical shape which looks similar to a beverage can. The extreme sides of this Bluetooth speaker have bass radiators to amplify your system’s bass tones.

Apart from the bass radiators, the waterproof casing has a string for hanging or carrying the speaker. The speaker’s spine has LED lights for monitoring battery life, control buttons, and ports for recharging or connecting your speaker to a wired source of media.

This sound system measures 169mm in circumference, and 64mm in depth. It weighs 0.99 pounds. The compact design occupies less space, and the lightweight lets you carry your speaker around comfortably.

  • Audio Quality

JBL Flip 3 comes equipped with a 360-degree speaker that produces excellent lows and clear midrange tones. The speaker’s external bass radiators spice up the sound quality with deep bass to let you enjoy every beat in your favorite jam.

The speaker’s highs lose their clarity when you crank the sound system to its maximum volume. Therefore, you would want to play your hits at a moderate level if at all, you need to achieve an excellent balance of highs, bass, and mid tones.

  • Battery life

JBL Flip 3 uses a 3000mAH rechargeable battery which lasts up to 10 hours when charged fully. The battery life may fluctuate according to the volume and type of content played through your Bluetooth speaker. You can recharge it within 3.5 hours.

  • Bluetooth Version and Range

Flip 3 uses version 4.1 of Bluetooth. This Bluetooth Version uses low energy, and it has a dependable transmission speed. It delivers an outdoor transmission range of around 30 meters. The Bluetooth lets you connect up to three phones to your speaker.

  • Bonus Features

You can use Flip 3 as a speakerphone. Its noise-canceling capability lets you receive and or make ultra-clear calls. Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker has the JBL connect switch, which links your speaker to several other JBL enabled speakers.

Have you been looking for a stylish Bluetooth speaker that would give you a party-like ambiance as you enjoy your favorite tunes? If yes, Soundcore Flare wireless speaker would be the best Bluetooth speaker under 100 for you.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B07BHP4W36″ key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • Comes with a mobile app for smart operation
  • Fairly cheap
  • Excellent sound quality at regulated volume levels
  • Loses its sound quality at high volume levels
  • Design and Build

Soundcore Flare wireless speaker comes in black and blue finishes to choose from. Both colors blend nicely into most surroundings. The speaker has colorful LEDs that pulse and shine according to the beats from your favorite music. You can adjust the RGB LED lights to a color pattern that pleases you most.

Besides the universal finish and colorful LEDs, Soundcore Flare wireless speaker has a unique cylindrical shape which stretches out towards the extreme side with RGB lights. The unique shape gives the best portable speakers under 100 with an impressive appearance that you would not mind showing off to friends.

Its casing is made from sturdy plastic and rubber fabric to serve you for several years. In addition to the toughness, the housing protects your speaker’s innards from damage that could result from water and dust. For that reason, you can use this speaker to entertain your visitors in a pool party or beachside.

The speaker’s top side has the playback, RGB LED, and power on/off button. Its backside has a micro USB port to recharge the battery, and a 3.5mm jack to connect the speaker to a wired audio system. The ports have a tight rubber flap that shields them from water and dust.

  • Audio quality

Soundcore flare wireless speaker comes with a 360-degree speaker and dual neodymium drivers to produce well-balanced highs, mid, and low tones. Furthermore, the speaker uses bass radiators and a customized signal processor to intensify the bass tones. The sound quality may distort if you increase the audio system’ volume to its highest levels.

  • Battery life

Anker’s Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 12 hours when charged to 100%. However, the battery life may reduce if you use the speaker to play music at maximum volume or you power on the RGB LEDs when playing music.

  • Bluetooth version and transmission range

This best wireless speaker under 100 uses Bluetooth 4.2, a version which provides universal compatibility. Moreover, the Bluetooth 4.2 version delivers an excellent range, and it has a transmission range of around 50 meters.

  • Bonus features

You can balance your music’s sounds remotely using the Soundcore app downloaded into your smartphone. Into the bargain, the app lets you customize your speakers’ RGB lights to your most favorite color scheme.

Additionally, you can use Soundcore Flare as a speakerphone. If you wish to use this function, connect the speaker to your phone via Bluetooth, and tap on the speaker’s play button to receive an incoming call. Move closer to the speaker if you want your caller to get you better.

Sony XB10 is a good deal for music lovers who need a portable speaker at the most affordable price. Regardless of the low price tag, this compact sized speaker has every feature you would need to amplify the favorite tracks saved in your phone’s playlist.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01N4TIU06″ key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”futurescope-20″]
  • The cheapest speaker on our list
  • Good sound clarity
  • Highly portable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent battery life
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Sound quality compromised when playing tracks with deep bass
  • Design and build

Sony XB10 is the most compact best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor party on this list. It stands about 90mm tall with a circumference of 86mm. It weighs 0.71 pounds. The small size makes it a suitable speaker for highly mobile music lovers who need something that weighs less and consumes less space in their backpack. XB10 is one of the best portable speakers under 100.

Sony XB10 comes in gray, black, green, blue, red, and yellow finishes to let you get a speaker with your favorite color. Its waterproof shell is designed from a sturdy plastic and rubber material to serve you for a reasonable time. A silicone loop on the casing lets you hang or carry your speaker with ease.

The speaker’s bottom side has the necessary buttons you would need to operate it. They are covered with soft silicone material to shield them from water, dust, and other harmful external elements.

  • Audio quality

Despite its low price and compact size, Sony XB10 delivers an astonishingly superb sound quality. It yields decent treble sound, a deep bass, as well as clear highs and lows. Nonetheless, the sound clarity gets compromised when playing music with deep bass at a high volume.

  • Battery Life

Just like other best portable speakers under 100, Sony XB10 comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. Its fully-charged battery can last for 16 hours, a feature that makes it a suitable choice for people who need a speaker they can use when they are away from a power connection.

  • Bluetooth version and transmission range

Sony XB10 uses Bluetooth version 4.2, which is more energy efficient than predecessor versions. Into the bargain, this Bluetooth version delivers an excellent connectivity range and transmission power. It has an outdoor 50-meter transmission range. Also, this speaker uses Near Field Communication as an alternative to Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Bonus features

This affordable and portable Bluetooth speaker has an ADD function that lets you link your Sony XB10 to another speaker. ADD is a valuable feature for music lovers with more speakers or those who are looking to create a stereo system from their speakers.

Qualities to help you purchase the best portable speakers under 100

  • Audio quality and volume

Sound quality should be the first priority when looking for a good Bluetooth speaker. A good model should provide outstanding bursts of sharp treble, deep bass, and alluring middle range sounds. Avoid speakers that produce hissing sounds and or vibrations when cranking out your favorite jams, as well as those whose audio quality deteriorates when you increase volume.

  • Design and Portability

Are you looking for a speaker that you can carry around comfortably? If yes, get a model designed from light but durable materials. As well, you should find an attractive model that you would not mind showing off.

  • Value for money

Good Bluetooth speakers don’t have to cost a fortune. You can easily find speakers with an attractive design, top-notch sound quality, reasonable battery life, and sturdy construction for $100 or less. Don’t allow your economical budget to prevent you from enjoying sweet jams while working out, relaxing on your patio, or doing your regular activities.

  • Charging style and battery life

A rechargeable battery powers Bluetooth speakers. If you need to use the speaker for an extended period in a place without a power source, get one with a long-lasting battery. Moreover, a good speaker should use the standard USB charging cable for enhanced convenience.

  • Bluetooth version and transmission range

Different models of speakers use varying Bluetooth versions with varying transmission range. Modern Bluetooth versions have a range of over 100 meters, while their predecessor versions have a range of 10 meters.

Wrapping Up

Bluetooth speakers let you amplify the music on your tablet or smartphone. Unlike bulky and wired stereo speakers, Bluetooth speakers are affordable, portable, stylish, and they deliver excellent sound quality.

If you wish to purchase the best speaker, search for a durable model that can serve you for a reasonable period, as well as one with a beautiful polish. Moreover, you should shop around for a best Bluetooth speaker under 100 with excellent sound quality, a long-lasting battery, and a dependable transmission range.

The best way to gauge a Bluetooth speaker’s performance is to test various models until you find one that pleases you. On the other hand, you can ask your friends to recommend a good model they have used.

What if your friends have never tried any Bluetooth speaker and you have no time or resources to test the various models out there? If you are in such a situation, pick any best wireless speakers for outdoor party that recommended on our review post. Our picks offer superb quality, they are highly portable, and they are constructed from sturdy, waterproof casings. Furthermore, our picks have an excellent Bluetooth range, a long-lasting battery, and other bonus features that would enhance your convenience.

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