The Best SSD 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Best SSD 2020 are gradually becoming more popular among computer manufacturers and footwear users, who are looking for a solution to the slowdown caused by conventional mechanical disks in today’s PCs or laptops, which have a large capacity of Processing, but that is not taken advantage of by the common disks.

A conventional hard drive, even if 7,200 rpm is going to make you not take full advantage of a current PC, it is the bottleneck. Right now at the price of SSDs you should change it without thinking, it is much better than buying a new PC with a conventional hard disk.

Best SSD 2018 hard drives are 10 times faster than a 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive and another advantage of these hard drives is that they are much lighter than HDD disks so it will be more convenient to move your laptop.

Nowadays the best laptops and PCs already using SSD disks.

And do not worry about migrating data from the HDD to the SSD, it’s very easy.

If you want to take a leap in your team, we will show you the best SSD 2018.

TOP 6 SSD drives of 2020 in relation to quality / price

Here you have our favorite and cheap SSD for your PC to fly.

Bestselling SSD on Amazon: Samsung 850 EVO

best ssd

Best SSD from Samsung 850 EVO now best sellers on Amazon, in part because you can select the size of the disk, which ranges from 120 GB to 4T of space. That if, the 4Tb is not for all pockets, but the 250GB has a really good price, it is a cheap SSD.

It has a cache of 512 MB DDR3, which gives a read speed of up to 540 MB / s and 520 MB / s write and more if you use the Samsung RAPID mode that improves power up to double the speed, Using free RAM as a cache.

Something interesting about this disk is that it contains AES 256-bit hardware encryption and features to care for the state of the disk, such as Dynamic Thermal Guard that protects the disk from overheating.

SSD hard drives: Crucial MX300

best ssd 2017

This Crucial model is among the best you can find today and has capacity ranging from 275 GB to 2 TB, although the best-selling model is 525 GB. Since for the price you have is a real bargain, it is one of the cheapest Best SSD drives if we consider its capacity.

It has a sequential read / write speed of up to 530/510 MB in all types of files and for dynamic reading, has a write acceleration system using a special flash reserve, to generate greater speed.

As additional protection, it has AES 256-bit encryption and RAIN data protection technology, which works as the word itself, spreading the data by various parts such as drops in the rain, which, if a data Is corrupted, has a copy elsewhere. It also has thermal protection, which adapts according to the activity of the SSD.

Crucial is a great brand, not the best known but to give you an idea of ​​how good it is, Apple computers use this brand of RAM.

Kingston SSD Now UV400: Comparative SSD disks

It is a standalone best SSD from which you can choose its capacity, starting at 120 GB up to 960 GB, which achieves an estimated read speed of 450 MB / 230 MB writing.

It is not the fastest SSD in this comparison but it deserves to be here because everything Kingston does is a great quality and the 480GB hard drive is very well priced, especially if you buy it on Amazon, which is offer.

This SSD features a drive that is resistant to movement and vibration, making it ideal for a laptop, although today most solid state disks have this type of protection.

Best cheap SSD disk: SanDisk SDSSDA G26 Plus

This model of SanDisk pioneer company in what is SSD, is a model that comes with choice of capacity, from 120GB to 960GB. The average speed of this SSD is 535 MB / s in read and 445 MB / s in data reading, although it varies according to the model you choose, mainly for its capacity.

This SSD hard drive deserves to be on the list because apart from having more than acceptable features and the guarantee of a brand like SanDisk you can have an SSD for less than 50 euros.

This disk comes with a SanDisk software suite, which has some interesting options like disk cloning, security and also allows you to check the available capacity and overall performance.

Buy SSD cheap: WD WDS240G1G0A

best ssd 2017

This Western Digital SSD model comes in 120GB and 240GB presentations, as well as a 2.5 “version and M.2 2280 version for ultra-slim notebooks. It reaches a speed that goes from the 540 MB / s of reading and 465 MB / s of writing.

As the Green model is available for energy efficiency, consuming what is just and necessary to operate, even less than the competitors’ discs. This makes it not the fastest, but is ideal for laptops, where it is necessary that the power consumption is low, to extend the battery life, but also to not raise temperature, which can damage the equipment and is A problem in certain models.

For the operating system to load in less than 15 seconds and all the programs run fast, this SSD is more than enough, if you are going to need to transfer a large amount of data continuously, you should choose another SSD.

Best SSD for 2020 in quality price: Transcend SSD220S

best ssd

It is a Transcend SSD drive that is available with capacities ranging from 120GB to 480GB and has SATA III 6GB / s technology, giving you a read speed of 550MB / s and write speeds of up to 450MB / s sequentially. It has a DDR3 DRAM cache, which enables a read and write speed of up to 330 Mb / s.

This best SSD 2018 comes equipped with a RAID engine and LDPC technology, an ECC data verification algorithm that makes data safe, thanks to the way data is saved, with copies on various parts of the disk. In addition, it has an energy-saving mode that makes it ideal for use on laptops and conserve battery power for more important issues, which causes the disk to stop when it is not being used.

A good SSD hard drive with a very competitive price. If you choose this model you will not regret it.

Why you buy a best SSD 2020?

Adding an SSD disk to a desktop or laptop computer is like changing your car engine for a competition, it is something that will give your team an extreme speed of both writing and reading data and you will notice it especially when starting the Operating system (it will take less than 15 seconds) and when handling demanding applications that occupy a lot of space, such as graphics or video editing programs, everything will open up to the mouse, it is a unique experience, especially if you are used to mechanical disks Conventional.

It is convenient whether you have a new computer, or if you have a computer that has its years, because in both cases you will feel the difference, although if you have a new computer with conventional disks and you add an best SSD, you will have the perfect combination, Because the problem with conventional mechanical disks is the low speed they have, the HDDs having mechanical parts involved in reading and writing data, which cause a bottleneck between modern components, whereas best SSD 2018 disk does not have those Problems because it is like a USB drive, contains no mechanical parts, so access to data is immediate.

To choose this type of units is usually the price that sets the pattern of choice, because generally the more expensive it is, the better the flash technology, which makes it get more speed and of course more durable. At Amazon you can get the most attractive models that we present at a very convenient price.

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