ADATA D8000L Power Bank Review: A New Weather-Resistant Technology

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In modern world where most things are unpredictable, like in the mobile phone world of communication, people need a plan B. I mean a plan B that works. Can you imagine being cut off from an important conversation or a task just like that? Momentarily experiencing power outage, imagine snap chatting or video chatting with a friend from overseas,and then suddenly my phone indicates low battery power. The next thing to happen is phone shut down and goes blank. It’s ugly and disappointing. Isn’t it?  

Now introducing ADATA Power Bank D8000L review, which is a combination of power bank and additional concept of lighting. Sounds great? And oh! There’s an emergency. Now you can have full access and control of your communication and keep it smooth with better power, better light and better experience.

Yeah, ADATAPower Bank D8000L has unique features that make it stand out from all other power banks. More and more features incorporated to bring about the absolutely better experience. The unique features include;

Great Power provision for devices

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ADATA Power Bank is capable of toping up an empty mobile battery up-to 3 times full.  This allows you to charge your phone at a confortable zone. It goes beyond to even charge considerable large devices like tablet, and the result is just awesome. This multifaceted capability is very significant when making a choice when purchasing a power bank as a means of device backup.

Highly Dust and Water Proof

ADATA Power Bank D8000L is a power and light gadget you can rely on even in the unfavorable conditions. It is rich and capable of self-protection from dust and water drops that may end up damaging the gadget. This ensures that even at extreme weather conditions,mountain sides and lake or ocean regions, you still get moving swiftly with out feeling messy. Safety of the gadget is fully guaranteed. And this is successfully achieved when the ports covers are firmly closed in the right way.

Easily portable

ADATA Power Bank D8000L is very easy to carry around. Its portability makes it a luggage friendly device. It is designed in a way that the size is quite accommodating and light in weight that can make it possible for you to carry along anywhere. The shape is perfect,making it easy to pack for travel.

High Long lasting Power

The light given out by the ADATAPower Bank D8000L is powerful enough and super long lasting. In a matter fact,it uses special premium and excellent power cells with more custom circuitry, and the high quality capacitors to store the charge for a longer time and also possess an impact and fire-resistant outer cover that keeps it safer. This shell feature allows you to have everlasting total exuberance with family and those around you, so that you avoid power outage on mobile phone gadgets and running out of the most needed light.

The Multi-Circuit Protection

ADATA power banks are designed uniquely such that it makes safety priority no. 1. The splendid circuitry design prevents rampart cases of overcharge, overheating, over-discharge, over current,over voltage, and short circuiting. Safety is absolutely guaranteed for your mobile device with this gadget.

Time Saving

The ADATA Power Bank D8000L power bank relieves you of stress of queuing to get power on your phone. You can charge multiple phones at the same time, thanks to the dual or multiple USB ports for charging. You and your friends are safe with this item since you can all stay connected and posted on new events, chat and share stuff without power outage.

Perfect Mounting Point

Adata power bank is coherently designed with a suitable integrated mounting point that also allow you hang the unit ontents, hooking it to clothing, and generally securing it with slings, strings,or hooks. This is suitable for mountain expeditions, and thus reduces bulky travelling.This in effect eases packaging. This feature makes it very easy to carry around many times.

Strong surface

ADATA Power Bank D8000L has a very strong surface that prevents it from occasional and accidental damage or breakage. It is made from s strong plastic unsusceptible of breakage and damage. The special plastic combination does allow it to poses durability and also be secured from momentary breakage from either falling or being hit by an object.

Suitable Lighting Power

ADATA Power Bank D8000L is made of special bulbs that are suitable for the lighting purposes. It is made of high quality LED lights. The lights are very powerful, yet friendly and cover along distance. This makes it suitable to use even as a camping light. It also gives power that lasts for more couple of hours without reduction in the strength of the power. The power is adjustable depending on the extreme of your preferences.

Variety of colors

ADATA Power Bank D8000L 8000 mah has wide range of colors to choose from depending on your taste and preferences. You are assured of just getting the right color for your taste. This is designed to fit all your needs as many people prefer colors. Perfection is made in every right color of choice.  

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If you are looking for a long lasting gadget for mobile phone charging and lighting purposes, the go for a multipurpose ADATA Power Bank D8000L. It serves best, and is a highly trusted commodity in the current market. I would highly recommend ADATA Power Bank D8000L a million times.

You deserve the best, and so, go for the best! 

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