Nokia 3310, return the new version of phone that marked an era: features and price

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The outlook of mobile telephony this year received an innovation that many expected: the return of New Nokia 3310. The company that reigned the sector returns to the load with terminals Android commercialized by HMD Global. Few days ago, the Mobile World Congress has finished in Barcelona. The manufacturers are presenting their new proposals, and Nokia is one of the heroes.

We know that Nokia plans to launch at least five Android smartphones in 2017. In January they introduced the Nokia 6 mid-range, which has been announced for Europe, in the company of his little brothers Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. But the company has wanted to pay homage to the New Nokia 3310. A model that, more than a telephone, became the icon of an era in mobile sector.

One more year, Barcelona has received a new edition of the Mobile World Congress, the annual congress around the world of mobile communication and in which this year Nokia has been one of the leading role. And is that one of the pioneers in the business of mobile phone just celebrated its event at the Fair in Barcelona where we expected to see the new Nokia 3310 and we have been able to see.

The Finnish company has wanted to restore the legendary New Nokia 3310 as it had been rumored in the last weeks and finally, has dressed up to be known around the world since the Fair in Barcelona. So, as expected, we just got to know the design and features of the new Nokia 3310.

This is the new Nokia 3310 that has just been introduced in the MWC 2017

Nokia 3310, features of the 2017 version

In these times when the phones are getting smarter, it seems that there is no room for models that only serve to make calls. However, the return of the Nokia 3310 may be a boost for basic phones, also known as feature phones. Seventeen years after its first release, the company just showed the world how this new version of the Chuck Norris phone is.

With dimensions of 133 x 48 mm and a thickness of 14 mm, the new New Nokia 3310 keeps touches of the original aesthetic, with changes in the materials of manufacture. The 2.4-inch VGA color screen itself has changed a lot and is the most eye-catching aspect of this new release. Another novelty is that it has rear camera of 2 Mega Pixels, but nothing frontal (no selfies).

All of us who had a Nokia 3310 remember that tranquility of knowing that the battery lasts longer than the broccoli on a child’s plate. Well, to offer a long life, the new version has an improved screen resolution but without going over. It has a 1,200 mAh battery and does not work with Android, it uses the Series 30+ operating system. It has an internal memory of 16 megas and has a slot for microSD cards up to 32 GB.

Color display and various colors

Nokia did not want the design of this new version of the famous 3310 to change much against the terminal that everyone knew years ago, however it also made little sense to present such a heavy terminal and the thickness of the old model. Therefore, the New Nokia 3310 has a thinner and lighter design, more typical of the technological era in which we live but without reaching the ends of some smartphones on the market.

As far as the screen is concerned, the new New Nokia 3310 leaves behind that monochrome screen 1.35 inches and 84 × 84 pixels to have a 2.4-inch color QVGA display. As you can see in the images, the 3310 also maintains the physical keyboard but this time has adjusted the size of the keys to give a more modern look. The Nokia 3310 is available in four colors, red and yellow in glossy finish, and dark blue and gray in a matte finish.

Own operating system

Unlike the other smartphones that Nokia unveiled a few days ago, the new Nokia 3310 does not have Android operating system, but has a Nokia own operating system known as s30 + or Series 30+. Therefore, the direction of Nokia seems somewhat disconcerting considering that the Finnish company had decided to bet on the operating system of Google in other terminals such as the Nokia 6, however, now does not do the same with the Nokia 3310.

Something logical on the other hand if we consider that the new Nokia 3310 arrives as a mobile phone more oriented to those nostalgic of the legendary 3310 and for those who are looking for a basic phone with long battery life and at a very affordable price.

Photo camera with high autonomy

A terminal that has undoubtedly been thought of all those who yearn for that terminal of the final company of more than 15 years ago and that only had to charge its battery once every time. Well, the new Nokia 3310 promises an autonomy of up to 22 hours in talk time and almost a month in standby.

In addition, it has a 2 megapixel camera, microSD card slot and how could it be otherwise, includes the famous game Snake or the Serpent to which so many hours dedicated in their day users of this mythical terminal and other models the company. The charging port is the classic microUSB to which we are accustomed and also has mini jack port to make use of the headphones.

Attractive price

According to just announced the company itself, the New Nokia 3310 will be on sale at an average world price around USD 62. A price that will certainly be quite attractive for all those who do not need the great features of a complete smartphone and also want to forget to go everywhere with the charger in your pocket.

The company bets on customization in this model, which at the time had countless design so that we did not get bored. That’s why HMD presents the New Nokia 3310 in four colors: bright warm red, matte dark blue, bright yellow and matte gray. But it also proposes interchangeable casings of colors. It is hoped that more options will appear, both from the firm itself and from third parties.

Although the firm has not confirmed price in its announcement of MWC 2017, surely the New Nokia 3310 will cost 59 euros. And in case you’re wondering … Yes, it comes with the mythical game “Snake” and the tone of Nokia so popular. What do you think this wink to the nostalgic?

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