7 Fastest Smartphones In The UK – 3rd Will Amaze You!

How many times have you forcefully stopped yourself from throwing your phone away? We all have been there, and the reason behind this is only that our phone’s processing speed is too slow. Having a phone with slow processing speed is one of the worst situations that you can ever be in. There are many disadvantages of having a phone with slow processing speed, but the worst disadvantage of all is the lag in the tasks that you have to bear.

We live in a fast paced world where we cannot expect lags in the tasks that are assigned to us or that we want to do. But having a phone with slow processing speed can pull us into much trouble. Either you are doing an official work on your smartphone or you are using it for the recreational purposes, these lags annoy much! The only way to get rid of them is to sell mobile phone and upgrade to a better model with better processors and RAM.

Mobile phone industry is evolving every year, and the mobile phone manufacturers always consider our concerns while launching new devices. This is the reason that the mobile phone manufacturers are doing their best in solving the problem of low processing speeds in the mobile phones. Below are some of the latest phone models with good processing speed (the data is taken from Geekbench):

  1. iPhone XS:

Apple launched its iPhone XS earlier this year and this iPhone by far has the best processing speed in all of the mobile phones ever launched! Apart from having amazing looks, this iPhone possesses 4GB RAM with Apple A12 bionic chip. The 4GB RAM with Apple A12 bionic chip makes it the fastest iPhone ever launched by Apple.

This iPhone also have 2568mAh Li-Ion battery, which makes the battery timing of this iPhone better than the rest. This iPhone has other amazing features as well that can help you in your official work and your daily chores as well. The only drawback related to this iPhone is that you would have to spend thousands of pounds to purchase it.

  1. iPhone XS Max:

With the launch of iPhone XS, another smartphone was also launched by Apple and that was the ever beautiful iPhone XS Max. iPhone XS Max possesses the same 4GB RAM with Apple A12 bionic chip. This iPhone is considered as the second best iPhone on the basis of processing speed.

iPhone XS Max is just same as iPhone XS, the only difference is that iPhone XS Max is bigger in size and has a bigger battery installed in it. iPhone XS Max have 3174mAh Li-Ion battery that makes the battery timing of this iPhone better than that of iPhone XS.

Although, iPhone XS is proven to have faster processing speed than iPhone XS Max, we still suggest you to buy iPhone XS Max. This suggestion is based upon the battery timing and the screen size of iPhone XS Max. The bigger screen and battery makes this iPhone easier to use for the official as well as recreational purposes. The only problem here is that for buying this, you would have to spend around £1400.

  1. Xiaomi Black SharkHelo:

This phone just got launched by Xiaomi in November 2018, and to be honest this phone is the best one that you can ever find in the mobile phone market. Other than having killer looks, this phone has the fastest processing speed in Android smartphones. The reason of it being the fastest smartphone is that it possesses 10GB RAM with Snapdragon 845 processor.

Along with having the fastest processor, this phone has other amazing specifications as well,including; 6.01” display, 4000mAh Li-Ion battery, 12MP and 20MP dual rear cameras, 20MP front camera, 256GB Storage and fast charging. These features makes Xiaomi Black Shark Helo the best phone of 2018 yet. With having 4000mAh Li-Ion battery, this phone shows the best battery timings in the history of smartphones. Also the huge screen makes you perform your official and daily tasks easily and efficiently without any glitch.

With all of these specifications in your hands, you would only have to spend around a couple hundreds of pounds to purchase it. So, if you are looking forward for the best android phone, you can pre-order this phone online.

  1. iPhone XR:

Now again coming towards an iPhone, the next best Apple launched phone is iPhone XR. iPhone XR was also launched with the launch of iPhone XS and XS Max earlier this year. This iPhone is basically a cheaper version of iPhone XS launched by Apple for the convenience of people all around the world.

iPhone XR possesses 3GB RAM with A12 bionic chip that makes it not as faster as the other two iPhones launched with it, although this makes it better iPhone than many of the others. This iPhone is proven to have faster processing speed, which would help you in your official or unofficial tasks.

Other than having a fast processor, this iPhone has 2942mAh Li-Ion battery installed in it, and this battery makes iPhone XR’s battery timing better than its predecessors. For buying iPhone XR, you would have to spend around £900.

  1. iPhone 8:

Surprisingly, iPhone 8 has better processing speed than the mighty iPhone X. So it means that if you were planning to buy iPhone X with the hopes of it being a faster phone, then cancel that plan and opt for iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 possesses 2GB RAM with A11 bionic chip that makes this phone faster than iPhone X and its predecessors as well. So if you are worried about the speed of your existing phone, then you can upgrade to iPhone 8, as for purchasing this iPhone you wouldn’t have to spend much.

For buying a new iPhone 8 from Apple retail, you would have to pay around £750. But the good news is that you can easily purchase this phone as a second hand or a refurbished one. If you go for a second hand or a refurbished iPhone 8 then you would have to spend much less on it.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+:

Samsung Galaxy ‘S’ series is the best series ever launched by Samsung. The latest model in the ‘S’ series are S9 and S9+. These both models were launched earlier in 2018, and right after their launch, people all around the UK went crazy for buying them. There are many reasons behind the high demands of these phones, but the most important one is the processing speed of S9+.

S9+ is considered as the fastest smartphone ever launched by Samsung with its 6GB RAM and Exynos 9810 Octa core processor. Other than being the fastest one in the market, Samsung Galaxy S9+ have3500mAh Li-Ion battery installed in it, so it has the best battery timing in the phones ever launched by Samsung. Also this phone has dual 12MP rear cameras and an 8 MP front camera, making it the best one so far by Samsung. With all of this, S9+ is huge in size, it possesses 6.2” super AMOLED edge display.

So, if you are addicted with using Samsung smartphones, then you should buy this phone to make your life easier with its fast processor. Or if you have never used a Samsung phone before, you can upgrade to this phone to join the happy Samsung family.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 was also launched with the launch of S9+ earlier this year. This phone is almost the same as Samsung Galaxy S9+, while the only notable difference between these phones is that S9+ is bigger in size. But what you don’t know is that there are certain other important differences as well in these both phones.

This phone possesses 4GB RAM with Exynos 9810 Octa core processor. The lesser RAM in this phone makes it the second fastest phone ever launched by Samsung in its Galaxy series. Other than this, unlike S9+, this phone has 12MP rear camera (S9+ has dual rear cameras) and 8MP front camera. Also the battery installed in this phone is 3000mAh Li-Ion.

This phone is perfect for the people who want a small sized fast processing android phone.

Now that you know about 7 fastest smartphones in terms of processing speed. Let us suggest some ways through which you can fasten up the processing speed of your current phone as well.

The first thing that you can do to make your current phone faster is that you should clear up its RAM every now and then. When the RAM is being used by the unwanted apps or by the apps running in the background, then it is more likely for your phone to be slow. Moreover, you should always check the storage capacity of your phone. If it is bulged with data, then you should back up your data and uninstall the heavy apps to make the processing speed of your current phone faster. On the other hand, if you are still fed up of your phone being slow even after performing these tasks, then we would suggest you to sell your mobile phone and upgrade to any of the models described above.

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