Butterfly iQ AI-powered Smartphone Conduct an Ultrasound

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In modern era, Technology is playing significant role in making medical science effective and efficient. New techniques are used to make medicines more productive. New expert techniques are being originated for precisely targeting the diseases within the body is paving the way for safer medicines that are free of side-effects, without any surgical cuts and physically opening  the body of patient. That has decreased the caution of expiration of the person during the surgery and prevented to provoke numerous side effects on health. So, due to modern medicines and appliances, the average age of human is increased from 52 years to 79 years Approx. from 1960 to 2018.

Ultrasound Technology introduction

Ultra Sound technology utilizes sound waves to form pictures inside the body. Some people think that, the ultra sound technology is only used to examine pregnant women. It caused others to believe that due to its wide operations in checking health and development of unborn babies. But its use is not that few as It is used in medical science to diagnose causes of illness, origin of pain inside the body, swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs, examine pregnant women, diagnose heart conditions, evaluate the condition of body after illness or injuries and many other internal organs failure. Ultra Sound Technology revolutionized the medial science because it has no side effects, it is non-invasive, and does not use ionizing radiation. Butterfly IQ. Is playing a remarkable role in developing surgery Gadgets which are safe and easy to handle in walk in Clinics and currently used by many specialists.

Butterfly Network Inc Company

Butterfly Network Inc is a Privately Handled Company which functions under a group of extraordinarily successful entrepreneur. It is working on Developing Artificial Intelligence in field of medicines. The Company was founded in 2011. Jonathan Rothberg is the founder and chairman. Jonathan Marc Rothberg is an American scientist and entrepreneur and Butterfly Network Inc. It is based in Guilford, Connecticut. The company works with talented in Computer science, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Scientific Research, Numerical Computing, Ultrasound engineering experts.  With 150-200 employees, Company main focus is to put it efforts on developing product and intellectual property development, rather than fundraising. They develop medical imaging devices which makes 3 Dimensional images.

Butterfly Networks smartphone

Butterfly iQ Image Credit: https://www.butterflynetwork.com/

Butterfly IQ is recently working on developing surgery gadget which is an ultrasound tool and it works by connecting it by a wired connection with an apple iPhone. The AI-powered handheld  works on principles of ultrasound machines and it is way too easy to handle. The physician can take the pocket device and plug it into the iPhone and start using it as an ordinary Ultrasound Machine.  That device broadcasts data by an ultrasound transducer. Its results are 100% accurate and works by using Sound waves to enter beneath skin and forms images on the Phone. It is world’s first Ultrasound on a Chip based imaging system, the Butterfly Network’s smartphone covers 13 clinical applications. And it is made of Ten Thousand sensors which is more than any other Ultrasound Machine. Butterfly Network’s smartphone has guided medical field to a new era of easy accessible and high-performance medical imaging and detection of diseases. The Whole setup of butterfly network ultrasound smartphone comes up with a price of under $2000 with a user-friendly interface and wide range of uses under a single operator. Butterfly iq ultrasound buy in 2018 as well as by clearing of FDA approval.

Application and Principle of Butterfly Network Ultrasound

This under is First of its kind and many Specialists are working with it. The Butterfly Network’s smartphone transducer provides versatility and convenience to physicians to take images of the entire body. On Other hand, a traditional ultrasound system requires a large, expensive machine which is joined to transducers which are piezoelectric-based. That setup was big and not easy to handle. Experts were hired for its operational work. Which costs thousands of dollars. Butterfly’s Ultrasound Smartphone technology has all the abilities of a traditional Ultrasound machines and its 2-Dimensional matrix arrangement which is composed of Millions of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems.

Case Study on Dr John Martin (chief medical officer at Butterfly INC)

There is also a case Study for the significance of the Butterfly’s Ultrasound Smartphone technology and the case is which is within the Company. Doctor John Martin is currently the chief medical officer at Butterfly INC. Along with some colleague doctors, he diagnosed his own Cancer. At the beginning he diagnosed it as a tumour in his neck. Doctor John Martin was examined by the Butterfly INC Smart Phone Probe and then it was a cancer.

Most of the cancer patients die, worldwide, because of their delayed identification of their ailment. When they became aware of their illness with cancer, they are in their 3rd or 4th stage and recovery from that stage is nearly impossible. They face worst consequences because of slow process of discovery of illness. But in Doctor John Martin’s case, the Butterfly networked Smartphone proved to be a life saviour. As soon as the Cancer was recognized in the neck, the treatment was started and he is living a normal person’s life with his family as a Chief Medical Officer at Butterfly INC.  He calls the machine that it is not an Ultrasound machine, it is a time machine. It is Conquering time. Because sooner the disease is diagnosed, sooner the treatment is started. Many other patient’s profiles are available at the website of Butterfly INC which are diagnosed and treated under the Phone probe.

Butterfly Network Artificial Intelligence probe is revolutionizing the modern diagnoses of diseases and curing techniques. Surely first of its kind and a class in itself. It is regarded as “Lab on Chip” as it is playing full role of an ultrasound lab on a phone sized gadget. It is helping thousands of peoples and Butterfly Inc are going to extent their services around the world. It will develop the innovation in medical field as many other companies would be attracted towards the Artificial Intelligence in medicine and surgical science which will be eventually beneficial for the whole Mankind. Most of this technology is yet to discover and we can wait for more progress. And surely, best of its functions are yet to be discovered by Men.

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