Clever Digital Car Gadgets That Can Enhance Your Driving Experience

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Driving has the potential to become an excruciatingly monotonous task over time. But since it’s not the eighties any more, when the wind kissing your face for long drives was the ultimate driving experience. Today we live in the age of the digital revolution. The macrocosm of the digital world has helped us live a life that is not only comfortable but also highly nuanced. In other words, what was once the content of sci-fi movies is now a reality.

Whether it’s wireless speakers, face-recognizing phone locks or the beloved airpods, you be it and a device that defies logic for great grandparents. When we buy cars today, we have the options to purchase smart digital devices to engage our driving experience by leaps and bounds. Whether you wish to maintain the car’s interiors or you’re looking for a smart entertainment center for the vehicle, there is a device available to bring functional modernity to the tips of your fingers. Even recently Canada govt. introduce use of car mount holder on the Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act of sections 78. Here is a list of the top favorite digital devices that improve your driving experience. We are sure that you will go ahead and purchase at least a few of these right now.

Mirror Dash Camera
Safety in a car is a priority for any driver especially when your car is insured. A dash camera is the best purchase for you. It can not only provide evidence to the insurance company in case of car valuationn after an accident. You can also record memorable videos on your road trips too! These cameras work for the front and rear views while also alerting you of fatigue.

Automatic Adapter
Your driving experience can become magical by the installation of an automatic pro adapter. This is a clever assistant that has a wide variety of apps and a continuous connection to 3G. This gadget can not only track your car but also diagnose problems with your car. The added bonus is the device’s ability to connect with emergency services of the circumstances become unfortunate.

GPS Trackers

Your ever efficient smartphone connected to your GPS tracker can give you location updates of your car constantly. This is a useful gadget for parents to keep an eye on their teenage kids and can also be helpful if someone tries to steal your car. These trackers usually allow you to set a geographic fence. Once your vehicle crosses the fence, your GPS tracker sends a notification through text or email.

Blind spot alerts

Modern cars seem to have an amazing function built into them, known as the blind spot alert. In lay man’s terms it is a feature that is set in the side-view mirror. This is a light that flashes as soon as someone enters your blind spot. The older cars may not have this feature built in but today’s market has an accessory for this cause. Blind spot mirrors are easily available on Amazon for less than $10.

Monitors for tire pressure

A tire pressure monitor is the easy solution to maintain the health of your car tires. These systems keep tabs on the pressure of the tires while also monitoring the outside temperature. Sensors are attached to each of the four tires and the device displays the pressure for each of them to let you detect what can or has gone wrong. This device will help you prevent the crucial situation of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when you return from a trip to the rough roads.


Drinking and driving is not the best idea and we definitely not endorse it but it is still a smart idea to carry a gadget that lets you know whether you are legally allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol you have consumed. Whether it is an office dinner or a date with your better half, drinking now and then is the norm for a lot of people. But driving when drunk to delusion is a stupid mistake one can easily avoid. Breathalyzers that are equipped with police grade sensors on their technology are the best portable devices that you can carry when out on dinners and cocktails with your near and dear ones. These devices produce the precise results while also giving personal mouthpieces for the purpose of hygiene. No one wants to wake up in a hospital right out of nowhere after being in an accident due to consuming alcohol right before going behind the wheel. The online and in-store markets today are full of multiple digital devices and gadgets that not only ensure your safety but also help you have a good time on your drive to work, school or even the road trips that you have alone. The ability to monitor your car’s health, location and overall condition is ideal for anyone planning to sell their cars today. Installation of these devices will not only help you stay away from danger but also push you to be extra careful on the roads.

The post is created by Audrey Throne, who is a mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

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