Best TPMS. What Important Things You Should Know

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Among the things vehicle owners take for granted is tire pressure monitoring system, they rarely think about buying one until they really need it. The primary job of a best TPMS is to warn you when one or even more tires of your vehicle are significantly underinflated. Everyone will agree that when tires have insufficient air for driving, the driving conditions will be unsafe. Quality tire pressure monitoring system will eliminate chances of such occurrences.

Types of Tire Pressure Monitoring System

There are two primary types of best TPMS – the direct and indirect TPMS. The choice between the two types should highly affect your decision when shopping for one. The direct TPMS allows drivers to adjust the tire pressure standard. It will also alert you immediately the pressure falls below the pre-set pressure level.

However, if you choose the indirect TPMS, you should remember that it does not feature air sensors. You should note that the system uses anti-lock brake system speed sensors alternatively. Also, indirect tire pressure monitoring systems are not always accurate and have no capability of determining the underinflated tires.

How a best TPMS works

As we have already seen, the market offers only two types of tire pressure monitoring systems. The direct TPMS comes with a sensor that you have to mount in the wheels to start measuring the air pressure in every tire. If the air pressure is below the manufacturer’s recommended level by at least 25%, the sensor will transmit that information to your vehicle’s computer system in addition to triggering the dashboard indicator light.

On the other hand, the indirect TPMS works with the vehicle’s Antilock Braking System’s wheel speed sensor. Whenever the tire’s pressure falls below the set level, it starts rolling different wheel speed from that of other tires. The vehicle’s computer system detects the information and triggers the indicator light.

Some factors to consider for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

In addition to the type of TPMS, the following are some other factors to consider during your purchase:

The battery

When selecting a tire pressure monitoring system, you should know that the battery is crucial particularly if you are one of the many adventure enthusiasts. During your purchase, ensure that a lot of heat will not damage the device. Devices that work on rechargeable batteries are more convenient. Some manufacturers offer solar batteries with an aim of helping you reduce your electricity bills.

The display

Personally, I hate tire pressure monitoring systems that feature icons that are hard to comprehend. They are an inconvenience. The system should display the readings in plain English text and in easier to comprehend icons. With one that is easier to read, you will remain comfortable when driving. Even more, the indication lights should come in at least two colours.

The ease of installation

If you will need a mechanic to install the tire pressure monitoring system you are about to buy; don’t buy it. Any product that features complex assemblies will actually take a lot of your energy and time, particularly when you are on road trips. Buy one that comes with an installation kit. With the kit, you will easily install the unit within a few minutes.

The price

If you need a quality tire pressure monitoring system, you should select the expensive ones. That does not mean that the cheap brands underperform but if you want to remain on the safe side go for the expensive. Also, review the features of the product and relate them to the set price. That will help you narrow down your choices easily.

The user ratings

User ratings and reviews are crucial because they will provide you with the user experiences relating to the product you are about to purchase. A real life buyer will always have something to say on a product’s quality and lifespan. When buying a best TPMS, consider available reviews for every product. Moreover, users will provide the features they find beneficial.

Ease of use

When selecting a tire pressure monitoring system, consider its ease of use. Most of the units in the market allow convenience and easier operation. You should not experience any difficulties when using a TPMS and you should get results whenever you need them.


The primary job of a tire pressure monitoring system is to alert you when one or even more of your vehicle’s tires are underinflated. That is the key reason why their durability is important. The unit you select should withstand any harsh environment including a lot of heat.

A few benefits of tire pressure monitoring systems

An onboard best TPMS is a reliable way to avoid blowouts than checking the tire pressure manually after every one or few weeks. Some of the new vehicles on our roads today are already using tire pressure monitoring systems to ensure that all the four tires are inflated properly. That can be a great feature in trucks and cars for various reasons. Some of the reasons you should buy a tire pressure monitoring system include:

  • Road safety: underinflated tires are dangerous. They are likely to cause unusual erratic drive patterns when your vehicle is at high speed. A quality tire pressure monitoring system will continually monitor the tire inflation for your safety.
  • Increased MPG: proper tire inflation will also lead to maximum distance per every gallon for your vehicle. Your vehicle will burn more gasoline when driving with underinflated tires. In other words, the right tire pressure will lower fuel consumption and reduce costs.
  • Avoid manual tire pressure monitoring: without a tire pressure monitoring system, you will have to use a manual gauge to monitor the tire pressure. That means kneeling down, taking off the four valve stem caps and inserting the manual tire pressure gauge. That should not happen with the advanced tech TPMS.
  • Increased vehicle value: a TPMS will add value to your car. It is a feature that reduces costs
  • A better insurance rate: a tire pressure monitoring system helps with safety. Therefore, it will lead to a lower insurance premium for your car.
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