Lytro’s Cinema Camera Change The Horizon For Filmmakers

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The movie production industry has subsequently grown over the past decades, owing to improvements in the video shooting equipment. People have grown interest in capturing reality and fiction materials. Every moment spent is worth capturing for documentation. Now introducing the new lytro cinema camera, capable of high performance than any other existing camera as purported to have unique abilities than other equipment. This could bring a completely new excitement in the field of cinematography. Among targeted cinema production companies would be Warner Bros, Columbia pictures, producers of Avatar and Black Panther. It has these unique features making it an option in the current century;

Image Capability

Lytro camera is very powerful, having the capability of shooting up to 755 megapixels (755 Mp) 40K quality raw video capturing. The cinema utilizes alike technology that made Lytro popular in the tech world, having ability to capture ‘light field’ data via light rays in a frame. It is able to capture light field, a peculiar access. Theta yielded will be very significant in allowing creators to improve on their productions at large. The clarity of the still images and raw video clips will be very fortunate to progress the cinema production inherently. It possess the ability to reduce the editing headache since it allows the creators to infuse items of interest into the frame and add what’s missing without waiting at the actual editing stage. It also has the ability to device green screen without necessarily using the physical green screen. The feature popularly known as Chroma Key Effect. Therefore, the producers will not actually have to hassle much to use physical green screen during the shooting stage.

Advanced Technology

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Lytro light field camera is endowed with a very high technology.  Lytro Cinema is sure to be a game changer when it makes its way to the industry in these times. It provides an ample room for the advancement and creation of a 3D environment for shooting, making the creation of 3D clips easier, which would otherwise be stressful and involving more equipment and work to achieve a realistic effect. This is a high tech technology to be incorporated in production of 3D movies. In effect, the manufactures may henceforth target producers of Avatar since the Avatar 2 is looked at being produced in 3D, which will be considered as glasses 3D.  This would be also crucial in the attempt of the new camera being able to create animations in the 3D format. Many producers are forecasted to eye for this technology in order to achieve their production goals. This technology allows filmmakers to make post-production decisions at an early stage as shooting so that they would not encounter difficulties after the press of a start record button.

High Resolution and Clarity

The amount of data that Lytro captures is incredible. It has the highest resolution video sensor ever designed in history, having the ability to shoot up to 755 RAW megapixels at up to 300 FPS. The other modern cameras play around 29.7 to 30 FPS. Lytro camera resolution can manage up to 16 stops of dynamic range and wide color gamut for instance. It is also designed with a powerful integrated high-resolution active scanning to enable clear focus of the subject being captured.

Lytro Cinema Camera Price

The lyto cinema camera is relatively costs, it retails at $125K. This is plausible owing to the fact that it is so far the most outstanding production equipment in the recent time, having mind-blowing capabilities to revolutionize the film making industry. It’s power has so much endowment when it comes to quality production of cinematography materials. The lyto camera is claimed to be for the high budget filmmakers and that why they target big names such as the Oscars and Lincoln is the cost will therefore likely fall with time, making it more accessible to large number of filmmakers. The manufacturers are promising the fall of price, and targeting the large filmmakers.

Multiple rendering options

One of the challenges faced by many filmmakers and producers is the output format of the cameras. Some editing software do not accept some raw clip formats; and that’s why and where the lytro cinema camera comes in. With multiplicity of rendering options that include IMAX, RealD, Dolby Digital Vision, ACES, and HFR, the sky is not the limit for Lytro Cinema. This enables the filmmakers to have a smooth time while transferring items for production editing during the editing stage of film creation.


The lytro is compatible with the latest video production machines and software. It can work with wide array of editing software without failing. Lytro Cinema, including a camera, server array, and lytro camera app and software for editing the light field data. This makes filmmakers to explore more than ever before. In short, limitations reduced at higher rate. The creators may only be limited with their imaginations, but lyto is much more advanced.


Lytro cinema is made to last for quite a long time. It has been made from highly quality materials to enable it last for a longer time and serve for an equally long time. It’s also provided with special warranty and special maintenance agents in need. If carefully maintained, Lytro can serve filmmakers for a very long time. It is easy to maintain, just like any valuable item.


Lytro cinema camera is available in local stores and online stores. You can order for the item or book a hire to get the services and the camera item itself. The product can be sourced from the manufacturers themselves or representatives. Since the price is a little big, they always prefer working with the filmmaker’s budget, and so special bargaining can occur depending on the budget and the available price tag.

Any filmmaker out there to change the experience of creations would be advised to get one of the Lytro cameras to fulfill the dream of getting perfect quality materials. Get Lytro now at $125K.

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