How To Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working Issue? Quick and Easy Ways

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The world of gaming computers is filled with enthusiasts ever looking for innovations that give sensational experience. One such is Asus aura sync software, which controls lighting effects and color configurations of RGB lighting components. RGB represents the color model of red, green, and blue, which produce desired color effects. Apart from this, RGB enabled graphics cards are known to improve the speed of frames for the ultimate gaming experience. Other components which can have RGB lighting include lighting strips, motherboards, and RAM. However Many of times we experienced the issue of “asus aura sync has stopped working”. Here we will learn hot to fix it!

Asus Aura Sync: How To Download

Generally, there are two methods of downloading Asus Aura software.  The first one is by visiting the Asus homepage, and the second one is by using the Asus Aura product. Downloading via the homepage is less time consuming and requires fewer computer skills as compared to the second method.

1. Go to Asus downloading center:

2. Type the product’s model name to search and select upon showing on a form.

3. Click driver and tools.

4. Select the operating system then downloading aura under utilities.

To install the aura software follow the steps:

1. Extract the compressed file.

2. Double click a file axlns &atkexChIomSvc separately.

3. Install file e in the recommended folder.

4. Restart the pc to finalize.

Aura Software Features

Some notable features can be seen displayed on the software window after running it. These include distinct RGB components which can be selected to run them. Objects and capabilities available on the software window are as follows:

1. On/off button on top right corner to switch LEDs on and off.

2. Twelve lightings presets on the left side of the panel, which can be adjusted.

3.Meters for controlling saturation of LED colours and cycles of the effects.

4. Objects used for selecting LED colors by gradients, reverse colors and color cycles.

5. Refreshing button on the top right, which assists when cycles are out of synch.

6. Rainbow effect button, which gives effect with Addressable RGB accessories only (ARGB).

7. Smart effect capability, which changes colors concerning pc temperature and performance.

Driver Requirements

Outdated drivers tend to slow down Aura so that up-to-date ones are a prerequisite. Updating can be done manually or automatically. The former requires more computer skills compared to the latter. For manual downloading, the following main steps are taken:

1. Visit the Asus website.

2. Select the specific models of the motherboard, other accessories, and operating system.

The automatic download is done using pro or free version of driver secure software available on the same site, the steps are:

1. Download asus aura sync download and install the driver easily.

2. Run drivers and click scan now, wait patiently while any problem drivers are being searched for.

3. Click the update driver button, which is next to the faulty driver, available with the free version of driver accessible.

 For pro version, the update all button is available for clicking, and it automatically downloads and installs driver latest versions.

Hardware requirements

Apart from software installation, it is also essential to ensure that hardware is compatible and connected correctly. To get it to work, secure connection between headers on an Asus motherboard and compatible pin connector on lighting accessories. RGB headers are situated on the bottom of the motherboard, near front panel headers. Moreso, it is worth noting that Aura is only compatible with Asus motherboards only. However, the ROG Aura terminal can be used to address this, the following steps are to be taken:

1) Replace RGB LED strips of non-compatible components with Aura sync compatible LED strip.

2. Connect LED strips to the ROG Aura terminal.

Asus Aura Sync Not working

Like any other software, bugs owing to some unforeseen generated errors are an issue with the software. A common one being the “Asus aura has stopped working.” This can be frustrating as it usually pops up while opening the software or while the software is already running. Some of the causes of Asus Aura Sync Not working errors are as follows:

1. Corrupted installation files.

2. Failure to install asus sync download in a recommended file path.

3. Conflicting different lighting software operating at the same time e.g.Corsair performing together with Asus Aura.

4. Lighting strip not plugged correctly onto the motherboard so that there is no secure connection.

5. Old the Aura version incompatible with hardware.

6. Fast startup boot, which causes sudden software crush.

7. Hardware issues like malfunctioning motherboard and broken pin connections.

The good news is that fast fixes to address the problems are available and to be discussed shortly.

Fix.1: Disable fast startup

This function is meant initially to save time by reducing the boot time taken by pc during restart. Follow the steps:

1. Click the windows startup button and search, click the control panel button.

2. On the control panel, click on large icons and then proceed to the power options button.

3. On the left side of the panel, click on “Choose what power buttons do.”

4. Click on to option “change options that are currently unavailable.

5. Go to the bottom part and uncheck the box “Turn on fast startup” then save and exit to check if it does the trick.

Fix 2: Uninstalling Asus Aura Sync Software

Sometimes when other fixes fail, then the software might have been corrupted. Common causes include the Trojan horse virus or worm. Aura uninstaller does the uninstalling trick the best because it makes sure no remnants of the software are left. Steps taken are:

1. Download uninstalling utility.

2. Run the file so that all the software files are entirely removed along with its temporary files.

3. Shutdown, the computer, remove all CPU connections, and unplug all components.

4. Press the power button for 30seconds, only connect everything after 5 -minutes and proceed to downloading, installing new aura.

5. Restart the computer and run the program to check if the issue is still outstanding.

Notes: don’t change the default installation directory.

Fix 3: Checking RGB headers

Check that RGB strips are secured to headers, however, it has to be done with precaution as force permanently damage pins.

Fix 4: Uninstalling other lighting software

Asus Aura conflicts with other RGB lighting software like Corsair and Cooler master. Thus the need to remove them.

1. Go to app manager by pressing “windows +R.”

2. Right click on additional software installed and uninstall them then restart.

To sum up                     

In certain cases, security software like avast antivirus blocks Aura from running, labeling it as malware. One has to either disable the antivirus or go to avast settings and permit Aura to run in sandbox mode. Apart from the bugs and issues outlined in this article, the software should work just fine, providing the user with the best experience.

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