How To Update AMD CPU Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7

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Are you in possession of a PC that is using AMD powered processors? If you are, then you have accessed the right information portal. It is well known that the AMD powered processors opted for their feasibility in processing speed. But let’s face this, we all know that for a PC to function smoothly, CPU drivers have to be up to date.

Even if you have the best PC as long as the drivers are missing or outdated, you are most likely to face functionality problems. This article is for users that are using PCs powered by the AMD processor drivers. Let’s go through the section to be conversant with methods you can use to update and download the drivers on Windows 10.

How do I update my AMD CPU drivers?

Assuming that you are quite aware that your PC is using the AMD processor, the information below is rightly made for you. Let’s dive into the process of getting to know how to do update the AMD chipset driver.

Downloading and updating requires knowledge and patience. In other words, it’s either you use the longest route or turn to professional tools. Trying to go by the process may prove to be challenging if you do not enough computer experience. In downloading and updating there are two main Methods witch fall under two categories.

Update AMD CPU Driver Manually: Download Methods

These are the methods that require you to be conversant with the computer. These methods need you to be patient and be a little bit of computer literate. You look for the compatible (right) or recommended driver online, Downloading AMD Driver from Manufacturer’s Website, and install AMD’s chipset driver package. They are time-consuming and frustrating if you are impatient as they require you to follow every step without using shortcuts.

Automatic Downloading and Updating Methods

For computer newbies, you don’t go the hard way of following those annoying and irritating step by step stages that require you to have computer experience. These include the use of driver finding applications that are downloaded AMD Chipset driver package and installed then scan the PC system for faulty, outdated, or absent drivers. Its just mouse and some automated Driver search and clicking update (all).

Without using any order lets dive into the popular Methods used:

METHOD 1: AMD Driver Auto-Detect Tool

AMD drivers are always updated, and they may be new drivers hitting the market. Thus the place you can get updates and fixes is on the official site. You can use the AMD Driver Auto-Detect Tool. This application provided by the manufacturer detects and identifies compatible drivers. This tool is available when your system uses Windows 7 or 10 and also equipped with AMD Radeon Pro Graphics. Let’s go through the process of using this tool:

1. From the AMD Driver and Support Page download the application

2. After downloading run it to launch AMD Driver Auto-detect tool

3. On successfully going through your system, the app will display the current driver if you are using any.

Note: The Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs certify recommended drivers

4. Select the driver version you want to download and install.

Note: The AMD Diver Auto-detect Tool can fail to find compatible drivers. Which is why you have to worry not, you can as well try using the next method.

METHOD 2: AMD Product Selector

This one uses a somewhat manual approach, and you manually select from the system driven menu the product you desire to acquire. You can either type the name of the product on the search bar or go through the dropdown list. In locating drivers choose the :

1. Category that your driver belongs to 9 A m cMD Product Selector products organized: Graphics, Professional Graphics, Processors with Graphics, Chipsets, Processors, and Embedded.

2. After selecting the product, click submit to the drivers and support page. A list of operating systems will get visible within the Drivers section page.

3. To check for the compatibility with the recommended

And optional drivers select the operating system.

4. Click download to start downloading the driver. After downloading double click to install after.

METHOD 3: Automatically Update AMD CPU Drivers

As mentioned above, there are many ways of updating these drivers. You may use Driver Detecting Applications like Driver Easy and Driver Booster. These Do the searching for you, they scan the device and recommend drivers.

Driver Easy:

1. Download and run Driver Easy

2. Run the program it will scan and detect problem drivers

3. Update all the missing drivers by selecting Update All or updating one by one as the update all option may require a pro version that comes with support (highly recommended)

Driver Booster: The process is the same as the above, downloading, installing, and running the app, scanning, and detecting faulty drivers.

Note: Driver booster also updates the AMD Graphics Drivers

METHOD 4: Use The Device Manager To Update AMD Processor Driver

Do not overlook the capability of the Device Manager in looking for the drivers for you. It may be advisable to use this method before you try other sophisticated means of accessing the drivers. Use the Device Manager as your starting point for my advice. Let’s go through the stages :

1. Go to the Device Manager

2. After expanding Processors, on AMD Processor driver right-click to Update Driver

3. Automatically search for updated driver software and finish the process.

METHOD 5: Use AMD Official Site

Several users shy away from using the official site for some reason, depending on the user’s experience. Anyway, although it is a little bit challenging to rely on, you can access a range of drivers from graphics to chipset drivers.

1. access AMD Support

2. once you have accessed the official site select the desired product and submit,

Choose from all the products or go through the list.

3. Download the driver from the Driver and Software category.

Overall, the above methods are not exhaustive. Try using them to have your PC delivering the best performance you would like. Feel free to share this post.

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