Steam Notifications – How To Turn Them Off?

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Steam friend notifications are alerts in form of pop-ups that show whenever a friend joins a game. Gaming lovers don’t care whether a friend has joined the game. Any experienced player knows this is insignificant information as the gaming is concerned. The only important information is to know your gaming partner which is in one’s fingertips right from the start of the game. That’s why information pop ups on who else is playing the game is annoying.

Importantly, apart from steam friend notifications, there are other notifications that appear on the game screen. The procedure for steam turn off friend notificationsapplies in switching off all other notifications.

The other most common notification you will get is steam group event. Steam group event notifications is a pop up intended to notify players on any upcoming steam gaming events they may be interested to participate. Normally, such information is irrelevant to majority. Only a few players take gaming serious to the extend to being interested to take part in the game’s groups events. Others play purely for fun. They are only interested in the game itself, and not any gaming activities. They mostly have their play-time being limited to their leisure time. it’s unnecessary to update such people on what is happening. That’s why this important to help them know to stop the annoying pop-ups.

Importantly, note that the notifications are a default setting in steam gaming. There pop ups always show on the gaming screen. Many people feel stack as the they don’t know there something they can do. The online information on deactivating the pop-ups is limited. But, this post has a comprehensive information on disabling notifications. This could be all you need to start enjoying gaming. It takes will your efforts to change the settings. So, apart from reading this post for knowledge, you need to go further and apply it. The procedure is very simple. You will notice that to steam disable friend notifications you don’t require expert’s assistance. You can do it yourself by following the simple steps

Why You Need To Know, How do you turn off Steam Friend notifications??

The pop-ups are most common when one is live streaming a game or doing game captures. The pop-ups are annoying, and many people prefer the notification off. Getting to knowhow to disable steam notifications is an uphill task for many users. That’s why you are reading this post right in time. The outlined simple steps given here will not only be helpful to you, but you can also share the information with friends too. Many people, just like you, want to know how to get rid of steam notifications. This information is important to them, so don’t hesitate to share with them. Sharing this information with other player will make them be in a position to enjoy interrupted gaming too. Steam gaming will have many happy players. Everyone will enjoy the game and benefit fully from the playing.

Apart from gaming time, another time when pop ups are annoying is during screen capture. The pop-ups at this time are unnecessary bother. While some people can tolerate the notifications when they are playing, they would be willing to do anything to stop the notifications during screen capturing.

Knowinghow to turn off notifications steamis simple and crucial for all the players who want to enjoy interrupted gaming.

How to disable steam notifications:

  1. Open steam. On top left side you will find steam notification settings menu. Select settings from the menu.
  2. Go to friends option. On the friends, click manage friends’ list setting. Then, un-check the when a friend joins option. When a friend joins the steam, you will not receive notification.
  3. Also, check whether the play sound for notifications checked. You can un-check it too, and you will not receive alerts for new notifications.

You can disable any other notification you do not need by un-checking it on the check box.


Above, is the simple step-by-step process you can follow to turn off steam friend notifications next time you want to play your game without interruptions. You don’t have to persevere the annoyance of pop-ups anymore. You can disable all the notifications and enjoy uninterrupted gaming time now.

Share this much-needed information with other steam users to help them know how to stop notifications. Many people often search for this crucial information, and they get limited answers. The information in this post is what you all need to help you to steam disable notifications and the alerts.

Now look for all the steam games you will want and enjoy uninterrupted time, by switching off friend notifications. This steps are simple to follow through and apply. During your next screen gaming time spare a few minutes to switch off any notifications and sound alerts you don’t need.

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