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Manga books have been around in the Japanese culture for many years but today people from other parts of the world have accepted them. They are popular among teenage boys and girls but it is not hard to find an adult reading comics and manga. Most experts will recommend them as an entertainment option because they help kids improve their language and imaginative power. Unfortunately, manga books are not available everywhere. And where they are available, most people will not afford to collect them each day. The good news is that the internet offers a good alternative. You can download and install a manga app in your Android device to access as many manga books as you want.

Here are some of best anime reading apps to try.

1. Comics by ComiXology

Comics by comiXology has stood as one of the best anime reading apps on Google Play Store for a long time. The app has over 125 publishers and thousands of independent creators from all parts of the world who post content regularly. Originally, the app was designed for Dc and Marvel comic lovers but today it offers a library of comic books, graphic novels and manga. You will have over 100,000 stories to try. The Guided View technology helps it provide an immersive cinematic experience. The content is available to download free of charge.

2. Crunchroll Manga

Crunchroll Manga is the other great read manga for a free app designed for Android users. Its content is updated regularly, so you will find something new each day of the week. You will get every new Manga book immediately it is released to the Japanese bookstores. The manga books are free to download but you can still opt for the premium option, which requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee. The monthly subscription option allows you to access the manga anime and the manga comic books without disturbing ads. 

3. Manga Box

Manga provides a wonderful reading experience for both smartphone and tablet users. The app will adjust the document image to match the size of your device screen for easier reading. Read all the offered manga elements at no cost. The manga books, which include the popular and new releases, are available to use at no cost. That means that you will have something new to do in your free time. Read as many manga and comic books as you can.

4. VIZ Manga

This might be the best free manga app for Android. VIZ Manga is among the best manga apps on Google Play Store today. It promises new content each day and translates every new manga comic to the English language immediately after upload. All you need to access the new manga books is a good internet connection. Download several titles and read them later without an internet connection. The Bookmark Mode allows users to select a single or double entry landscape for better reading. Moreover, the customization option allows zooming, left or right reading and adjustment of the brightness settings.

5. Toomics

Did you know that manga is popular in Korea too? That is the reality. Manga from Korea is known as Manhwa and Toomics allows you to access it at no cost. Toomics has been a popular choice for people in need of manga, comics, Manhwa and toons at no cost. The app provides every fantasy and genre available on internet space. You do not have to pay for something you can get free of charge. 

6. Manga Geek

The other popular app providing manga books is the Manga Geek. The read manga for free app offers a wide list of manga and Manhwa books for the users to try. It aggregates links from the internet and offers them through the user-friendly interface. And because the content is updated each day, you will never miss something new. The app is easy to use and it relies on sources like MangaKakalot, MangaReader, NineManga, Mangapanda, JapanScan and Mangahub for content. They do not host content but they link users to the sources.

7. Tapas

Tapas is another great free app for Android users. It provides novels, comics and stories at no cost. Read as many manga books, comics or manhwa books at no cost and then decide on what to buy and what to leave. It provides over 10,000 listings covering a wide range of genres. If you have been looking for a better way to kill your free time, you have now found it. Tapas app is highly rated on the Google Play Store. 

8. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has stood as the most popular eBook reader for many years. Perhaps, you have heard about it from your friends or relatives. If you are a lover of manga books, you will love their large collections. It is accessible in various other devices in addition to Android smartphones. Unlike some other apps, Amazon Kindle allows users to download the books into their device for offline reading. You will have something to try each day but you can purchase the books to support the writers too.

9. Animo Anime and Manga

Animo Anime and Manga is a social network for manga and anime fans. Explore the best free manga app for Android to find more recommendations and to discover new stuff. The app boasts itself as the best source of manga, cosplay, anime and vocaloid music. The clean design allows easier navigation, but unlike other social media apps, it is somehow weird. It does not offer actual manga books for the users to read. They only offer ideas on what users should read. It is free to use without in-app purchases or advertisements. If you love a community atmosphere, the app is worth trying.  

10. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is the other popular app among manga book lovers and teens. The app reports over 1 million downloads and has over 100, 000 manga titles for the users to read. One of the things you will love about the app is the beautiful user interface, which facilitates smooth and effortless navigation. It works flawlessly so that the users can select the best books from the huge collection. It will follow your reading habits to suggest your titles. The different viewing modes and orientation such as Favourites and Bookmarks allows easier finding. You can download manga books and read them offline afterwards. For more features, go for the premium version – you will pay $2.99 per month.

Best Free Manga App For Android

The above list of best manga apps, offers a good starting point when searching for the best manga books. If you are still confused, try Comics or Manga Geek for a good experience. The apps are compatible with Android devices and they will help you take a new reading journey.

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