Best Android Mp3 Players For Your Smart Phone

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Are you tired of the stock music app on your device that allows streaming of music alone? Even though some people are opting for music streaming apps such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music, streaming might not be good in many places. Expensive data plans and data caps have made many people stick to their lists of music collection. However, if you want to try some more music tracks in addition to those in your list, you can always try a new music app. Some apps like Google Play Music offer local tracks at no cost and they are worth trying.

Here are some of the best MP3 players for Android to install in your device and try more tracks.

1.  AIMP

If you need a powerful Android MP3 player application that is also customizable, the AIMP is a perfect choice. The music app for Android devices supports the common music files such as MP4, FLAC, MP3 and others. It comes with many customization options such as theming in addition to helpful stuff. And because the developers adopted a simple user interface, you will not face any problems when searching for music tracks and listening to them. Choose your favourite material design interface to keep the application decent. Some of the helpful features include an outstanding equalizer, HTTP live streaming and volume streaming. The developers offer a desktop version too, something that differentiates AIMP form other basic music players.

2. BlackPlayer EX

BackPlayer EX might look simple but it is best MP3 players for Android. The app connects the users to their favourite music tracks. You can customize the tab structure and tabs for the best experience and benefit from the key features including equalizer, scrobbling, widgets, themes, 1D3 tag editor and minimalism option. The free version comes with many ads and it is simply barebones. To get more music tracks and to disable the ads, you will have to pay for the pro version. The Android based MP3 player is expensive but helpful.

3. JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD has been a favourite of many music lovers for a long time. The many helpful features it offers make it better than many other best android music players devices and it is still simple for everyone to use. Most of the audio enhancement features the app offers come in the form of plugins. They will help you enjoy most of the free offered tracks. Use the equalizer for the best experience and try the simple effects like tag editor, bass boost, MIDI playback and widgets to understand why many people have been going for the app. The free and paid versions are almost identical, but the paid version does not come with advertisements. The paid version also allows users to add themes. 

4. Media Monkey

Media Monkey has been a favourite of many music enthusiasts. It is available as a free and a premium version, offering podcasts, audiobooks and music tracks. After installing the best android music apps in your device, you will manage to sort the offered songs according to the name of the composer and not the artist. Some basic stuff like the equalizer and the ability to sync music library from the computer to Android device and vice versa over WiFi connections has made it a darling of many people. The setup part might be complicated, but both the desktop and mobile versions are worth trying.

5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the default music app on Android devices but that does not mean it is not worth trying. If you have not been using it, it is good you start today. The app from Google offers many features that are not available with many other Android apps. One of them is the great upload manager, which allows you to add up to 50,000 songs from iTunes and other programs. If you are not happy with the free version, you can try the paid version. The premium service goes for $9.99 a month and it will provide you with the whole Google Play catalogue in addition to YouTube Red. You will watch videos without ads ruining your experience.  Moreover, it will play all the songs downloaded into your device storage.

6. Apple Music

Unlike what most people believe, Apple Music is not designed for iOS users alone. The app is available for Android fans who would want to try the great offering. The app allows you to access Beats One, Apple’s Catalogue offering over 300 million songs and the songs list on your device. It is a great choice for the individuals who would want to remain in the ecosystem of Apple and throw their device into the mix. You will enjoy 3 months free trial and after that pay $9.99 each month to stream the music.

7. Musicolet

Musicolet is an app different from the others best Android MP3 players apps. The app offers many helpful features such as lightweight user interface, small APK size and great offline experience. Musicolet offers a music equalizer, multiple queues features, tag editor, folder browsing, widgets, embedded lyrics and other great features. You can refresh your music list to access more tracks. For a long time, the app has been a good choice for people who need a simple music player without unnecessary staff. It is free to use and does not offer app purchases. Furthermore, you will not get advertisements after installation.

8. Rocket Player

Rocket Player has been the world of music apps for many years. Within the years it has been around, the developers have researched on what works and what does not work and even fixed bugs. Today, the app runs smoothly and it has expanded features. After installation, you will benefit from a 10-band equalizer with presets at no cost. It offers 30 themes, built-in tag editor, sleep timer, Chromecast support, podcast support and a playlist manager. The premium version allows the users to unlock replays, gapless playback, tag editing, crossfading and support for many audio formats. You will have to pay $4 to upgrade to the premium version.

9. Phonograph

For many years, Phonograph has been the most beautiful music playing application. The best offline music player apps for Android has many built-in theme colours, allowing the users to get the best-looking app. The interface colours change from time to time to match the content playing on the screen. Currently, Phonograph is the standard when it comes to the choice of features. It is ideal for people looking for a simple listening experience.

10. Pixel Player

Pixel Player is another lightweight best Android music apps for music players that any music lover will want to use. Even though the application is less known, it offers many great features. It supports the basic file formats and offers a 5-band equalizer along with bass boost. As the user, you will benefit from the gapless playback, built-in tag editor and customization options including themes and colours. It will analyse the tracks you listen to so that it can suggest music tracks to match your tastes. It is good you give it a trial today.

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