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Life is full of stressful events and you will, therefore, need to try stress-leaving activities if you want to live a happy life. Music forms an essential part of our social activities and is among the things that will make your life easier and full of fun. Everyone loves music, especially when played in nightclubs, bars or a karaoke machine. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a karaoke machine and the available ones are expensive. You do not need to buy one. All you have to do is download the best karaoke app on your Android device and start enjoying music with your relatives and friends. Sing your favourite songs, record them on the Karaoke app and add various elements to your singing.

We have come up with a good list of the best free karaoke app android to try. Here is the latest list.

1. Red Karaoke Sing and Record

If you need a karaoke application that will connect you to a great community, the Red Karaoke Sing and Record should be your top priority. It connects you to people willing to share their talent through social media. So, if you are not shy and you would want to prove your skills to the world and get the right feedback, it is the application to try. If you are a great singer, you will find yourself in the trending list. The free karaoke app Android is compatible with Chromecast and like technologies to support large crowds. Watch the lyrics on your big TV screen or sing along.

2. Yokee

Unlike many other Karaoke apps on Google Play Store, Yokee provides a small list of music tracks. The paid Karaoke music app offers a great user interface and the users get free coins after they have watched the video advertisements. If that is not a good route, you will have to pay $3 to access the VIP version. The VIP version allows you to enjoy great karaoke music experience. Search for your favourite songs on the offered list and the lyrics will show when the karaoke starts playing. It will help you play romantic songs on wedding anniversaries confidently.

3. WeSing

For a long time, WeSing has ranked as the top karaoke app on the Google Play Store. The app is easy to use and full of fun. After installing it on your Android device, you will get a free download chart and start singing with the popular artists or your friends. Create as many videos as you want and share them through your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The app will help you reach many people faster.

4. StarMaker

StarMaker karaoke app for Android users entered the market as “The Voice: On Stage” but the developers decided to change the name after it became popular. “The Voice” was a singing competition that aired on TV. Most of the features the app provides will influence you to participate in competitions. The key features include “take the mic” for competitions. Depending on your skills and determination, you will be able to rise the ranks and even outperform the other users on your favourite songs. The community has prizes for the top performers. Record, edit and share all your singing performance if you want. The database is updated more often with the hottest and latest tracks.

5. Midifun Karaoke

For people who love simple apps, Midifun Karaoke app is worth trying. It currently stands as the simplest karaoke app on the Google Play Store. It offers basic user interface and you can access all the tracks at no cost. The audio quality is not the best but you will have a list of interesting tracks to try. After you start recording, the lyrics will appear on the screen. The karaoke app also allows the users to try their guessing power with the guessing option. Get lyrics or tune the app to answer questions. You do not need an internet connection to sing. 

6. SingPlay

SingPlay karaoke app is made for Android users. And if you have worked with Audacity before, the app will feel familiar. Even though not each of the offered songs will convert into a karaoke track, the app is easy to use. The user interface is not among the rich ones and you should expect some abnormal errors. Change the settings to generate the right karaoke of your favourite songs. You can use the app in various situations and control the pitch and tempo of every track. Do not need active internet to sing.

7. Smule

Smule has changed how music lovers interact through Karaoke. The app, which shows up as one of the top apps on the Google Play Store, offers an unparalleled database of the latest and classic hits. You can sing alone, with your friends and relatives or broadcast your performance while still in your bedroom. If you have always dreamt of singing duets with your favourite artists, it is the application to try. It will tune your voice when singing so that people can get the best version of your performance. The developers offer many features that are free to use and studio effects. It is time to start your music videos with the application. 

8. Karaoke Sing Unlimited Songs

The Karaoke Sing Unlimited Songs is from Yokee Music and it was launched on September 12 2012. It is among the most downloaded apps, possibly because it allows people to sing their favourite karaoke music tracks at no cost. All you need is headphones. After plugging them into your mobile device, search for your favourite tracks and start singing. Record your videos and share it with other performers through the internet. If your music videos are good, you will become famous. The app has over 90 million users and allows users to record videos in various languages. After the installation part, choose your language.  

9. Midifun Karaoke

Most users of Midifun Karaoke app claim that the user interface is very basic but it offers rich functionality. Midifun karaoke app is free to use and among the best free karaoke apps for Android and it does not provide any VIP package. You will realize that most, if not all, of the lyrics offered on the application are accurate. That is very hard on other Karaoke apps. If you love the Guessing Game, this app allows you to do that. You can test your knowledge of your favourite songs lyrics at no cost. Moreover, the guessing feature will not affect the primary features of the application.

10. Kids Karaoke

If you have kids, you should be aware that they also love singing. Karaoke app developers know that too and that is the key reason they developed the Kids Karaoke, which caters for the young generations. Even though grownups enjoy what the app offers, it provides the well-known nursery songs and rhythms that kids loved. You can use it to improve the reading skills of your kids because they will read the lyrics and sing them. In other words, they will have fun while learning.

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