How To Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free?

How To Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free?

Last Updated on October 31, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

Clean, Fast, Optimized and Protected. These features could be for your computer. Avast cleanup premium is here to help you achieve that and much more, free of charge.

Avast is one of the leading industries when it comes to software provision. In addition to the cleanup tool, Avast also has VPN software, anti-tracking tools, antivirus software, etc. You can use Avast Cleanup premium on an Android device or computer. This tool is a disk cleaner, shortcut cleaner, and will free up your drive space, remove unwanted programs, and fix your device’s performance issues. You can use the software’s trial version or upgrade to a premium subscription. 

Additionally, Avast does a space scan and cleans up temporary files, residual files, leftover cache files, and unnecessary items from your device. 

After protecting so many devices all over the world, Avast has created a very effective cleanup software. The Avast cleanup premium is computer software designed to thoroughly clean and speeds up your computer. It achieves this by scanning through your computer. It identifies different problems, then updates you there and then. Yes, it is real-time and does not necessarily require you to be connected to the internet. You then have the option to fix the issues immediately, later on, or ignore them.

This article helps you navigate how to get the Avast Cleanup Premium version for free to install it successfully.

Let’s get started.

Functions Of Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast cleanup tool boosts the performance of the computer and increases its productivity. This software can scan through the computer and eliminate any unwanted data and junk files.

The free Avast cleanup premium has limited features since it’s free. The paid version, however, has more complex and detailed features. In this article, we will look at how to get an Avast cleanup premium for free.

Before then, let’s look at some of the premium features in the Avast cleanup software

  • Avast optimization tool maintains a high speed for the computer for an extended period.
  • Avast cleanup premium lessens the energy usage of the battery by inputting rest settings.
  • Avast cleanup premium deletes the unnecessary files from the computer to save disk space. Additionally, it deletes leftover files from popular PC programs, outdated programs, and uninstalled programs.
  • This browser cleaner clears leftover files such as browser cache and junk files on the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Google.
  • Block ads:  from third-party advertisements, pop-ups and cookies
  • Avast cleanup software can rectify all the significant systems errors helps apply the fixes where needed.
  • It sends up-to-date notifications about the computer and reminds you to fix the issues.
  • The sleep mode feature enables you to put the apps you least require to sleep without causing any interruptions.
  • It cleans the computer’s hard disk and creates more storage space for future use.
  • The Avast cleanup premium detects any account that is not safe in your computer and deletes it.
  • It also cleans up the windows registry by removing hidden junk. The registry is system settings used to install and uninstall programs and software.
  • Avast cleanup premium offers a short and quick review of your computer’s state.
  • Its rescue center can help you undo processes like fixing broken registry, broken shortcuts,
  • Automatic Maintenance is only run if the scan reveals one of the following issues: 100 MB or more of cleanable space on your system 100 or more broken registry items 100 or more broken shortcuts 100 or more tracking cookies Can I review found issues before Avast Cleanup Premium optimizes my device? ( 

How To Get the Free Version of Avast Cleanup Premium?

Windows Users can comfortably get the Avast Cleanup Premium for a 30-day risk-free trial. 

Here’s how to go about that;

  1. Switch on the internet connection and open any browser on the computer.
  2. Search for the Avast website
  3. Select the 30-day free trial and click on download
  4. Run the setup
  5. Tap install now key
  6. Follow the screen instructions to install and run the software
  7. Click the menu button
  8. Go to my subscriptions
  9. It will show you the date your free plan has been activated and when it expires.

Enjoy your Avast cleanup premium for 30 days trial period.

How to get Avast Premium for MAC Users

Avast cleanup premium does not yet have a free plan for MAC users. This setback, however, should not worry you since there is a better plan. Avast premium is available for all MAC users. It has almost all the features in Avast cleanup premium but provides a limited time period of 60 days free trial for 0$.

Here are the steps you need to follow to activate the free version of Avast premium.

  1. Open the browser of your choice and search for the Avast website
  2. Choose MAC
  3. Select “Start free trial for 60 days.”
  4. Fill in the details required as well as your credit card details and click continue
  5. Select the 0$ key and complete the payment
  6. The software will start its download
  7. Avast will send a link to your email, and you can also use it to download the software.
  8. To install it, right-click the setup file then choose from the context menu, select run as administrator
  9. Log in to your Avast Account.

It is important to cancel or deactivate your premium subscriptions after 60 days since Avast Premium will charge you from your credit card.

How to Successfully Disable Avast Cleanup Warning Notifications

Once you install the Avast cleanup software, one of its features is to send real-time notifications. It warns you of the problems detected on the computer. You may choose to fix them or ignore them. These notifications will pop up almost after every minute, which may be annoying to some people. Fortunately, Avast cleanup premium provides an option to disable it.

 Keenly follow the following steps,

  1. Open the Avast Clean-up application on your computer.
  2. Click the settings key on the Avast Cleanup software.
  3. Click the tools option from the menu.
  4. Select the cleanup button from the Avast cleanup premium list provided.
  5. Click the button that will appear.
  6. You will see “Always test this computer for performances issues.”
  7. Click Disable
  8. You have successfully disabled the Avast Cleanup premium notifications from popping up on your computer.

Minimum System Requirements to Install Avast Cleanup Premium

  1. Working operating system. You can opt for window 10, windows 8.1, windows 8
  2. The processor Speed required is 3.1 GHz
  3. RAM: Random-access memory. RAM is a short-term memory where data is stored as the processor needs it. The required RAM is 432MB
  4. 2 GB of free space is needed in the Hard Disk.


It is vital to keep your computer in check. Avast cleanup premium does not only help you clean your computer. It does not cost you a dime to install it. Luckily for you, this article takes you through easy steps on how to get Avast Cleanup Premium.

It shows you how to disable unnecessary popouts and lists minimum requirements to install the Avast Cleanup Premium for free. Avast cleanup premium protects your computer for free.

So, what’s your excuse for a cluttered computer?

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