Install Google Voice Desktop Client on Your PC

Install Google Voice Desktop Client on Your PC

Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

Google voice refers to amazing call and SMS service available to Gmail users. The service is only available to U.S nationals. Google voice is a free service where one can reach his contacts. However, to conveniently stay connected to your friends and family, you need google voice application for pc.

Google voice communication service is popularly used despites its shortcomings.  Google voice communication service competes with skype in many ways. It has some favorable features that are absent in Skype, making it have a competitive advantage over skype. Unlike Skype, google voice desktop app has a particular feature that allows a caller to forward a call from google voice number to a real number.


Google Voice Shortcomings

The only major downside of this service is that it’s only available to the U.S. If the service can be replicated in other regions, then it can be a service of choice by many owing to its benefits.

Also, google voice does not have an official desktop client. To receive messages on Google voice, you must keep the webpage open. In case you make a mistake and close the webpage, you will be unavailable for conversion on google voice.

Realistically, it is impossible to keep the webpage open at all times. Many people even find it inconveniencing. Order to solve this problem, one can download a google voice notification app. Once you install this app on your desktop, you can receive alerts once there is a message on google voice.

How to Use Google Voice?

This tool can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. That implies that you can remain connected to google voice from wherever you are. 

This service is available to any user who uses Gmail. Using the google voice, you can call make calls and send messages to any phone contacts on your computer. What do you need to install google voice? You only need a Gmail account, and you must be residing in U.S or Canada.

Step by step guide on what to do to start using Google voice service;

  • Open a google voice account.
  • Sign up on the google voice account site. 
  • Select a single phone which your family and friends will use to contact. If you have more than one number at this point, google voice number will ring all of them at a go once somebody reaches you. This allows you to answer calls using the most convenient device.
  • Acquire a headset for voice calls. If you are making regular calls, you need a headset with a microphone dedicated for that to ensure privacy.
  • Select google voice number. To start using the google voice account, you must select google voice number. Otherwise, the report will be of no use, since nobody a contact you. When you choose the phone number, you are required to link your account to the existing phone number.

The service is very much reliable and convenient to use.

Google Voice Desktop Client

To use google conveniently, you must have google voice desktop client. There is no particular dedicated google voice desktop client except the chrome extension. To use any other notification tool, you must make payment first. Alternatively, you can use google play codes which you redeem to buy premium apps. This alternative path allows you access the google voice notification on your pc for free.


Google voice tool and google voice notification tool are inseparable. The two go together. To enjoy the full benefits of using google voice, you must have a google voice notification tool.

The following is a list of the Google Voice Desktop clients you can choose;

Google voice app

This is the most popular google voice for windows 10as well as for other Operating systems like Windows XP, Linux, windows Vista and Mac. Basically, the google voice app can run on any operating system. That’s why is the most popular app.


GVNotifier is a google voice for windows Only-Windows 7, Window Vista and Window XP. It’s a great app that allows you to use the google voice conveniently. You can receive or send messages on google voice, you can listen or read voicemails, and you can connect calls too. There is so much you can do using google voice on this app. GVNotifier is a google voice windows appof choice for any Windows user.


If you are Mac user, you are not left behind. Google voice app for macis all you need to install in your device. Google voice mac is designed suitably for your machine. It is the ever google voice app created google voice for macusers. Once you have of installed and running, you can send and receive SMS messages, receive voicemails, access call history, make calls, and search for contacts. You are assured of getting an alert once there is an activity on your google voice.

Google voice by Google

This is a chrome extension developed by Google. The extension allows you to stay connected to your google voice account. There is no other official google voice desktop clientexcept Chrome, which is available as an extension.

The tool allow you to see the displayed number of unread messages. Also, you can hear alerts of new message, access recent messages and voicemails, place calls and send messages free of charge, and can call any number on the website by a simple click on it.


This tool monitors all google voice activities. It notifies you of new messages and voicemails. There are various ways GVMax can send alerts to you. For instance; through emails, twitter, instant message, SMS, etc.


With a google voice desktop client, you can close your google voice webpage, and still get alerts on activities on your google voice account.

Importantly, google voice has many fans who use the service for calls and SMSes. This is despite the existence of other Google communication google services like google hangouts. Google voice app for pc is popular, and its users find it a convenient communication tool. You can try it today, and enjoy keeping in touch with your family and friends.

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