Top Free Movie Download Sites To Watch HD Movies Legally

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Movie hd free downloads are most sought-after videos by majority of movie lovers. If you are a movie lover, and you are looking for free movie download sites, then the information in this post is for you. I will give a list of free movie streaming sites no sign up.

Whenever you search hd movie free downloading sites, you get uncountable list of the sites. It is hard to know which site will meet your needs conveniently. That’s why you need information on this post to avoid the hassle of browsing for sites without knowledge. The information you will find in this post will be all you need to make your free hd movies download experience enjoyable.

Importantly, HD movie free downloading speed should not disappoint. You should spend shortest time possible on searching and downloading a movie, so that you can enjoy ample time watching it. Don’t have to spend a lot of time settling on which site to download a movie.

Here is the list of watch free movies online without downloading

Below, is a list of free movie downloader sites. Let’s get into the detail of the listed free movies download sites;


While YouTube was offering movies at a fee, there are some bit of changes in the site. Today, you can access a significant number of full videos free of charge. That’s why the site qualifies to be among the free movie sites. 

Notably, YouTube is one of the leading sites offering high quality content. Some people are not in a position to subscribe to paid sites like Netflix or Hulu. For such, YouTube is the best alternative.

YouTube is a site of choice for full movies free downloads for U.S citizens. For U.S users, there is a definitive list of free films you can watch on YouTube.

Sony Crackle

The site is owned by Sony. On this site, you get lots of free movies. You need to sign up, create a watch list, and start watching videos right away based on recommendation online with your watch list.

If you are looking for a hollywood movie download site, Sony Crackle is one of the sites.

can watch on this site. The site air several ads which you should expect if you want to watch videos from this site.

Importantly, the site offers a lot of full movies download option and TV shows which you may not find on other movie sites.

Also, the site has an Android app which you can download and install.

You can download and watch the movies on the go. The site is not accessible to users outside the U.S. if you still want to watch the film from this site, and you are outside the U.S, you need to use VPN.

The internet Archives

The sites have lots of free movies; the viewers can choose. To find out what is available for you in the site, visit the site and see for yourself. The site offers direct movie links. The movie library is growing each day, and you keep visiting the website to find out what’s new.

The site offers its users a library card which allows one to participate in the site’s forum.

The site can be accessed from anywhere across the world.


On this site, you can find a significant number of classic TV shows. There is an android app you can download on your mobile device to access the movies from your phone. The app is known as Classic UHF.  You can use the app from anywhere once you download and install it on your phone.

Searching movies on this site is simple-the film are listed in categories. You identify the group you are looking for, then you can go through the list in under that category. If you are not looking for a specific type, then you can view all to see if there is a movie title that interests you.

Importantly, the site has a newsletter to which you can subscribe to be getting notices. Any new content is posted, and you are notified. The website is available and accessible from across the world.

The Roku channel

This is a free movie streaming channel. The movies streamed on the channel are free. You only need an internet connection, and you can view the films.

The movie titles are listed in categories making it easy to navigate through and open a film of choice.

To access and view movies on these sites, you must sign up first. Once you have signed up, you can start watching the film right away.

Essentially, the channel is only available to U.S users. If you still want to access the site from your part, which is not the U.S, you must activate VPN.

Pluto TV

This site layout limes lime a traditional TV. The site airs 10s of TV channels airing different categories of content.

The different apps for the channel, which allows users to view their favorite TV shows on the go.

Not all channels are available for users across the globe. If you are in the U.S., you can access and watch most of the channels. Alternatively, to enjoy the full list of channels from elsewhere, use a VPN.


This is a movie download site developed purposely for Indian movie consumers. The movies available for free for Indians while in the U.S one has to pay a fee to download a video.

The movies can be downloaded to be watched later offline. If you are in India and you are a fan of Indian movies, then this site is for you. You can access a high number of favorite Indian film on this site.


Apart from the above best movie download sites, you can download an unlimited number of videos from torrent sites. However, you should always be careful when using torrents since most of its content is pirated and illegal for consumption. Instead of risking your online safety, you can use any of the above legal free movie websites. There are many more hd movie downloading free. The above list is not exhaustive.

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