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Torrenting sites are useful as they provide their users with a convenient platform to download movies, software, and games online. In most cases, these downloads are accessible for free. In this post, we will look at some of the best torrent sites there are today.

The copyright infringement regulation bodies are always in lookout for torrenting sites which might be breaking the copyright laws. This accounts for many instances where new torrent sitesappear and operate for some time then disappear. This is a common challenge facing all torrent site developers. To stay afloat, new torrents sites are opened every day.

List of Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2021

The list below is not inclusive of all the torrent sites that work there are many other torrent sites in the market. Notably, the sites keep coming and being replaced with new ones after some time.

To know which are the best torrent streaming sites, you look at the sites that record the highest number of users. Best sites will always have many users accessing and using the site. Here, is the list of the best torrenting sites 2021.

  • Pirate Bay

This is one of the top torrenting site there is in the market. The site has been operational for many years. This site is among the very first torrent sites in the market. Its efficiency is unmatched. While some of the torrent sites once closed down, reappear with a different name, this site has maintained its original name for all those years.

Like any other torrent site, the pirate bay has faced many challenges. It has stood the test of time. There is a lot of optimism that it will remain one of the best and leading among software torrenting sites.


When it comes to movie downloads, rarbg movies is one of the best movie torrents websites. The website has been in existence for slightly over a decade. The site began as Bulgarian tracker. It is difficult to find  old  torrent sites still working today, but this is still operational after being around for all those years. Today it is ranked as one of the leading torrent sites.

  • Torrentzz2

When Torrent.EU voluntary closed in 2016, Torrentzz2 was launched to take its place. The site has some. Of the best and useful plugins and add-ons that make it irresistible among its users.

Notably, the site only lists torrent hashes, without giving external torrent links.

While the site has got an uncertain future, it is still viewed as one of the most reliable torrents sites.

  • 1337x

This is a top-rated torrents platform. Unlike other torrents sites, these sites register the highest traffic than any other torrenting site. It is one of the top 10 torrenting site.

The site is characterized with up to date torrent library. There is a dedicated team who ensure there is fresh content uploaded on the site at all yes. This accounts for the high popularity of the website. Many users use it because they are guaranteed of getting new content every time they use the site.


This torrent site is great, and the list of the best torrents sites cannot be complete without mentioning it. It is great for video downloads.

Notably, the site has been in existence for more than a decade now. The operator of Lime torrents runs some of the most torrent iTorrents. Also, some popular torrent search engines rely on Limetorrenta for their daily operations.

  • Zooqle Torrent

This site has started being ranked among thetop 10 torrenting sites recently. It deserves this position as it boasts of close to 3 million torrents-all verified.

The website is still growing in terms of efficiency and popularity.

  • Nyaa Torrent

This site has taken the place of anime torrent at NYAA which was closed down last year.

While most reviewers do not focus on anime-sites, its vital for us to put this one among the best anime torrent websites. The site offers its users one of the best experiences. It has a library of anime-dedicated movies and TV shows.

Also, the site has stood the time of time, making it worth the recognition.


Unlike any other before, this site has registered massive traffic this year, making it one of the leading torrent sites.

  • TorrentDownloads

The site is not as popular as others listed here. But, it essential to recognize for its rich library. Its database is vast with more than 16 million torrents.

Here, you can find anything you are looking for from any category ranging from TV shows, movies, games, anime, software, etc

Since the site is not accessible, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  • Torlock torrent site

If you are looking for the most authentic content,  then this is the site you should go to.

The site offers an elaborate library of content in categories such as games, TV shows, movies, etc.

It is difficult to illegal content on this site. To ensure only clean content is offered, the site claims anyone who helps detect any fake torrent file.

With many torrent sites known to pirated content, this is a sure bet at all times for.quality and clean torrents.

Whats Next!

Above, is a list of top torrenting sites 2021. Most of the sites listed above are popular and among the best today. However, their future is not absolute. But, it is important to note that new, better sites with keep on being launched. That means that there will always be good torrents sites at all times. The sites may change from time to time, but the new ones will offer excellent experience if not better than then the previous. Top torrent sites 2019list is quite dynamic-so you need to keep on checking for the updated list often.  Also, open the mentioned sites often to see what torrenting sites work, and which ones may have disappeared.

Whenever you are using any torrent site to download, anything ensures your security comes first. Always use VPN to mask your IP address. This way, you can access various torrents sires without your activity being tracked. Basically, VPN enables you have aleave no trace torrent experience.

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