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With copyright infringement law organization becoming strict each day, the tormenting sites have been the most targeted. Often, torrenting sites are closed down. However, to remain alive, many of these sites keep on reappearing with different names. Kickass torrenting site is one of those targeted sites. However, to stay in the market, the organization has been making strides by creating kickass torrent proxies.

In some countries, torrenting is entirely banned, and one cannot access them from there. To still be able to access and use such sites, torrent VPN is used.

KAT torrent background

KAT torrent is owned by Artem Vaulin. At some point, the site was brought down after complaining by Apple Inc. The website was accused of distributing copyrighted material without owners’ legal permission. Artem Vaulin of Kickass Torrents made a mistake of buying Apple iTunes with his real IP address. That’s how he got caught by the FBI. His life was utterly ruined by this small human error. That means your safety online should be ensured at all times.

 Since then there have been many kickasstorrents alternative. Most of these Kickass clones sites list exact Kickass torrent library. The library is accessed from across the world. These websites keep on being shut down, but each time, new websites with different names emerge. The users can safely access and consume content from these sites by using VPN.

The VPN service masks the user IP address. Once the IP address is hidden, you can manipulate the IP address to show you reside in another country. That way, you can access the torrent websites without restrictions that might be in place in your current region of residence.

Your presence cannot be traced online; hence, you are guaranteed anonymity.

If you have been looking for Kickass alternative sites, then the following is a kickass proxy list;


The site is new in the market. The library is a full replica of the KAT library. You will find the exact content as you would find KAT. The site is access able from anywhere in the world. However, you may not be able to access the website if, in your region, there are restrictions that block this site. With this site, you will be able to get updates of the latest blogs on the KAT community.

  • is an excellent kickasstorrent unblock site which has been in existence for a long time. It contains a complete Kickass library. When you access this site, you are sure of accessing all files and programs as you would find in the original KAT site.

You are even able to get updates of the latest torrents on KAT community.

If you are looking for a Kickass torrent clone, then this is the best option. The site is most reliable and dependable from across the world.

  • Kat cr

After KAT was shut down, kat cr mirror site was among the first ones to come up. The site is power and has been operational for the longest time.

With these clones, you will realize the site look different from the original KAT. However, the experience is excellent as you would find with KAT. The difference is in the logo and text.

  • KickassTorrents.PW.

It’s possible that you may fail to get most of the kickass unblocked sites. However, is the most recommended site you can get. The site is a close replica of the original Kickass Torrent. In case you face a problem with this site, you need to activate the VPN. Once the VPN is on, you only switch to a different country server.

  • The Pirate Bay

This is one of the leading KAT sites. It is the most famous and has a massive collection of torrents.

On this site, you can find almost everything you are searching. By accessing this single website, you can find everything ranging movies, books, software, etc.

  • Kickass. CD

This site is an exact copy of the official Kickass Torrent. You will realize this site is precise as Kickass torrent if you had used Kickass Torrent. The site is a massive supporter of KAT owner and runs tweet hashtag #FreeArtemVaulin.


This is an excellent KAT site alternative. The site is a powerful Torrent Search Engine like the original KAT. You can access all kinds of contents on this site.


This website is among the first KAT alternatives. The site is operational even today. Even with many sites being shut down, this site has been up all through.

If you have been facing challenges using other tormenting sites, you should at least feel relieved since this site never disappoints.


The site has a great fan base across the world. It is one of the most recognized torrent sites. The website is highly convenient since it lists a wide range of content. In this site, you can sign up to the site’s community. From this website, you get a wide range of updates and torrent news.

  1. Non-English Kickass Torrent Alternative Sites

In case you can’t come across any of the above Kickass torrents proxies is not available, there are still some alternatives. Non-English alternatives are suitable. There are a number of these sites you can use to access your desired content. Some of these sites include; pirate iron, Nyaa. Si,

Apart from these sites being non-English sites, they operate the same as Kickass Torrents sites. You can access a lot of content on these sites as you would from Kickass sites.


Always remember Kickass torrents site was shut down a long time ago. What is there is KAT mirrors which function and provide similar content to the origin Kickass Torrents.

You can use any the above kickasstorrent mirror from anywhere in the world. However, you should always use a VPN. The benefits of using a VPN cannot be overemphasized. This way, you are sure of accessing various materials online without fear of copyright infringement penalties. VPN is the only service that can guarantee you of being save from being threatened by copyright infringement law enforcers.

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