What is expected of Android in 2017

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A new year begins and there are many illusions and hopes placed in it. In the world of technology, specifically, we expect to see major breakthroughs and important developments. In our point of view, without going further, is the most popular and most used operating system in the world: Android & its apps.

If in 2016 we saw, for example, the appearance of the virtual Assistant Google Assistant and we hear rumors about the project Andromeda, this 2017 we hope that Google surprises us with a new update of Android TV and Android Auto, and bring us Android 8.0, among many others things.

With almost 90 percent of the global marketplace, Android will grab the world of mobile. Since its official launch, eight years ago, the operating system offers its users year after year and generation after generation. And today it has become a giant that threatens to keep growing. Here’s a list of what we expect from Android this 2017 and in the near future.


As we said, this 2017 could see the light version of Android 8.0, the next to Android Nougat (Android 7.0) released this 2016 and that is not yet available on all Android phones. The Android 8.0 version could also be known initially as Android O to finally receive the name of a candy that begins with the letter “O”, something that usually does Android in a usual way (this happened with Android N and previous versions).

Android 8.0 would be released by the end of the first quarter of 2017 for developers and the final version would be presented to the public in September 2017.


Rumors about the Andromeda project came last year. Then there was talk of a possible merger between Android and Chrome OS. This New Year may not see this long-awaited union but an improved Android experience thanks to the features of its cousin Chrome OS. The idea would be to leave for later the merger and in this 2017 bring features from Chrome OS to Android.

Of course, the great benefit of this plan would be Android and its users, who would enjoy features like floating windows that can resize Chrome OS, or, for example, a more advanced taskbar to help manage applications in use. Andromeda project would also improve the process of updating Android devices, something that has been working for a long time and that Google has been trying to improve on the latest version.


Google Assistant was one of Google’s ads in 2016, but many people knew little. Google Assistant is a personal assistant similar to Siri, Cortana or Google Now itself that is integrated with the Google Allo messaging application, Google Home and Google Pixel phones. Apart from this and its user friendly interface, few more differences are found with respect to Now. In essence it is basically the next generation of Google Now.

What many expected from Google Assistant was not that it responded only in a more humane way – that too – but that it was able to improve on Google Now and replace it completely. It may not be in 2017, but what is expected of Google Assistant is to integrate with other services to be much more useful; even reaching other mobile not developed by Google.


Pixel is one more step in Google’s work. The company developed both the hardware and the software of devices, Pixel and Pixel XL, which have Google Assistant in its core and have been designed with virtual reality in mind.

Pixel mobiles were introduced in October of 2016 and among its features stand out a new Launcher, designed to take advantage of all the potential of Google Assistant, and its interaction with the rest of services of the company.

In this 2017 we could see a new version of these phones that seems to be the first to receive all the news from Google and Android.


All rumors suggest that Android Wear 2.0 will arrive this year and with this expected version would come two new watches of the company that could integrate Google Assistant. The version would bring important new features like the Google Play store, so we can install applications and games from our watch.

Apart from Android Wear 2.0, we also look forward to a new update of Android Auto and Android TV, which would come with improved interfaces and integrate more seamlessly with the Android version on smart phones and watches. Many rumors suggest that they could also come up with the new virtual Assistant Google Assistant.

During this 2017 we hope to see, therefore, great news related to Android and Google. What is clear is that the world’s most popular operating system will continue to evolve and improve, making software safer and more fluid; And Google will continue to work to compete with its rivals and to try to offer its users products that they cannot refuse.

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